Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 7 - Onto the Top of the World.

      Fred explained that the Empire's fears are justified, because America did have the economic and political capacity in the postwar period to do what Roosevelt had intended, to eliminate every empire on the planet and free the nations of the world from even the smallest remaining vestige of colonialism and empire. "He was committed to industrialize the whole world and end poverty and the slavery that poverty invites," said Fred. "Some people insist that Roosevelt was killed for this reason, to prevent the final termination of the concept of empire on one planet, which would have happened. Stalin may have sensed that. He was sure that Roosevelt died from 'imperial' causes of the usual sort. He insisted that Roosevelt's death had been arranged somehow. He suggested that he was poisoned. No evidence exists to support this claim. However, today's empire won't allow us to be ever again in a position to threaten its existence technologically, economically, or even militarily," Fred concluded. "The imperials will get rid of us long before that happens, and Russia and China, too. The SDI was designed to prevent this some day. But it is not operational now, and the imperials won't allow it to become so. This means we have to find a new flank. They told us last night that they mean business, You can bet your life they'll destroy our country long before the SDI ever becomes a viable defensive system if we don't comply. They'll destroy the SDI together with all of us. They will have to do this to save themselves. That's why we have to shut the SDI down, quietly, by ourselves, in order to save us from the effects of their fear. We have to do this before they launch a major provocation that would end our existence altogether. They illustrated to us last night that they have the means to do it. That is what last night was all about. The President doesn't know that, nor could he understand it, but we have a perfect opportunity at this moment because of his shortcoming, to eliminate the provocation that the imperials have staged against us. The President's fear of Russia is our opportunity now. He gave us a golden opportunity to buy us a little time. This means that we must be successful, Pete. We must shut the SDI down as a gift to Russia it in order to quiet the fears of the imperials that run the whole show on both sides and fear a new renaissance. We have to go this route until the Empire as an institution can be dissolved and swept away in a real and global renaissance that lies beyond their tentacles, and their brains to recognize, an asymmetric renaissance. That is also the reason why it must be you guys who go to Venice, and I mean all of you, because no person in the world must ever find out the real reason why we are doing this."

      "It's ironic, isn't it?" said Ross, "that we must destroy the only technological defense we can possibly have. We must destroy our defense in order to remain safe." He almost laughed in a mocking kind of way.

      "We make ourselves feel safe by remaining vulnerable?" I said and laughed with him. "We should have our head examined."

      Fred nodded slightly. "Only God knows for how long the little interlude of peace with the empire will last that our gift to Russia might buy us. Will it last a year, a week, or a day?"

      I told Fred that the safest thing would be for humanity to dismantle its military might and rebuild itself as human beings in the way America once did under the leadership of Franklin Delanor Roosevelt.

      "That seems far out of sight now," said Fred. "We've been in the Empire's clutches ever since our country was formed, with only a few rare exception. Roosevelt was such an exception, and Lincoln, and a few others. Apart from this, every time we didn't watch out we fell deeper into the imperial trap. We were lured into their deepest trap by Adam Smith and Bertrand Russell."

      "Are you telling me that last night's near destruction of the world was in fact the 'gift' of Adam Smith?" said Ross. He looked at me, stunned, then at Fred.

      Fred shook his head as if in disbelieve that this question was asked. "Didn't I tell you guys to study history?" he said to Ross again, but looking also at me. "I almost begged you, haven't I? You can't understand what happened last night without understanding history, and I mean the real history of mankind."

      "How did you come to this conclusion?" Ross asked Fred.

      I answered for Fred. I related to Fred what Jason had brought up at the pub, and how it related to Helen's lateral lattice of the oneness of humanity. I pointed out how the minds of a nation can be so poisoned that their humanity, which people are naturally aware of under normal circumstances, becomes shifted totally out of sight. "War unfolds in this environment," I said to him. "It is a part of it. War unfolds in a world in which the natural unity of humanity has been pushed out of sight either by ignorance or by malicious intervention, or both. That's where Adam Smith comes in, doesn't he? Jason had reminded me that Adam Smith had been commissioned to devise ways for destroying the United States of America from within long before it even became a nation. That's what he delivered in the service of his master, the Second Earl of Shelburne, the man who ran the British Empire at the time of the American Revolution. Jason had told us on the beach that the British wanted their colonies back. Since they didn't succeed on the battlefield they used Adam Smith's methods. The first was free trade. When this was defeated by Alexander Hamilton, they tried again. Adam Smith's second weapon was applied, and it worked. His cleverly hidden destructive system of greed-based fascism was taken in like the Trojan Horse. It was hailed, raised up, and celebrated as the golden pinnacle of modern economics. But it remained what it was, a weapon to destroy society. The weapon succeeded 'splendidly' as the imperials might have put it."

      I pointed out to Fred and Ross that this was in essence what Jason had said to us on the beach during the air show days in Vancouver, and later again in a pub.

      "Adam Smith was commissioned for this during the famous carriage ride in 1763," Fred interjected. "I should call it the infamous carriage ride of Adam Smith with Shelburne in the year in which the British East India Company that Shelburne controlled at the time, became a private world-empire. The imperials had staged the Seven Years War to achieve the status of empire. The East India Company was their front organization. But that is only where the end game begins. If you only focus on that you miss the beginning. That is why you don't know what last night's incidence was all about. So, I must tell you again, you haven't studied history as I told you. And that goes for both of you. That is why you really don't understand anything. You keep telling me in so many ways that you find the real movements behind last night's attack basically unbelievable. This proves that you both know nothing. Of course I don't blame you. There are not many people left in the world that understand real history, whom you can learn from."

      Fred sighed and shook his head. "So I must tell you myself what you need to know," he said.

       "If you had studied the universal history of mankind," Fred continued, standing before us now like a school teacher, "then you would have instantly understood what the cruise missile incidence was a part of. You would have understood that this isn't about Russia or America, or even about the Cold War standoff. This is about empire. War has always been about empire. That's going back about 3000 years to Solon of Athens the great reformer. Solon was a threat to the very idea of empire. He introduced the principle of the general welfare to uplift the whole of society. He gave the common citizen some dignity and taxed the rich in support of society as a complete entity. That's the basic principle that our country was founded on in modern times. Our General Welfare Principle, one of the key elements in our Constitution, came from Solon of Athens. We learn from history that for the last 3000 years the world has been in a state of near permanent war that is carried out for one purpose only, to suppress this principle, to wipe it out, to get it out of the minds of humanity. The principle of the general welfare wasn't allowed to remain alive in Athens past the death of Solon. This profound idea, as weak as it still was, stood in the way of the process of empire. A process was under way at this time to form  an alliance between the King of Macedon and the Persian Empire in order to create a vast empire of the entire Mediterranean region. The design was that the resulting empire would be shared by the King of Macedon and the Persian Emperor. But Greece stood in the way, and more so did the idea of the general welfare that opposed the process of empire and invalidated it at its very core. The Peloponnesian War was set up to correct that. It was designed to eliminate Greece as a dominant factor in the Mediterranean. For this purpose the big war was designed to become a permanent war, a war that was not designed to be won, but to grind this region into the ground. Greece was successfully destroyed by this war. While Pericles, who ruled Athens after Solon, stood at the center of this imperial madness, the orchestration came from the Persian Empire. Pericles carried out the destruction of Athens, and with it the destruction of the Greek classical culture, but the blueprint for this madness did not come from Greece. What happened there wasn't rooted in the culture of Greece. The Persian wars in the region necessitated a defensive league to be formed that was run by Athens as the strongest of the city states, which quickly set the stage for Athens to develop imperial ambitions and with it sink the region into the perpetual type of warfare that the Peloponnesian War became, a war that ground on from small beginnings for almost seventy years, spreading havoc across the entire region. Pericles conveniently served as a pawn to carry out the imperial plan for permanent war, and he was excellent at it. His sophistry was the best. It was the sophists sophist, second to none. His sophistry would be mimicked many times through the ages, and still is so to the very day. In this sense the Peloponnesian War became the blueprint for modern permanent war.

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