Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - The Shockwave Effect.

      "In the modern world, financial speculators are draining the world dry," said Sylvia. "We have all been paying the price for this looting. The speculators, backed up with corruption in law, are ramming through a regime that flows contrary to the principles of economics. They are now sitting on a pile of stolen money that has become astronomical in size, while the physical economy is fast disappearing, which the money is standing as a claim against. The whole process is moving towards a shock point where the entire insanity-driven structure explodes and money becomes worthless. The conditions for such a shock point are in the making. The resulting shockwave will blow out the world economy. The physicists should know what this means, especially with an Ice Age on the near horizon so that we can least afford to loose our economic power. We can't afford those shockwaves. They are enormously destructive, and also enormously wasteful when the economic geometry blows out in a big bang. That's what we are facing. We are in the boundary zone already. We already see much instability coming together simultaneously. Maybe we should solicit the physicists' help to determine how best to prevent the economic shockwave from happening that would ruin everything and thereby blow out mankind's future existence."

      Sylvia paused and shook her head as if she doubted that practicality of her own proposal. "I was ashamed," Sylvia continued, "when I saw the homeless woman take the hundred dollars that we donated. This may have been the biggest single donation she has ever received. Still, it falls infinitely short of meeting her real needs and ours. I felt as though we were paying her off for our reluctance to put the world in order, or even ourselves. This poverty should not exist. If we had addressed the fundamental issue that we have avoided for so long, there would be no need for any of us go down to the woman and give her money, or to go to Italy to save the world. There would be no nuclear war threat. It seems to me that we are avoiding our real responsibility when we devote our efforts to playing these political games. I think we have committed ourselves to taking a detour that is wasting much of our energy, like going from Boston to New York via Tokyo. I predict that we will be paying dearly for this waste some day. Mark my words," said Sylvia.

       Ross shrugged his shoulders. "I agree with you," he said to Sylvia, "but at this moment we have no choice. Our course is cast in stone. We can't deviate from our mission."

      Ross suggested that this didn't mean that we shouldn't intensify our efforts for meeting our primary responsibility. "We can do what we came for and do the real stuff too."

      "No, we MUST do the real stuff first and foremost. We must use the world forum in Venice as an opportunity for doing this," said Tony. "We should hit the scientists with this Ice Age thing and see if they can understand what a boundary zone is. Put the challenge in their lap. Don't treat them like babies. We may not have this opportunity again to put reality on the table on a world-stage."

      "My take is," said I, "that if the scientists can understand the challenge they might be able to recognize that the world is also in a boundary zone in financial and economic terms, and is moving towards total disintegration in a giant shockwave in which the entire physical economic geometry becomes wiped out. The woman that we helped out is a part of the evidence. She is evidence that we are in the boundary zone already. Homelessness and mass unemployment are just the first visible signs that a shockwave is already happening. We are loosing our civilization. The process has already begun. It is my understanding that sonic shockwaves begin to form already in the boundary area, before the intruding aircraft goes supersonic."

      "That is true," said Ross. "I have seen photographs of a jet car on a trial run towards breaking the sound barrier. The jet car was designed to be the first land vehicle to break the sound barrier. What I saw was amazing, Peter. Before the vehicle even reached the speed of sound a shockwave began to form. The photograph that is saw was taken at Mach 0.95 with a full-blown shockwave front clearly visible. In front of the wave the desert was relatively dark, but abreast with the speeding vehicle the effects of a shockwave front were clearly visible. The shockwave front had stirred up a fine cloud of dust particles behind it that glowed in the sun so that the desert appeared bright behind the shock front like a glowing carpet. The phenomenon extended for 150 feet on either side. The glowing carpet of dust had a sharply defined leading edge that moved abreast with the vehicle, in this case at a speed of over 1,100-kmph. The leading edge appeared almost perfectly straight as the shockwave ripped across the desert outwards and forward at the speed of sound, pulverizing the dirt of the desert into this fine dust cloud wherever the shockwave smashed into the ground. It was amazing to see that the shockwave front had this huge impact that it extended for 150 feet on either side, considering that its source was less than four feet off the ground. I read in the report that came with the photograph that the dust that settled appeared finely 'raked' across the entire shockwave impact area."

      "What's your point?" Tony interrupted.

      "My point is that the shockwaves can begin in the boundary zone already. We seem to be dealing with a totally different physical phenomenon when we force the universe to break its own rules," said Ross.

      "How is this possible that we can force a phenomenon that breaks all the rules?" interjected Tony. "It seems to me that we merely get into a different physical reality where different rules apply, when we poke our nose into spheres beyond the conventional scene."

      "Yes, I suppose one can say that the shockwave phenomenon unfolds a different state of reality that has its own rules," said Ross. "One part of these new rules appears to be that the phenomenon is isentropic."

      "Isentropic?" Tony repeated.

      "With isentropic, I mean that there is no loss of entropy throughout the process," said Ross. "It means that the full power is preserved, with which the supersonic vehicle rams into the air that can't get out of the way because of the sound-speed limit. Not the slightest bit of that impact power is lost. It gets all converted into a different form, a different form of energy. The resulting energy wave propagates itself instantly, almost without resistance, as it clears the path of the supersonic intrusion. The energy escape path extends forward only for a million's of a meter, and is being pushed forward at hundreds of meters per second. We are dealing with a higher state of reality here that is no longer even comprehensible within the axioms of the old limits."

      "So what's the point, Ross?" Tony asked again.

      "The point is, Tony, that the world is in a boundary zone in many regards, and we see many early signs of shockwaves as in the case of the jet car that created a shockwave at Mach 0.95, before the speed of sound was actually reached and exceeded. My point is that the homeless woman is a part of this boundary-zone shock phenomenon in economic terms. We are seeing the economic effects of a shockwave process that is already under way. It is hitting us with its own reality and its own rules, and that there is nothing in its dynamics that will stop the new process until the intrusion is cleared. The economic shock-collapse process unfolds apparently as an isentropic process that doesn't heal itself, but can only be healed when an intervention is made to stop the source. This means that the present system cannot be repaired. It has to be stopped. We cannot push through globalized looting and slavery without consequences. The economic energy that we blow apart becomes a destructive wave that will be destroying rather than enriching society. The homeless woman is the correlative of the dust cloud behind the shock front."

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