Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 123
Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

      Huebner supposed that someone thought that he was a doctor, so they beat him up until the police rescued him. "Narrow thinking fuels the lynch mob mentality, so be careful my friends and avoid narrow concepts. Don't treat nuclear war as a narrow concept."

      "The entire world is set up to murder one-another with this tool of nuclear war in the name of communism, or capitalism," said I.

      "But the wider issue is the issue of empire that no one is even inclined to look at," said Steve.

      Huebner just laughed. "Let me tell you, if communism should ever be eradicated, the powers of empire be will find some other cause for which they keep the killing going. The State of Israel is already being groomed to assume the new role of the sacrificial trigger should the Soviet's decline to play this game or collapse their empire before the real game begins. Israel is being groomed to explode the Middle East into a fire that will then spread across the world and become World War III. Then the new fighting will be over the Semites versus the people of Islam, or the religion of Islam versus the great American freedom to loot, kill, and to pillage, or the imperials will drag the fire into China over some obscure reason that they'll have yet to invent."

      "Tell me, does anybody really know or care about the truth anymore, regarding our humanity?" I interrupted. "We are human beings. We are not primarily Russians and Americans, or Muslims, or Jews, or communists, or capitalists, or whatever other labels one wishes to apply. We are primarily human beings. We can be free from all of that crap if we stop acting as if we were slaves to it. Public opinion is the worst kind of slave master there is, because it is a slave itself to its imperial controllers. The whole battle over suction pump baby killers, pro or con, is a battle between forms of slavery, as is nuclear terror. No one is fighting for the freedom of humanity based on truth, because that would go against the grain of empire that would be endangered by the truth."

      Huebner suddenly laughed and slapped his hand on my shoulder. "I like you, Peter, you are the only American I know who gives meaning to the assertion that America is the 'Land of the Free.'"

      + + +


      It was I who ended the discussion that morning. Huebner 's talk about suction pump baby killers made me feel ill. I excused myself and left the lunch table. Everyone else got up, too. We arranged to meet in the lobby.

      I remembered Ushi's excitement with respect to wanting a baby. Her excitement had been too precious to me for this talk to continue. Maybe Ushi was right. Maybe the world isn't a fit place anymore to bring children into. The very thought of aborting something so precious was repulsive. I remembered my discussion with her on the island of Cozumel, about how worthwhile and beautiful it must be for even the smallest of us to have this chance to be alive, to be touched by love, to experience the world and its sadness and happiness, and the fun of splashing in the water even if it is just for a moment. But neither could one weigh a woman's life against the life of a yet unborn accumulation of cells. Nor could I judge a nation like China, which couldn't exist as a stable nation without harsh, often physical methods of birth control until its infrastructures are more fully developed that have been destroyed in so many imperial wars that were launched against China, including the modern economic wars that exploit vast segments of the Chinese population as slave-type labor for western profiteers, instead of building up the nation in order that it can develop as a normal human society. I certainly wasn't qualified to make these kinds of absolute judgments that are so often made about abortion, except on the wider plain where the symptom becomes the consequence of the development of empire such as in India where female infanticide and genocide had been imposed under religious dogma for 2,500 years to protect the Brahmin empire, with echoes reaching into China. All of that needed healing, and as far as I could tell there was only one path possible to accomplish the healing, the path of developing the Principle of Universal Love in the most active manner possible. If giving life to a child is a part of the universal kiss, then the principle of it, the Principle of Universal Love, has to assure that this kiss becomes a shockwave that uplifts the whole of society on the entire humanist front. It is brutal to scrap this responsibility and blame the victims, the desperate women resorting to abortion, that have to react in a tragic manner in order to survive. I also knew that the deeper one digs into this barrel of Love-Based Economics, and love-based living, that reflect the Principle of Universal Love, the more sensitive one becomes to life and the human dimension. I saw this growing sensitivity as the only possible solution to the abortion issue, and also to the larger issues that we were prepared to fight for in Venice in the name of all mankind, the issue of creating an Ice Age Renaissance.

      I suggested to Steve when we met in the lobby that our Ice Age preparation approach, when it begins to take shape, would invariably solve the abortion issue as the two issues are linked by the Principle of Universal Love. "It is impossible to solve one without the other. That's the approach we must take also in respect to the SDI towards Russia." I told the same to everyone of our group as we came together in the lobby.

      Heather was the first to agree. "Maybe it's the same with love in every respect," said Heather. "Sometimes I wonder if we really know what love is. Have we dug deep enough? Sometimes I wonder if indeed there will ever be a final answer forthcoming."

      "I like what you just said," said Karl, who caught up with us in the lobby. He bowed slightly and conceded to letting the burial of the SDI begin.

      I thanked the man kindly.

      "Your Ice Age Renaissance proposal will hit the world like a shockwave," he added and grinned. "They will call it the New SDI."

      "Keep it a secret until I announce it," Steve replied.

      "Of course I will. I'm not stupid," said Karl. "I am looking forward, however, to see how you are going to pull this one off."

      Little did I realize that the issue of canceling America's SDI project wasn't at all settled for us. The really agonizing contemplation hadn't even begun.

      It began the same evening during our walk after dinner that everyone had joined in this evening for a leisurely stroll along the seaside promenade. A masked man in a harlequin costume came up to us in the dark. He approached us from behind as we walked over a narrow bridge. He passed us, then stopped, facing us. He addressed us in perfect English.

      "Don't do it!" he said.

      "Don't do what?" Steve asked, perplexed.

      "Don't kill the SDI," he said quietly.

      Steve held him by his arm. "Who are you? Who told you why we are here?"

      "I can't say," he replied. "But let me tell you: You are making a big mistake giving up the SDI."

      Steve let go of his arm and asked him for his reasons. He revealed himself as a servant in the house of one of the 'fondi.'

      Steve understood immediately. He looked around and found a place by the water were we could talk with him with no one listening in.

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