Winning Without Victory
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Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - The Shockwave Effect.

      "But this woman, Mary Baker Eddy, recognized a still deeper trap than this," said Ross. "It exists on a still lower level. We have referred to it routinely as the sewer, the state of empire, the equivalent in the physical world of the frozen solid state. That's the imperial state of hierarchical domination, of perpetual slavery and looting, and permanent war. The word, empire, means permanent war, perpetual stealing, hopeless slavery. It means hell, a state of existing without the slightest trace of humanist fire or passion, or love, or humanity, even compassion."

      Ross laughed suddenly. "The religions have all misrepresented hell," he said. "In real terms there is no fire in hell, and no warmth. Hell is a stone-hard frozen state without a trace of joy, where people steal from each other in the financial markets seeking profits from processes in which nothing of value is being produced that could be counted as profit. There is no joy in that, only murderous tension and endless war. Nuclear war becomes a definite possibility when you get deep into this frozen hell."

      "I know what you mean," said Heather. "I have been in such places with Winston, when Winston resorted to gambling in a desperate effort to make ends meet. I have been in many casinos with Winston. There was no joy there, no love, no smile, only tension and greed. Greed causes no joy. It's a dead thing as if a person's humanity has been frozen."

      "That has become the fate of a large segment of society," said Ross. "There is no humanity alive anywhere in the world of stock-market and derivatives gambling. It's a stone cold world that no one should have been trapped into. Heather is right. There is no joy there or love. But this joy-less frozen world is only the boundary zone in the move to nuclear war. In order to be able to avoid nuclear war we have to unfreeze this hell, we have to thaw it out, we have to rescue the people that are locked into this trap, and rekindle their humanity."

      "That shouldn't be hard to do," interjected Tony. "How does one melt a block of ice? One turns up the heat."

      "That gets us back to the Principle of Universal Love," I interjected. "We turn up the heat in a big way from a high-level scientific perspective. In humanist terms this means that we have to understand what caused the frozen state and focus the heat on that, but the heat has to come from the really high-level humanist state that the Principle of Universal Love represents."

      "That's what I meant when I suggested that we need to understand what has got mankind into its trap," said Ross. Ross suggested that for example we need to focus on the reason for which India and Pakistan had been pitted against each other literally in the last days before the imperials were kicked out of the Indian subcontinent. "They divided the sub-continent into a stage for war, because war stirs rage that keeps the humanist flame at a very low levels or totally snuffed out. We have to revere the process, take away the division that has no principle behind it, and rekindle the humanist flame into a raging fire."

      I suggested to Ross that a great number of imperial agents stayed behind in Central Asia from where they kept on financing the never ending wars over Kashmir, over Afghanistan, and over Tibet and so forth, which still continue. "Their long determined goal is to explode the center of Asia into a caldron of unrest and division as a means for driving a wedge between the nations of Asia and break them apart into impotent little micro-states that the imperials can control. But we will spoil all of this dreaming, when we stage the potential for unleashing the greatest imaginable shockwave in Venice by putting the return of the Ice Age on the global agenda that mankind can only survive on the platform of the Principle of Universal Love."

      "Right!" said Ross. "Nothing less will be sufficient to protect mankind and civilization. That is why the imperial's main goal is to destroy to Russia, India, and China together," said Ross. "They stated this as their goal openly many times in different ways. They pursue this goal, because if they don't, their empire will cease to exist. Empire, as a form of government, can only be implemented in a stone-cold frozen world. For this goal they risk the total destruction of mankind in the vain hope that they, and a tiny remnant, will survive, and that they can rule over this tiny remnant in a feudal setting for the next 90,000 years. That's their hope for maintaining themselves as empire. Empire is something that has no place in a human world. A better word for it would be, stench, the perfume of the sewer."

      "The imperial world would most certainly be banned when the Asian nations were to become viable economic entities with a potential for Love-Based Economics creating a New Renaissance," said Sylvia.

      "The empire's goal is to preempt this renaissance potential before it unfolds," Ross continued. "The nuclear standoff was evidently designed as a part of that game. That's the kind of stuff that we are meddling with when we announce the cancellation of the SDI. We are throwing a monkey wrench into their stinking works. We have entered the big league. That's the kind of game in which China is pounded over the head in a permanent effort to break up the nation. We are about to be playing in the big league now. Officially the imperials are hitting China over the head on human rights issues."

      "That's laughable," interjected Sylvia. "It's a joke. The empire of the horrible stench never cared about human rights."

      "It's all a hidden part of the game in which the imperial world struggles to defend itself against an onslaught from within the center of our common humanity," said Ross. "They try to trash the Principle of Universal Love before it unfolds."

      "That's the new doctrine of preemption," I said to Ross. "That's especially true in America."

      "That's not a new doctrine," Ross replied. "Preemption is an aspect of empire, of the ancient stench. The two are one. But in order to understand this and how America got trapped into it, we need to understand our own history. The British Empire hit America hard in its early years. America was bankrupted right off the bat by the imposition of British free trade and British financing, to prevent America from getting off the ground as a nation. That's preemption. That's also when the recognition dawned in America that something smelly was going on. The American people rediscovered their humanity and their potential in Love-Based Economics. With that rediscovering of themselves the bankrupting stench of empire was shut down. That's the environment that Alexander Hamilton had created. With this cultural reawakening in America the looting of America was brought to a halt. It became disallowed. This is a part of our history, Peter. We got out of the imperial trap then, and we can get out of it again. Hamilton didn't talk about Love-Based Economics. He lived it. He understood the Principle of Universal Love on which the nation was founded. He saw it reflected in the General Welfare Principle that the nation was built on. That's how he derived at the principle of Love-Based Economics that became known in later years as the American System of Economy. Our world-renowned prosperity was based on that. That's part of America's history. It can all happen again, and far more than that."

      "Now that's the kind of talk I like to hear," said Heather. "There is fire in it at last."

      Tony jerked and shook his head. "No it won't happen again, with or without the fire," said Tony. "It would have happened already if it was that simple. Free trade was an easy trap for Hamilton to become aware off. Its stench came from a specific direction and everybody was hit by it. America suffered a national bankruptcy. You can't say the same about Greed-Based Economics, the modern hidden form of fascism. Stealing is fascism, and everybody loves it. Its stench is worse than that of free trade that once bankrupted America. Its stench has been accepted. Everybody has been 'educated' to love the 'aroma,' the 'sweet' smell of ripping one-another off. Everybody is deeply devoted to processes of stealing. Everybody loves the idea that you can make millions in the financial market-games without doing the slightest work. Everybody has jumped onto the bandwagon of easy looting, even while the economy is collapsing that people depend on. While people's world is crumbling into poverty and violence, society is intensifying its stealing. The stench is getting worse, but people love it. People have been taught to hail Greed-Based Fascism, which they call economics. Then, when things get tough as a consequence and their world falls apart, they hail the insanity even more and try to intensify it as a solution. Greed-Based Fascism, which is called economics today, has become the worst Malaysian Monkey Trap of all times. By holding on with both hands what they can grasp in their greed, and being unable to let go, people can't get their hands out of the trap that will be their doom. This trick has worked for centuries. Millions of monkeys have lost their life that way, nor did they ever get to taste the nuts which they held onto, by which their fate was sealed."

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