Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 7 - Onto the Top of the World.

      Ross shook his head again.

      "Seriously, Ross, where are the patriots standing in the hustings?" said Fred. Who even knows anymore what the hustings are? Where are the intellectuals standing at the street corners educating the public? This healing movement hasn't begun yet. It probably won't begin until we start it. That's why Greed-Based Fascism still rules and the end of the nuclear war game-playing isn't even in sight."

      "I am sure that my friend Helen would concur with Adam Smith," I interrupted Fred. "She would have agreed that if one wants to destroy a nation one will have to shut it down on the inside. One will have to prevent the universal kiss from unfolding at every chance that one gets. Once this is done the rest falls apart on its own."

      "Sure," said Fred. "What Shelburne's Jacobin mob did in France, Adam Smith did afterwards with Greed-Based Economics in the United States and virtually everywhere around the world where the modern Empire has its wars going? Adam Smith authorized the greedy to steal. He freed the criminals and put them into positions of power. That still happens in our world."

      "Our little episode last night, which nearly destroyed the world, was probably just a minute part of that still ongoing larger war," said Heather. "Obviously, this Adam Smith understood that if one destroys the foundation for the universal kiss, one sets up the stage for universal war," added Heather.

      "The universal kiss?" Fred repeated questioningly. "What is everyone talking about? Is this something I should know?"

      Since Fred was unfamiliar with the concept, I explained in a rough outline that Helen recognizes humanity as a universal construct in which all mankind is bound to each other in a lateral bond of love that reflects our individual love for our humanity, the humanity that we all share, the love for which, if it is honest, extents to all mankind in a lateral fashion from heart to heart. "Helen recognizes that this love for our common humanity has three elements. One element is manifest in universal economic development, which she defines as the element of our joy. Another element is manifest as the development of science, which she defines the element of our power. The third element is manifest as the universal kiss, so to speak, which she defines as the element of our peace. The Principle of Universal Love is an active impetus that stands behind all three elements. Its most profound outcome is what might be described as our universal kiss."

      "I love her concept of the universal kiss," said Heather. "It reflects the natural unity of mankind. Aren't we all being human beings with a common humanity and a common universal 'divine' Soul?"

      I suggested to Fred that we need all three elements for civilization to stand tall, or to stand at all. I suggested that any photographer would confirm that if one destroys a single leg of a tripod, the tripod falls down. I suggested to Fred that it didn't really matter which leg one destroys, the end result would always be the same. "That's what Adam Smith understood," I said to Fred. "Adam Smith destroyed the universal kiss with greed, thereby blinding society to its very Soul. The economic collapse was secondary, and so was the collapse of science. The tripod fell down. The end result, when this happens, is always war in terms that bring down civilization. War results when our humanity falls to the ground. The imperials know this and make good use of the process. That is why we are fighting the Empire's wars today against our own civilization. Society has been drawn into the process. The imperials drained us of our humanity and turned us into stooges to their fascism. But why do we comply?"

      "War has basically no other purpose than to protect the empire from civilization, the effects of which would eradicate the very notion of empire," answered Fred. "Perpetual war is the imperial's Strategic Defense Initiative. It's their SDI! It is also used as a cover-up to hide the Empire's inner bankruptcy. We comply, because we haven't created our own Strategic Defense Initiative yet, our own humanist SDI, which we might deploy to defend our humanity."

      "That's the Principle of Universal Love," I interrupted Fred.

      "The fact that we haven't started on our humanist SDI yet is the root of the Cold War," said Fred and applauded me. "Russia had little to do with that. Can't you see this? It is more accurate to say that Bertrand Russell started the Cold War. The Soviets are as much a target of his reign of terror ideology as we are. Russell proposed the nuclear bomb long before there was one, and proposed that it be used as a terror weapon to force the whole of mankind under the umbrella of a single imperial world government or feudal dictatorship. Then there would be peace, he suggested. But the reality is, that peace by terror is perpetual war. This original Russellite policy actually still stands, Peter. The nukes that he lobbied for were built, and they were built for their potential to terrorize mankind into compliance with the demands of empire."

      "That's why last night's near destruction of the world was but another facet of Adam Smith's war against humanity," said Ross. "That's a part of the imperial outlook that Russell admired, isn't it? It is no secret that Russell had lobbied for the atomic bomb as a means of forcing a world-empire dictatorship on humanity."

      "It's obvious, isn't it, that the further we move away from the universal kiss, the more horrible will the manifests of war become?" I interjected. "Does anyone disagree agree with that?"

      Fred agreed. He even suggested that World War I and II were really Adam Smith's 'atomic' wars in this context. "It was always about protecting the empire of greed against an unfolding renaissance of universal economic development. We need the humanist SDI to defend ourselves against the madness of empire and its unleashing evermore forms of war. And more than this, we need a renaissance-SDI to defend ourselves against the climatic cooling of the coming return of the Ice Age."

      "Perhaps that should be our real mission in Venice," I interjected, "to start a Strategic Defense Initiative to defend humanity against the dynamics of the natural changes in the universe. This means that we are not scrapping the SDI idea as such, but are setting the stage for a much larger one that all mankind takes part in, one by which the very notion of empire ends."

      "By which also the name Adam Smith vanishes from the horizon and what it signifies," added Heather.

      "But first we have to attach the name to every permanent fascist war," said Ross. "His name still rules and his war is still raging, though the man has been dead for over a hundred years. Isn't it about time that this ends?"

      "Except, you can't say anything like that at the conference in Venice," Fred cautioned me. "Adam Smith is revered universally. If you were to speak against Adam Smith, you'd be regarded as a fool. Our whole project would then be in danger. Without the scientific foundation that we have just reviewed, nobody can recognize Adam Smith's Greed-Based fascism as a covert cultural warfare instrument. Alexander Hamilton might have understood this without too much of an explanation, but the Empire killed him for it preemptively. That's how the Empire operates. You certainly can't link the surrendering of the SDI with Adam Smith at the conference of the physicists. You can't even say that we are giving the SDI to Russia as a gift in an effort to disable to some degree Adam Smith's imperial poison dart that causes perpetual war. You can't say such a thing, even if it is true. Nobody at the conference will be able to understand what Adam Smith has done to mankind and is still doing, though he is long dead. You don't have time to teach universal history. You have to present your case the hard way, Pete. Neither should you talk about your favorite subject, The Principle of Universal Love, even if it is the core principle of civilization. You would be speaking an unfamiliar language. The imperials of the world made sure that the language of the Principle of Universal Love has become lost a long time ago. You'll be facing a tough uphill battle, Pete. Nevertheless, I expect you to win."

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