Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - The Shockwave Effect.

      "But human beings are not monkeys," I interrupted Tony. "Human beings are capable of profound reasoning. They are capable of understanding universal principles. That's how we step away from doom, Tony. Our awareness of our humanity will break the cycle of doom. The Principle of Universal Love is the power behind every empire's doom. The bankruptcy of empire is self-assured, including the future breakup of every imperial structure, because of its rejection of the Principle of Universal Love. Love-Based Economics is the principle of economics, the only principle of economics there is. Every empire is self-doomed by struggling against the 'grain' of the Principle of Universal Love."

      "Of course you are right, Peter," Ross interjected. "But I have to ask this question again, what do you mean when you talk about Love-Based Economics? Do you mean something passive like the absence of empire, a world without war? If you mean that, it won't be enough. Love-Based Economics needs to be pursued as an active principle that is powered by its own impetus. It needs to be powered by our love for us being human. That opens up a vast and rich world with a huge potential. I told you about the fellow that had played an important role in Canada's project to create the AVRO Arrow as a national defense aircraft. It would have been one of the world's foremost supersonic fighters. This fellow had worked 16-18 hours a day to work out some of the many tricky design problems. He said that he had loved every minute of it and was devastated when the project was canceled. It was cancelled at the very stage when it was successfully completed. The aircraft was a marvel for its time. The prototype was built, flown, and was demonstrated to be fully capable in every respect. At this point the project was scrapped for political reasons. Every aircraft, every engine, every part of research associated with the project was shredded and destroyed. And with it, Canada's aviation industry was dealt a hammer-blow from which it never recovered. That's just one aspect of the defeat of Love-Based Economics."

      Ross paused momentarily. "We've been dragged through the same process in the USA in nuclear power development. As I told you, I was caught up in the process personally. When I worked with the Navy on Rickover's nuclear power project, we were working long hours too, horrendously long hours, but those were some of the richest times in my life. We knew that we weren't just developing an unlimited power source for submarines. We were laying the foundation for a richer, high-powered civilization. We were thinking in terms of five to ten thousand nuclear power plants creating electricity for mankind as a basis for a civilization without poverty. This potential was later betrayed. In the shadow of a huge imperial lobbying effort aimed at shutting America down, which some say also included sabotage efforts, the entire nuclear power industry was all but brought to a complete standstill. On this road, the goal is now fast being reached to totally eradicate the fast-flux nuclear breeder technology to the point of such deep obscurity that it will be regarded as never having existed. Thereby nuclear power is doomed. Without the fast breeder, only half a percent of natural uranium is usable for nuclear power production. With the fast breeder, the utilization ratio can be raised into the high 90% range. That's why the fast-flux breeder technology is slated to be shut down and to be purged from the scientific agenda. The insanity has become so intense that our own people in America, under the thumb of empire took several completely operational, major new power plants, and committed them to demolition. We shut down lots of huge power projects that way, including a number of major plants that were nearly finished. We even shut down power plants that had been in operation for years, and demolished them. The masters of empire dealt the same hammer-blow also to the nuclear power industry worldwide. Mankind will be lucky if it has five hundred nuclear plants still in operation two decades from now. America is presently leading the worldwide fight to expand the graveyards. That's America's shining example in the world today in the globalized war to defeat Love-Based Economics."

      "Actually we can't build a single nuclear plant anymore," said Heather. "We don't have the industrial capacity left in America to build the reactor vessels. Should we decide to go back to nuclear power, instead of burning coal, we would have to buy the reactor vessels from Japan. We've destroyed the industry that had once build them."

      Heather turned to me. "Did you know that we couldn't build such marvels as the World Trade towers in New York anymore? Unionized American Steelworkers had cast the steel for the World Trade towers in the 1960s. This era has long ended. We have demolished our steel industry, thrown our workers on the scrap heap, and are now forced to import cheap steel from Asia. The World Trade towers stand tall today as a shiny monument to remind us of what we once were. They stand as a symbol to represent America, but not the America that we are today. They stand as a symbol of what we have been. The gleaming towers are a monument to a history that has ended. That's what the World Trade towers represent, the end of an era and the beginning of a new era, an era without Love-Based Economics. That's what America has become, a would-be industrial giant without a viable steel industry. We've become a living lie. That's the kind of deep betrayal of our humanity that has destroyed Winston as a person. His troubles began when he witnessed the steel industry being shut down that he spent many years to be trained for. He was simply thrown onto the scrap heap together with the plants he once worked in. His last employment was in demolishing a modern plant with brand new blast furnaces that the company couldn't afford to pay taxes on. The plant was redeveloped into an entertainment center. Winston rescued himself from this tragedy by going back to his father's farm, only to find that the tragedy that America had become, was even greater in the farming industry. Farming had been once America's stronghold. It too has been demolished with the financial wrecking ball. Rising fuel costs, fertilizer costs, financial costs for equipment, maintenance costs, even rising seed costs, coupled with shrinking product prices under cartel gouging, had turned farming into an impossible proposition. The situation had been so bad that his dad couldn't afford the fuel cost anymore for harvesting a marginal crop. He couldn't even afford the cost of plowing it under. We are in the process of shutting everything down that America was built on," said Heather. "That's greed based fascism, not Love-Based Economics."

      "We are doing this in many different ways," said Ross. "We are shutting down the principle of love and everything that is built on it. The regression from love to greed, from freedom to empire, has been going on gradually for decades, almost imperceptible in many places, except for the losses that result. That's how we shut down our spiritual potential too, like the process of scientific spiritual healing that has been pioneered in America by Mary Baker Eddy during America's renaissance years," said Ross. "Mary Baker Eddy's scientific revolution in spiritual healing was a part of Love-Based Economics in the fundamental sense. The potential for this process still exists of course, since a principle can't be defeated, but its implementation is largely lost and probably for the same reason that Love-Based Economics has been intentionally shut down across the board in America, as well as in the world at large. It won't be easy to get any of that back, especially what has been so carelessly lost. Love-Based Economics isn't something that one can stamp out of the ground on demand. It can't even be rebuilt by simply pouring low cost financial credits into the scene, although that's essential to get the physical rebuilding process rolling again. Love-Based Economics requires a long-term commitment by society to human development. That's what love means. When love is back, we'll see free universal education in the sciences with public support for basic research and the development of technologies, humanist culture, efficient housing, health care, transportation, social protection, justice, and so forth. When love is back on the horizon, we will also see those other things again that are necessary for acquiring technological skills and the building of machine tool infrastructures and so forth, including jobs that develop the human genius rather than grind a person down. Providing state-credits for financing the development of society, as necessary as this is, is really the smallest element in the whole equation. You can take all the state-credits that you can possibly create and nothing good will come from them unless you can build up the human factor again that everything depends on. The human factor is the primary element in Love-Based Economics. Of course, there exists no other economic platform apart from that. Everything else is a variation of imperial processes involving various types of fascism and stealing."

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