Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - The Shockwave Effect.

      "I cry for her," I said to Sylvia. "I cry for her tragedy in that she is forced to live without sex. Being forced to live outside the social world, outside the world of humanity, she is forced to live without sex, and without close human affections, and therefore without the one bond that binds us the closest to one another as human beings."

      "The lack of sexual intimacies in society may have been the reason for the near universal isolation in society in the first place, that caused her homelessness, together with everything else," said Sylvia. "The lack of deep intimacy breeds society's self-isolation from one another, which consequently results in economic collapse, homelessness, political insanity, war, and even nuclear war."

      "What then are we going to Venice for, when the problem is rooted miles away from what we will be doing there?" interjected Heather.

      Tony began to laugh. "We are going to Venice to patch up the mess with a Band Aid," he said. "Trust me, we won't be doing much more than that in spite of our best intentions."

      "What else can we do?" I said. "At least we come with a lot of good intentions."

      "How about fixing the cause for the mess?" said Tony. "What about applying all that scientific stuff that you've been talking about?"

      "We are up to our eyebrows in this mess, because nobody has done squat for thousands of years, or even attempted anything meaningful," I said to him. "We are miles ahead by coming with a commitment to sit at the table and reach a hand out across it. That's what my friend in East Germany hadn't been able to do, who is a leading edge scientist. I think we are past this hurtle already. We are extending a hand across the table. We don't know what the response will be. Maybe we can inspire some footsteps towards solving the underlying problem too. Steve might help us with that. However, first and foremost, we need to stop the bleeding so that the world won't die on us in the mean time in a nuclear nightmare. The underlying cause should have been addressed eons ago, but it wasn't, so that we now have to deal with the mess that has thereby been created. And as I said, we might even do something meaningful along the way."

      Tony nodded.

      Ross agreed. He pointed out to Heather that the homeless woman is the result of precisely that process that is creating 'royal' poverty around the world. He also suggested to Heather that the imperials know that their goal is more readily achieved by depopulating the Earth to a large degree, since their coveted depopulation is bound to create a deep, deep poverty among the remaining population. Ross suggested that this is how they may aim to win the upcoming battle of the titans for eliminating the nation-states. "Their goal is to assure that there won't be any contest to challenge them," said Ross. "By creating this deep poverty across the world, a major part of their battle to rule the world will be won." Ross explained to Heather that Fred believes that the Cold War nuclear confrontation is ultimately designed to facilitate this deep-reaching poverty. And what better way is there to create it than to create it artificially through cultural warfare."

      "Nuclear war appears to be designed for a terror objective that instills a crippling mental poverty in society on a near universal scale," I suggested to Ross. "The imperials may be hoping that humanity will never be able to recover itself from this takedown of its humanity and stage another Renaissance that would once again challenge the empire."

      "Total poverty is what you will have when you eliminate four-fifths of humanity," Tony interjected. "It makes no difference then whether you do it with nuclear war, or the gentry way by means of universal poverty. Even I can see that."

      "The perception evidently is, that when this happens the imperials' feudalism will never be challenged again for as long as the new dark ages will last, and those may not end before the next Ice Age has passed," said Ross. "The return of the Ice Age poses the greatest challenge that mankind has ever faced. There is only one option possible for mankind to maintain its large world-population in the coming Ice Age environment, or a larger one than we have today. This option is to create indoor agriculture with near global dimensions. While this is technologically feasible, the world is presently committed to drive itself into poverty that would render the needed Ice Age Renaissance an impossible hope. However, if we were to put this requirement for the future on the table in Venice, as a necessity for the present, and make it the basis for giving up the SDI, we might change the world. We might stage a platform for advancing the unity of all mankind. We might be able to come away from Venice with a global improvement that the nations of the world can build on for their common future."

      "That was the original idea behind the SDI," I said to Ross.

      "That's why it probably won't happen this time either," said Sylvia. "The imperials would 'smell' the rescue plan and stop it before it ever began to unfold."

      Ross nodded his agreement.

      "You cannot do that also for another reason," said Sylvia to Ross. "The whole scientific community will laugh you to scorn. They're the people that have put their reputation on the line to create the global warming dream. It's going to be tough enough to kill their SDI dream. Now you want to kill their global warming dream too? I think you're biting off more than you can chew."

     "No, we have to do this," said Heather. "We've been shutting everything down from the textile industry to the steel industry. We've been nicely obedient to the imperials and we are killing ourselves in the process. We have to do the opposite. Instead of catering to slavery for cheap products we have to revert to technological automation for efficient production. Instead of reducing people's income so that more and more people can't afford to live anymore, we have to pay the kind of rich wages that correspond to the rich society that we aim to be, no, that we have to be to make it through the next Ice Age. Instead of scrapping human living, let's scrap the idea of empire. This world is a human world in which the word, empire, has no place and must never be spoken again. Instead of cowering before the assumed power of the imperials, let's reclaim the power of our humanity and create a renaissance world with such brilliance as has never been seen before."

      "This means we have to tell the noble scientists that their fascist poverty, which stands behind the lies that they support for their masters, is the real danger behind nuclear war," said Tony. "We should call them war-mongers."

      "But you can't say this to them," said Ross. "That would be like ripping their soul out."

      "Of course we can't say that," I intervened. "But we can present the facts that will cause them to come to this conclusion themselves."

      "You call this leadership?" Heather intervened. "You want to go down to Venice to turn the physicists' conference into a nice and moral garden party where everybody bows, where nothing is happening, where there is no passion for truth and no fire for love?" said Heather. She looked at Sylvia and shook her head, and then looked at me. "You would be setting the stage for another impasse."

      Poor Tony, he didn't know what to think. He simply shook his head. "This is getting funny and entertaining, but also terribly frustrating," he said. "We are facing the threat of nuclear war, we are seeing it an economic issue based on a too narrow concept of love, and you want to tap-dance around the issue the gentry way." In his frustration Tony pointed out that our efforts that we were about to make in Italy, to lessen the dangers of someone starting a nuclear war, would then be trivial if they would not be designed to address the fundamental issue. "We have to address this issue with the same urgency as if another Russian submarine was on its way to deliver another nuclear cruise missile to another of their spy-boats for another launch. For all we know, this might be happening as we speak. We have to change the whole geometry of the games that are played. We won't have done our job if the conference of the scientists in Venice doesn't explode into the kind of rage that wakes everybody up. We have to turn the whole thing upside down so that it won't be another garden party."

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