Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 122
Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

      "It won't come to that," said Ushi.

      "Don't be so sure," said the woman. "When you hear the war drums being sounded simultaneously against both North Korea and Iran, or similar targets, you better get serious in fighting like hell for your life, because the plan of empire is to reduce the world population to less than a billion people. The DU gas war is one of the options the masters have chosen. They are too dumb to recognize that the DU killing won't stop until all life stops on this planet, once the DU gas war is unleashed in a big way."

      "It won't come to that," Ushi repeated.

      Heather agreed. "We'll change the world before it comes to that."

      "And how will you do this?" said the woman in the kind of sarcastic tone that an underling would use who sees no hope on the horizon for ever being free.

      "That's easily done," I said to her with a smile. "This danger can be eradicated with a positive approach of a type that has never been attempted before. Every major political fight in the world has been on a negative platform in recent years, and has therefore failed. You can't win on a negative platform where you fight 'against' something, such as fighting 'against' empire to eradicate it. Fighting 'against' something is a fascist approach. There exists no active principle in the Universe that I am aware off that is arrayed 'against' something. Principle is an enabling impetus. It furnishes a platform on which we can win. There has never been a fight truly won in the history of the world that leaves a sea of vanquished in the wake. You can only win when you aim to win without a victory. This is how the Peace of Westphalia was won. It's principle is the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. On this platform everybody won. This positive platform became the foundation for modern civilization. We can do this again, and on a much bigger and global scale. On this platform we cannot fail."

      Steve grinned when he heard me say this. "The details will be revealed during the conference," he said to the woman. "So, I would urge you to attend. I can guarantee you that what will be presented will make your 'vacation' in Venice a joyous affair. It might even start the brightest time in your life."

      We said good bye to the woman in the pub and walked out, with a now even stronger commitment to enable the building of the brightest renaissance of all times that will all by itself shut down empire forever as the only danger on the planet that mankind is facing and has ever faced, that is threatening its very existence.

      I think it was understood by all of us in our group that the positive platform that I had referred to in countering the woman was the platform for creating the critically necessary Ice Age Renaissance.

      Steve explained that the goal to eradicate empire in the world is comparable to the building of a great spire for a great cathedral, a spire that reaches into the sky as a celebration of the unbounded spirit of mankind and its roots in the infinite. Steve added that such a spire can never be constructed without the necessary effort of building the cathedral underneath it. "This means that all the problems that are strangling the world today, from economic collapse to war, to the fascism of empire, and empire itself as the looting engine, will vanish from the human landscape when the commitment is made by society to build itself the grand cathedral of the Ice Age Renaissance. Once society puts the shovel into the ground on this front, without looking back, we can win the fight for entering the New World in which we not only survive securely, but live richly and profoundly with the creative and productive power that is the hallmark of a human society. That's the positive platform, the platform of the Principle of Universal Love, on which we cannot fail to win."

      Tony began to laugh. "You are saying that a farmer has to make a detour to the seed bin in his store house, before he goes out into the fields to sow. Eh, that's something that even I can understand. Why didn't somebody say this before? I've spent decades with the Air Force flying in an effort to sow peace across the world without any seeds in my hands to spread over the land."

      Steve reached his hand out to him. "Welcome to the real world, my friend," he said. "Welcome to the New World we have started to create by doing things the right way for a change." Steve began to grin.

      One thing became evident from the breakfast discussion that day, which trailed out almost till lunchtime, that the issue of nuclear war goes very, very deep, like abortion. Steve said that one can argue for or against abortion until one is blue in the face and not get anywhere, except beaten into the ground. "Single-issue debates are too narrow," he said. "They hide the real issue which is often much larger."

      "You have to raise the platform," I commented.

      "Mostly you have to widen the horizon, Peter," said Steve. "If a leaf turns yellow on a tree and drops off, are you going to be alarmed. No, because your vision isn't that narrow. You understand the principle of the forest. You understand that in autumn the whole forest drops its leaves in preparation of the cold of the winter. If this happens in June, however, you have a problem, and you will likely fix it by dealing with whatever caused it, such as by responding to a pest infestation. If you look at abortion in this manner, it's no longer an alarming problem. You simply deal with what causes it, and the causes are obvious. It is evidently not a joy for a mother to kill her baby in the womb before it is born, but she finds herself forced into this position by the social and economic conditions that society has created that makes it often an impossible burden for a single mother to raise a child, or for a poor family to do so. Obviously you can't solve the problem by banning the symptoms. You have to deal with the causes. This means enabling the needed social and economic development so that all people can live a decent human life. There are countless issues involved, of course, but if one traces them to their source they converge on one issue, and the issue is empire. Healing society therefore means restructuring society from a platform of empire that breeds poverty and misery to a platform of a humanist renaissance that is focused on promoting the general welfare of society in all aspects. In a renaissance world human life is welcomed, cherished, protected, and nourished. In such a world abortion simply won't happen. In the empire world, however, where the human being is regarded as such a terrible pest on the planet that everything possible is enacted to hinder human existence in the service of greed-based looting, people are forced into desperate measures just to survive. Abortion is one of these desperate measures. This renders abortion as a symptom of a disease called empire. The proper way to stop the symptom is not to ban the symptom and vilify the victimized women, but to heal society of its disease so that the victimization ends," said Steve.

      "I've have been beaten up in Washington on the way to a lecture, once," said one of Steve's friends, a man named Herbert Huebner who had joined us for breakfast. He said that people had been shouting slogans at each other about abortion. "It's a woman's free choice!" - "Death to the suction pump baby killers!" - "Death to the abortion doctors - Kill them in the name of the Lord! - Those were the slogans," he said. "The people were shouting them at each other in a rage. I just got in the way."

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