Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 7 - Onto the Top of the World.

      I raised my hand. "That's a wild conspiracy theory," I interjected.

      "That's the only one that fits all the facts, Peter. That goes slightly beyond diplomacy, I agree. Unfortunately, such are the games that are being played. What happened last night wasn't about Russia or America, it was about gaining control to loot Russia and Asia. It was about breaking up the Soviet Empire and all of Asia. It was about setting the stage for endless wars until all opposition to empire ends and a new renaissance will never be possible anywhere in the world."

      I raised my hand again, to object. "The Soviets would have never complied."

      "They would have had no choice. The Soviet system would have been taken down from within by the resulting scandal and the American threat."

      "The Soviets would never surrender," I said. "They would sooner go down in a nuclear war and take America down with them."

      "That would serve the imperials just as well," said Fred. "Don't forget, America is their number one enemy, except when it is needed as a 'useful fool.' That's the 'special' relationship that we have with the imperials. They call America their 'friend,' because America has created for them the most powerful, the most secretive, and the dirtiest covert operations capability in the world, set up by the foremost masters of the craft, infiltrated from the midst of the Empire itself. This capability, with some pretty twisted rouge elements among them, is needed for America to fulfill its assigned role as a strong-arm lackey. Anything else is secondary. America has become the imperials' playground. Not even our Presidents are safe in our own country, as history has shown, if they don't play along."

      "Are you going to tell this to the President?" I asked.

      "You must be joking," Fred replied, "he wouldn't understand a word of it. It's too unbelievable what is happening here. That's why conspiracies have always worked so well through the centuries. And that is why they are still being pursued, full steam ahead. Our government spends over 25 billion per year in covert operations. The whole thing is run on a platform of conspiracies. Look at Iran. We've taken a democratically elected government and ripped it out, and installed the Shah. It wasn't done with military force, but with conspiracies. When the Shah became too progressive, we ripped out the Shah and brought the Mullahs back. None of that was done with diplomacy. That's how Africa was wrecked, with conspiracies. For 25 billion a year you can buy a lot of conspiracy actions. And it is all happening under the table, and some of it so vile that no one would believe it. I still can't believe that American financiers, through the Bank of England, financed Hitler into power in order to prevent the Roosevelt economic renaissance from taking root in Europe and Asia. It was a massive dirty conspiracy that brought Lautenbach down, who represented the American system of economy and would have uplifted Europe and Asia with it. Hitler was financed into power to prevent this from ever happening again. Had Lautenbach remained, the resulting renaissance would have ended imperial rule. The Empire responded with staging war. War is the platform of empire. Perpetual empire means perpetual war. None of that is really believable, but it all happened."

      Fred paused and laughed. "As I said, what is unbelievable is safe from public interference," he continued. "In modern times the art of self-provocation has become a part of the world of unbelievable conspiracies, while society is taught not to believe that conspiracies happen. This doesn't change the fact conspiracies are a way of life in the imperial world. Nor does it change the fact the empire's provocative missile in my hypothetical scenario could have come from us. Of course it could have been just as easily launched against China or Russia with the same effect, as may yet happen in the shadow of a major conflict. Almost anything can be used as a pretext these days. The preferable pretext is that which is conjured up with lies."

      "The fact is, we are so damn easily provoked," I said to Fred, "because we have already lost our soul as a nation. We are told to jump to the prescribed conclusions instantly and charge into battle like an injured bull at the first sign of trouble. That's how we have been trained. I admire the President for not falling into this trap. Of course, the SDI as a global system wouldn't have been that easily shut down," I said to Fred. "That may be the real reason why the empire, more than Russia, wants the SDI shut down. They want it destroyed, because future provocations would like be prevented when automated defense systems are in place that can't be easily deactivated. The imperials claim to be our friend, but deep in their heart they want us eliminated. Hiring the Soviets to do this for them would be their style."

      "But the time hasn't come for that yet," Fred interrupted. "The Empire that we serve will keep us around as their pet for as long as we are useful for their goal of taking over the world."

      "But not for one minute longer," I interjected. "Remember Franklin Roosevelt! He had made it quite clear before he died that the British Empire, together with every other empire, would be dismantled after World War II. The empire that was still a major force didn't allow this threat to be carried out, nor will it allow this threat to be repeated. And it won't be repeated, considering the way the American people have been destroyed from within as human beings. We have become a 'small' people."

      "The imperials, even those within the USA, have acted precisely like the Venetian Empire had acted after its near defeat by the Renaissance forces in 1509," said Fred. "The Venetians had staged a cultural war that destroyed the European society from within. After that they stood back and watched the shooting wars to begin that were launched by the people themselves, against one-another, which the Venetians had prepared the ground for. Those shooting wars lasted for eighty years, Peter, in which half the population of Europe was killed. That is how effective the cultural warfare had been that started it all. In today's world we have the same happening again, set in motion by the same empire, except the destruction of humanity is reaching deeper this time. The fascism of greed has become the most powerful cultural warfare force that has ever been created. Adam Smith should be congratulated for this. The resulting shooting wars will likely last longer and be vastly more murderous, if mankind survives them at all. My point is that we've been dragged into a permanent war situation that has already been raging for decades and we have become masters in fighting this war against ourselves without even knowing that the war is on. For as long as we do this the Venetian's of today won't see us as a threat. They keep us as their pet and use us to keep the rest of the world from developing its humanity."

      "Of course, if we step out of line and even talk about a new renaissance, we'll be eliminated," I interjected

      "You must be mistaken," I heard Ross say, who had come onto the balcony. "What's all this talk about the Venetian Empire? The Venetian Empire fell apart on its own," he said and laughed. "That's what everybody says. And the British Empire no longer exists. What empire then are you talking about? If anybody is an empire, we are it!"

      "The Venetian Empire didn't fall apart at all," Fred replied and smiled. "It transposed itself northward and became the British Empire. I thought you knew that. Didn't you study history as I suggested you should? The Venetian oligarchy brought with it its fear of the Renaissance and its ability to manipulate other people in support of its goals. That empire still exists as a private financial empire as it has from the beginning. It owns nearly all of the central banks in the world. It's a financier empire like the Venetians have been, and it is an empire that's in a state of permanent war with the whole of humanity in order to prevent mankind from asserting its humanity that would shut the very notion of empire down. That is why permanent cultural war is on the agenda instead of permanent economic development. The empire has been fighting to stop the SDI for this reason, to prevent a new economic renaissance erupting around the world. Sure, the SDI would make any future self-provocation harder, but their main concern is to prevent a new renaissance from erupting around the world through scientific and technological progress. They were successful in preventing Russia from participating. This stopped some of their fears. By us, giving it up totally, the empire's fear of a new renaissance would be lowered even further. I am telling you this, because I want you to understand how important your mission is. If the mission succeeds, it might buy us a little time," Fred added, "but it won't be a victory. The real victory lies somewhere else. We have to eradicate the empire through the back door by way of an asynchronous movement that takes the fight out of their court, to a higher platform that they do not control. But until then we are locked into their court and into their permanent warfare games. This means keeping the heat down by all means possible until the real solution is won."

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