Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - The Shockwave Effect.

      "It seems we are asking for miracles if we think that a simple principle can change this," Tony interrupted. "But that's not the case. There is no miracle involved when it comes to principles. Is the action of universal gravity a miracle? No, it's the outcome of a physical principle that we rely on routinely and benefit from. In science, the miraculous happens all the time, in a routine fashion. That's our power."

      "That is what the Cold War is all about," Ross replied. "It's about preventing the unfolding of this miracle. As I keep telling you, the Cold War is an antiscientific, anticultural, economic war. It is an imperial war, and by design a perpetual war. The imperials are hoping for a miracle that would enable them to survive. The outcome would be a miracle indeed. However, we may yet give them that miracle by not defending ourselves. They have no other hope than that. Science can't supply that miracle for them, because imperialism has no principle for its support that would produce it. Nothing justifies the existence of empire."

      "The only miracles in the times ahead will be created on our side," said Tony and laughed.

      "And the miracles will be wrought with the Principle of Universal Love," said Sylvia.

      "The fight that we'll be facing in Venice won't be over communist ideology, or capitalist ideology," I interjected. "The real fight will be about defeating the imperial system of corruption that is designed to destroy humanity from within in order to prevent Love-Based Economics from starting a New Renaissance. Ross is right. They can't keep mankind's 'lights' out forever, right across the world. We have the momentum now in our court. The ball is already rolling. One day soon the 'lights' of humanity will be turned on again. And it will seem miraculous."

      "I think this fire is inevitable," said Ross, "provided mankind survives long enough. However, for as long as mankind lives we can stoke this humanist fire that brings light into the world. I even think that this up-shift in global thinking might be happening soon. It could happen as soon as mankind rediscovers its dignity and its humanity. I am looking forward to a big quantum jump in the creative humanist intensity of mankind, something bigger than what happened in the 17th Century Renaissance. I'm expecting something really big, a real classical shockwave phenomenon. I think mankind is on the verge of becoming fed up with allowing itself to be looted. It will create for itself a wide new universal platform for its freedom. We live in revolutionary times, I think."

      "Alright then, what can we do to make the inevitable happen now?" Heather asked.

      "To begin with, we have to understand what is already happening," said Ross. "This takes us back to the example of the shockwave phenomenon where an entirely different physical reality unfolds. The dynamism of fluid mechanics no longer applies there, because of its own limits. A totally new reality applies that corresponds with the new high-energy state. And when we get to still higher energy levels we deal with an entirely different physical reality again, which we call a plasma, in which the atoms dissolve and their parts become disassociated from one another. They are thereby set free to recombine into heavier and more complex elements. This multi-level phenomenon of totally different physical states and different rules and with increasing potential has also a human equivalent. There are four totally distinct physical states and four totally distinct humanist states. The physical states are solid, fluid, the energy-wave state, and the plasma state. I know an American woman who recognized correspondingly four totally distinct states in respect to our humanity. She recognized this already a hundred years ago. Like in the physical world, each of these humanist states is totally different and has its own boundary zone, its own rules, and its own potential.

      "The highest state may be called the universal state," Ross continued. "She called it the 'Word of Life, Truth, and Love.' Here we find the great principles of the universe. We find them profoundly reflected in our humanity. We didn't create these principles, but we live by them. We reflect the intelligence of the dynamism they represent. Some people define this top-level state with the term, God, where all the miraculous seeming phenomena unfold. The great Russian scientist Vernadsky called this state the noo'sphere where mankind's creative reason becomes the dominant influence in the further development of the world, uplifting the biosphere, giving wings to life for its eventual extension beyond the Earth. We are still in the boundary zone in this department, but we have already seen some remarkable early examples of the tremendous potential that unfolds in this sphere in which new realities are created similar to what we find in the plasma state. The amazing fact is that we find ourselves to be the leading-edge element of that unfolding new dimension in the universe. As we all know we created a five billion world-population out of half a billion in slightly over 300 years, which took us 2.5 million years to get to. This explosive breakout started with a profound renaissance in scientific thinking and in our scientific self-perception as human beings. Prior to this breakout we might have seen ourselves as the children of the Ice Age. We grew up in the shadow of a couple dozen ice age cycles. We faced challenges there that forced us increasingly into the boundary zone of the noo'sphere. Now we recognize ourselves more and more as children of the noo'sphere that we have seen only a few examples of. We are facing in this sphere a vast, still untapped potential. That is the humanist plasma state where new worlds are created.

      "One level below that is a state of thinking that corresponds with the physical equivalent of an energy wave where an unusual reality unfolds that is quite extraordinary," said Ross. "The humanist equivalent may be called science. The American woman that I spoke of, her name is Mary Baker Eddy, called this sphere the Christ. She utilized the principle of science as a platform for spiritual healing of diseases of every sort. She enacted processes of healing that totally defy all biological rules as if the process unfolded in a different reality, as different as the dynamics of an energy wave is from the dynamics of fluid mechanics. Spiritual healing has been experienced by people throughout the ages, to some degree, as they tapped into the noo'sphere. These experiences used to be called miracles, but now we see a principle unfolding in them. And there are many such principles. Looking back into our history we discovered the Principle of Universal Love being reflected in every development of renaissance that ever was. Therefore we are exploring this principle. We are exploring the Principle of Universal Love as a principle in our world, but as we do, we find its root anchored in the noo'sphere where universal love is the reality of the essence of mankind. We utilize science in the discovery process, and with it we can break out of the limits of 'fluid mechanics,' so to speak. Do I make any sense?"

      Tony nodded. "So, we are in a boundary zone here as we begin the discovery process of the Principle of Universal Love. We don't know what it means in its fullest expression, but we are fast learners and are amazed by the possibilities that unfold before us."

      "Very good," Ross commented. "You've been paying attention," Tony. "Most people don't. That's why they tie themselves into knots. They don't see the potential. They don't see the possibilities. To them the world of fluid dynamics, so to speak, and its limits is all there is. They see this world and its limits as final and absolute. They find universal love too esoteric to be a principle. They take love and make it small. They try to put it into their small world encumbered with boundaries and limits. And I can tell you from personal experience that it is terribly hard to get out of this trap. Mary Baker Eddy calls this trap the moral domain where one has to fight to get out of the encumberments by limits of all sorts. The goal in the moral domain has to be to get higher ground.

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