Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 105
Chapter 8 - The Shockwave Effect.

      "All that I could see standing between me and Pete," said Sylvia to Heather, "considering what had happened in East Germany and later with you, was that sex has become like a giant dam that blocks the flow of life and love; that jams up the works so that nothing moves anymore. Suddenly I realized that we have built this giant dam for something that doesn't amount to a hell of a lot in physical terms, that barely lasts a few minutes if that, which also happens so rarely that it isn't worth the mention, maybe once every few days, which nevertheless inspires a passion for something that is human and is anchored in being alive. For that small thing we sacrifice all the rest of the ninety-nine-percent of what sexual loving also includes, which is rich and exciting, and invigorating and beautiful, which brightens our life. So I asked myself if I wanted a husband to live with, whose life is jammed up by a giant dam, or whether I would not rather want to see this life free-flowing as rich and as beautiful as it had been when we first met. That wasn't a hard question to answer. I am just ashamed that I didn't see this answer before Pete was impelled to deal with this issue on his own, which caused him considerable agony. I am celebrating now that it all worked out, which it might not have. I am celebrating that we are human beings and are actually capable of moving beyond our previous heaven, as Tony suggests, if we give ourselves half a chance to build a still brighter heaven in this world."

      Sylvia paused again and then continued. "I am also celebrating in the same way Pete's daring and adventurous spirit and his great gentleness and care in uplifting my life with his love. The only thing that I am not celebrating is that a miracle has occurred, because no such thing has happened. I am bringing this up, because I realize for the first time in my life that the financial oligarchy of the world, fettered to their bankrupt private central banks, is just as stuck behind a great dam of their own creating that shouldn't be a part of their existence either. My point is that since we have begun to develop the technology of taking down dams, we may yet be able to help them to make it their foremost project to take down their own dams as well. The only power that I can think of that will ever end the imperial rule in the world and its deadening game, is mankind's daring to create a profound high-level civilization based on its universal love as human beings. That's what we need to create for ourselves in order to survive the Ice Age. If we fail, the Ice Age will win, and we'll follow the path of Homo Erectus that ended 600,000 years ago, probably in one of the many ice ages, after 1.5 million years running. Without our present humanity uplifting itself in its love for one another, to create a profound Ice Age Renaissance, what would we bring to the plate to empower us to rouse ourselves to create the vast technological infrastructures that enable indoor agriculture? We need that kind of uplift urgently, because we must begin the project in our time. It takes a hundred years to get ready. Nor would we be in the critical situation that we are in today if mankind hadn't wasted 3000 years making a detour through the lands of empire. We've come to the stage now that it won't be possible for mankind to sustain more than a billion people in an Ice Age world, provided that anyone can survive the transition. This means we have to pull out all the stops to create the needed Ice Age Renaissance. We have to make a quantum jump all the way to the Principle of Universal Love to reach the tall goal without which mankind might not survive. It is quite possible that not a single human being might survive the next Ice Age transition without the needed Ice Age Renaissance. If we allow a large population as we have today, to collapse by starvation to about 1% of its present size, the disease vector that comes out of that collapse will likely take everybody down. We might suffer the same fate then, as the dinosaurs. If for example a single new flu virus like the one in 1918, which resulted from a small biological breakdown in the wake of a relatively small war, can kill fifty million people within just a few months, then nobody can forecast what a massive biological breakdown on a global scale can unleash, as billions of people are starving to death. It would be truly a miracle if anyone were to survive that."

      "If we fail in our love for future generations as time is fast running out, we might doom civilization and humanity for all times to come," I interjected in support of Sylvia. "That's how big this thing is that we are fighting for. The stakes are that huge. We simply must win, and we will win, because to fail is not an option that anyone can accept anymore. I don't think we are that callous as human beings that our love for our humanity, as faint as it may presently be, will allow us to let this tragedy unfold. That is why I think the Ice Age Challenge will be met and will turn the world around, because to fail is not an option that anyone is ready to accept."

      Sylvia turned to Tony. "Doesn't this give you hope, Tony? It gives me great hope that we will have a bright future."

      Sylvia gave the bottle back to Tony, then hugged me.

      Heather responded to Sylvia with a kiss.

      Ross reached his hand out to me, "You know what this means?" he said.

      "No, I don't know what this means," I replied to him.

      "What this means remains yet to be discovered," he added with a grin. He reached out for the bottle and opened it.

     "Let's drink to all the wonders of love that we haven't discovered yet," said Ross solemnly, raising his glass.

     "And let's not talk about miracles anymore," said Tony. "Let's just make the things happen that need to happen."

      So it was that we all drank champagne once more this night. We drank a solemn toast as though we were committing ourselves to a New Year's resolution that would make the coming year the grandest anyone has ever seen. Even the radio cooperated that night. Its music added to the festive atmosphere that had been established at last. The music was from Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty ballet, a suite of dances. It was followed by the Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture. It became a festive evening indeed.

      In this festive atmosphere the unfolding war, the fears, the burdensome responsibilities, had all drifted into the background. They became displaced by Tchaikovsky's dances and were temporarily forgotten.

      "Still, there is something wrong with what we are doing," said Heather a long time later when the music ended. "We shouldn't be celebrating this commitment to advanced discovery with champagne," she said. "Discovery requires cool headed thinking."

      "Right," Ross agreed. "I can't think of any occasion at all when drinking champagne is really justified for this very reason."

      "Ah, now I can see why this tight security is needed," said Tony and began to laugh as if this were a great joke. "We don't want anyone to know how crazy we all are, do we? Just tell anyone that we are rejecting champagne as something to be avoided. Still, it's true! A glass of orange juice would have done better."

      Tony's remarks, of course, were only partially true. We were definitely crazy by the world's perception, but we were beautiful together in this new unfolding as we enveloped one-another in love in our own individual ways.

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