Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 73
Chapter 7 - Onto the Top of the World.

      I shrugged my shoulders. "No one will ever know the answer to that," I replied to him. "No one would know, even if it happened in broad daylight with the whole nation watching it on TV. Those who launched it wouldn't launch it with a billboard attached, advertising the country of origin, except perhaps to mislead everybody. Once launched, those missiles all look the same, with small variations perhaps that one wouldn't see from a distance, certainly not on TV, and definitely not in the middle of the night. These missiles all behave the same. The missile in question could have been launched by any country or by any institution that has submarines or the power to control one, including Israel, especially Israel."

      "You are right on this one," Fred replied. "Israel is on the fast track to becoming the foremost fascist power on the planet with the fourth-largest arsenal of nuclear weapons at its fingertips, if not the third largest. Israel is being groomed to take over from Russia and be the nuclear trigger of last resort. Russia maybe too unwilling to comply with the imperial's plan to set the world on fire in which Russia, the USA, India, and China are targeted to be eliminated. Mark my word, Russia will be replaced as the sacrificial trigger. It appears that Israel has been chosen to become that. There is a shift being prepared in Cold War policies from the adversarial stance, which has failed, onto a friendly stance that is more likely to succeed. According to my contacts in Britain, Israel is the one to watch. It is being set up right now as the empire's Trojan Horse to ideologically take over the US government, supplanting itself in all key positions from where to stoke the fires of war. The Israelis have been in love with fascism ever since they became a country, and long before that. In fact this love affair started long before the Second World War. Their Jabotinsky movement, or whatever it was called, would have loved the Israelis to join Hitler, except Hitler had made that impossible. It would have interfered with his anti-Semitic ambition. Jabotinsky personally fought the Ottomans in Palestine as far back as World War I, for his ambition to establish a Jewish state on both sides of the Jordan River, with the Palestinians being driven out and scattered about. The British loved him for that, because this policy meant permanent war, which is a cherished imperial policy."

      Fred stopped and laughed. "There is one thing that a friend in Britain has taught me," said Fred in his laughter, "and he has taught me well, namely that the Empire has no permanent allies, only a permanent objective. The objective is to establish a private World Empire of the type that H. G. Wells and Bertrand Russell had defined for the public to soften the ground. In their utopian World Empire the institution of the nation-state has no place as a rival institution to the global empire. Such a complete imperial takeover can only be achieved by means of permanent war. The present Empire's long-term desire has always been that the world's nation states will be destroyed, especially the United States of America, which has been an eyesore for the Empire ever since it was born. For two hundred years the Empire has tried to destroy the USA from within, first economically, then socially, and now politically. They are at the point today that they are doing it with ease, with their masterful perversion of democracy. The platform of democracy is easily abused for this purpose. And once democracy has been broken, the next step will be to usher in what the masters of empire called the Post Westphalian World, a world without sovereign nations, a world reeling under the dictatorial governance of supranational imperial looting institutions. Then all nations will become their slaves, without recourse, and without the means to resist."

      "Democracy, while we still have it, can be easily abused if it is not actively defended by society," I interjected. I told Fred that Steve insisted that democracy means taking responsibility, first and foremost.

      "That's precisely what the judicial murder of Socrates in ancient times illustrates," said Fred. "No one took responsibility to defend their humanity. Everybody stood back and allowed Socrates to be killed. Just think Pete, if Socrates, the foremost patriot of humanity, the champion of reason and scientific perception who personified the very best in humanist development in the ancient world, was so easily murdered, and legally so, by the Democratic Party of Athens, what chance to the people in the USA have? America has become so small-minded, so gullible, and so easily bought? Who even talks about taking responsibility for the general welfare of society? No one does anymore. The executioners have the freedom of the city. The art of democratic murdering has become a fine art in today's imperial world. In fact, our society has been conditioned to kiss the feet of its executioners. There is no true patriotism left in our country. This sad fact is also reflected in the ruling echelon. The very notion of real humanist patriotism has all been destroyed. Greed rules the nation now, not love or brotherhood, or even humanity, as America's hundreds of thousands of homeless can tell you. So I ask you again, Peter, whose missile would it likely be that would be launched against America in the hypothetical scenario that I gave you? Would the missile be Russian, Chinese, British, Israeli, French, Italian, Indian, Pakistani?"

      I shrugged my shoulders. "Who would one retaliate against in such a case?"

      "That's the point," Fred replied.

      "Would the President hit Russia, or China, or both together, including anybody else that's on the imperial hit list?" I said cautiously. "He would have three minutes to choose. Washington could be targeted. Would he retaliate blindly against everyone who has nuclear weapons, or might be suspected of having some, and wipe out the whole world? It doesn't take much of a crazy man to press the buttons of this global destruction. We have been breeding small-minded crazy politicians for years," I added in a tone of a sudden awesome recognition.

      "That's the point," Fred repeated. "So I ask again, whose missile would it likely be? Who would love to see Russia, China, and the USA to destroy one-another? Who keeps pushing for depopulation? Who has been our country's enemy from the day it was born? Who has been wrecking our economy with feudalism and related notions? Who is looting it, even as we speak? Who has made us the most hated nation in the world? Who has pushed us into becoming synonymous with genocide? Who worked against us from the moment that Franklin Roosevelt died? Who overturned Roosevelt's plans to free the world from colonialism and develop it economically? Who keeps blabbering that the empire has no permanent allies, only a permanent objective? So Pete, my friend, whose submarine would most likely launch a missile against the United States of America? Answer my question, please. The Russians are not the most dangerous enemy that we have, by any stretch of the imagination, as you can tell. Nor are the Chinese our enemy. China has never attacked another nation in its entire history. The Chinese are as much in danger as we are. So, whose sub would launch such a missile?"

      "You know the answer as well as I do," I replied. I couldn't even bring myself to spell out the name of the country that Fred had described.

      "You may be wrong," Fred cautioned me. "It won't likely be a British submarine as you might suspect from all the evidence that I gave you, because the evidence also fits someone else."

      Fred paused. "The British, actually, don't operate that way," he added. "That's not their style. Their style has always been to get other people to do their dirty work for them. So, I ask again. In which direction does the compass point? Who carries out the dirtiest operations in the world?"

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