Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 7 - Onto the Top of the World.

      "We are in a war, Peter," said Fred. "But we are not in a war with Russia or the Soviets. We are in a war with the platform of empire. We are in this permanent war that is not designed to be won, but is designed to grind the humanist spirit of society into the ground. Yes, we have the physical capacity as human beings to dismantle all atomic bombs in the world in a week. It's a simple technical process, but it won't happen until this permanent war is won. To win this war means defeating the platform of empire as an idea. This can only be done with a higher idea that stands miles above the philosophical lies that support the platform of empire. We need a platform of truth, something that is substantial, like light eradicating darkness. There is no substance in empire. No principle exists that supports it. It can exist only in the shadow of permanent war. It is darkness, and darkness has no substance. There is substance only in light, in the light of our humanity. That is what I hope we will bring to the conference in Venice, the light of our common humanity that banishes this empire-darkness."

      "This shouldn't be too had to do," interjected Tony. "The battle, as you've just described it, is so fundamentally uneven, with us having the upper hand, that there is no real contest happening, is there?"

      Fred turned to me and laughed, pointing to the oil slick that was barely visible by then. "The speck of oil out there on the ocean has a 3000 year history standing behind it of mankind closing its mental horizon to the obvious. You can't understand what the oil speck is all about until you understand this vast scene of universal history. The Empire is doing all it has in its power to prevent you from understanding this history. And to some degree, you fell for it. That is why you are pointing your finger towards Russia as the imperial masters want you to, whereby they prevent you and us all, from doing what is right. Instead of scrapping the SDI we should be scrapping the platform of empire. Of course, we won't really be scrapping the SDI idea in Venice, because the core idea behind it was never implemented. One can't scrap what hasn't been implemented. The core idea was for the entire world to come together and cooperatively develop the SDI system as a science driver for global development and then secondarily to provide for the common defense of all mankind. This idea was never allowed to be implemented as it goes against the very grain of empire. The SDI was doomed from the start. Society had become the supporter of empire instead of civilization. From the moment the SDI was put on the public agenda it became an empty shell if not another tool in the advancing process of permanent war. So it's easy to commit oneself to scrapping this empty skeleton, Peter, but it won't be easy to convince anyone in Venice of what has killed the real SDI in the first place, and what stands behind the process that killed it, the process of permanent war. Society is not allowed to recognize the cultural war that is in progress against its humanity under the auspices of empire. The Cold War, Peter, is really a cultural war, a war against the culture of humanity and civilization, a permanent war of empire fought on the platform of fascist greed against the principles of the general welfare and the principle of the sovereignty of the human being. This hidden permanent war has been proven more effective, Peter, for the presently ruling empire, than World War I and II had been, combined. This modern war also promises to be vastly more destructive once the world financial system disintegrates that has become an empty shell under the permanent warfare doctrine of fascist greed. The effect of this financial and economic collapse will be global and will be vastly worse than the horrid collapse in 1345 that brought on the Black Plague by which half of Europe perished.

      "Yes, Adam Smith was a part of the war against humanity that we are in the midst of it right now," said Fred. "This means that last night's cruise missile thing has nothing much to do with the Soviets directly. The root for our modern war was planted in 1763, twenty years before the American Revolution, and 150 years before communism was foisted on Russia. I believe Shelburne was the British Foreign Minister in 1763, while also being the operational chief of the East India Company that became the first completely private world-empire in 1763. No doubt he helped 'direct' the Paris Peace Treaty that was essentially an imperial show in which the various empires of the time divided up the world among themselves. Lord Shelburne's East India Company got a large share of it. America became a part of its hunting ground. Unfortunately for Shelburne, America was already becoming rebellious then. This might have been the reason why Shelburne commissioned one of his East India Company's scribblers, by the name of Adam Smith, during a carriage ride in 1763, to produce an apologia for free trade that could be used as an imperial weapon against a rebellious North American colonies. He also gave Smith a second commission, as you already know, to study the collapse of the Roman Empire that might be deployed as an imperial weapon for the destruction of a targeted nation. We are told that Adam Smith completed some of the work a dozen years later under the title, 'The Wealth of Nations.' Ironically, and perhaps by intent, this completion was handed to Shelburne in the year in which the American Declaration of Independence was signed. Are you aware of this timing, Ross?" said Fred.

      He looked at both of us. "Can you see a connection now unfolding that takes the permanent-war doctrine all the way back to the Peloponnesian War that was staged to kill the humanist principles of Solon of Athens and the Principle of the General Welfare and that of the universal sovereignty of the human being? Solon's ideas are deeply reflected in the principle of our Federal Constitution. Shelburne's attack on America, through Adam Smith, was Shelburne's opening salvo in his modern Peloponnesian War. Can you see that this war is still ongoing? Can you see how it is defeating us just as the Peloponnesian War defeated Athens, the great cultural pearl of ancient Greece."

      Fred paused and smiled. "Shelburne's model for the British Empire, of course, was Venice. Venice had dealt with what had remained of Rome in Istanbul," he added. "As Ross pointed out, Shelburne commissioned Adam Smith to research the decline and fall of the Roman Empire for that reason. The discovery of this trap was important to Shelburne . It wasn't that he wanted to prevent the historic folly from being repeated. He wanted to use the process as a method for war in a targeted manner to destroy other nations that denounce empire as a form of government as the American colonies were doing in seeking their independence. It turned out that Shelburne needed Adam Smith's weapon. His empire's war on the battlefield to stop America's independence, went badly. The British got bogged down and then lost. Thus, the battle cry for Shelburne's coveted New Rome became 'free trade' ala Adam Smith style, the poison dart that Shelburne had commissioned earlier. Shelburne managed to make himself Prime Minister for one year to implement his free-trade poison dart personally. The survival of his Empire hung in the balance. America could not be allowed to exist. No nation was allowed to prosper independent of the Empire. In his capacity as Prime Minister of Britain Shelburne stood before the House of Lords in 1783, after the shooting war with America had been lost, and argued for a peace treaty with America that he could use as a conveyor belt to 'impose' free trade on the American republic. Since America couldn't be defeated on the battlefield, as he might have suspected, he had those other means at his disposal, fully prepared, with which this could be done. Thus the poison dart was launched to kill America from within, Venetian style. One way or another, America had to be defeated, as he saw it, or colonialism would be doomed. Indeed, the Empire would be doomed. Loosing the American colonies was one thing, but if the 'breath of freedom' were allowed to flow out from America and touch other colonial people the end of colonialism would have been the outcome. Shelburne couldn't allow that."

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