Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

      "The fondi, who are they?" Ross demanded.

      The masked man hesitated. "They're everybody and everywhere. They have no official identity. They're the monarchs of empires and royal houses, banks, NGOs, world institutions, pharmaceutical cartels, food cartels, raw material cartels, energy cartels, the entertainment cartels, the news media cartels, and so on. They are the real owners of the world. To them, everyone in the world is their property. They are the owners of governments, the owners of humanity."

      Steve nodded. "The imperials," he said. "They're the traitors of humanity who claim the 'divine right of kings' to own humanity and do with as they please. Property you say? We fought a civil war over this in America in the 1800s. The Confederate Slavocracy wanted the 'right to property' included in the Constitution. They changed the Constitution from its original focus on universal happiness to their demanded 'right for privatized property.' We denied them their self-assumed right to regard society as private property. We defeated them in a great struggle that we won. Unfortunately this victory has been betrayed in America. So, I know exactly what you mean. People have become property once again, property of the financiers. I call them the imperials..."

      "...They are not united under any one name," the masked man interrupted. "They have no name. Without a name they have no face. Without a face, they are not vulnerable. In my master's house, we simply speak of the fondi. This does not mean that they are not organized into a tightly interlocked structure with a common purpose and central control that appears to be located in Britain or Switzerland, most likely in Britain," he said. "Most likely the control is centered on the monarchy. Or maybe the monarchy is subservient to it like my own master is subservient to them. But that's not important now," he added. "The policies are important. My master's family is told about the policies. The policies are invariable. My master doesn't like some of them. There have been many discussions, but the policies are invariable. Everyone does as one is told, or else one ends up dead."

      Our masked friend had not a few shocking tales to tell, of discussions he had overheard, of high level meetings in his master's house with high level US officials present. From what he could understand, he was sure that the Russians were at their last stage in their preparations for gaining control over the world, and that the West had no intentions of stopping them. He told us that the only thing that could interfere with the Russians' plan is the American SDI, because the Russians really don't know how much progress has been made in terms of what America's present capabilities are and what exposures arise from them for the Soviet Union. The Russians know that there exists more on the SDI-front than what is openly admitted to. "Only the fondi know what is really happening. The Russian's don't." The masked man told us that the Russians are afraid that the SDI will be operational before they are fully prepared for winning a nuclear war against the USA. That's why they are pushing ahead, recklessly, with the Ogarkov Plan, the final plan in their race for superiority centered on their own SDI which they pushed forward by the incessant prodding from the fondi to the point that it is now wrecking their economy."

      "You are mad!" said Tony.

      "No, I'm dead serious," the man defended himself. "I know I'm right, because one of my own friends is helping them."

      He told us that he could name several institutes and some electronics companies that funnel technology into Russia. He told us that the US embargo of high tech exports to Russia exists only on paper, enforceable only in the US, and doesn't interfere with the fondi at all. In fact, it makes the Soviets more dependent on the fondi. He said that his employers also have far-reaching connections in the financial world, with ties into London and Switzerland, as well as New York, and even into Washington through the back door via a whole range of front organizations. He spoke of meetings in Naples and Tunis, and secret meetings in Capri, and of 'his' family's London connections to the psychological warfare division of the British Secret Intelligence Service. He boasted that the fondi had used this particular channel for the Kennedy assassination, in order to create a cultural shock that could start the Vietnam War and subsequently enable some imperial ideologue like Volker to be brought in and have a free reign in wrecking the US economy under the postindustrial era doctrine.

      "That's how they had planned it, and that's how they did it," he said, "and now they aim to destroy the country itself. By shutting down the SDI you would be giving them the key to the country! You would be eliminating the last restraint that is holding back the Russians from implementing the fondi's plan for world-imperial domination. Scientists, you call yourself?" said the masked man. "Ha, some scientists you are!" He spat on the ground. "You don't know anything. You are amateurs."

      "Why would the fondi want to destroy the USA?" Ross asked in utter disbelief. The rest of us were too stunned to even think of a question.

      "Don't you know anything at all?" said the masked man. "Can't you see what's been happening to your own country? The Kennedy assassination was the prelude to the end. The fondi want the USA destroyed, like they want every sovereign nation destroyed that stands in their way towards building their new feudal world-empire order. Every sovereign nation is a threat to them. They want to be the only power. They want free reign to impose worldwide feudal financing, worldwide population reduction and total control. They even want a worldwide UN army like the Roman Legion, backed with worldwide feudal servitude just like in the golden days of the dark ages, but on a global scale. For this they need the Russians temporarily," he insisted. "The fondi promised the Russians a power sharing agreement, and the Russians will comply, which will be their doom."

      He asked us if we had seen the Armory. He said the Armory is indeed being rebuilt. The fondi is considering their new armory to be Russia. "For the time being," he added. "They, and their connections serve Russia's needs, while Russia's mad obsession serves the fondi's aims." He said the basic process is so simple that it could hardly be called a conspiracy. "It works by its own steam for as long as America and Russia remains useful to them. And if the Russians fail to comply the fondi will simply 'hire' the Americans to play the willing stooges and wipe them out, until the Americans too are no longer any use to them and are put out of their misery."

      He said that the fondi had long moved beyond the level of just looting the world. He said that they were now raping the world. He said the Soviets fit into this rape as co-executors. "The fondi will allow the Soviets to share power to a certain degree until they are no longer needed. Then they become eliminated. It's so easily done if you own all the finances in the world."

      Tony shook his head.

      "Don't you know anything about geopolitics?" the masked man sighed. "The fondi have no permanent allies, only a permanent objective."

      "The man is right," I intervened, "that's how they treated the Jewish people for a long time."

      "And still do," the masked man added.

      Steve agreed. He explained to Tony that since the Jewish people had no home country, they were useful to the fondi to carry out their dirty international financial operations, and if any of them became too powerful in the process, or were no longer needed for whatever reason, then 'good bye my friend.' They were quietly eliminated.

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