Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Incompetence of the King?

      "We should be getting back to that," I interrupted Steve.

      "That should be happening on the global scale, Pete. Nothing short of an expanded version of the old historic principle will defeat the private feudal monetarist world-order that is putting humanity ever deeper into the grave."

      "So you see, it all comes back to the Principle of Universal Love, Steve," I replied.

      "And that's what's being trashed today, Peter," said Steve.

      I assured him that no President would be able to do anything about this, such as putting the entire world-financial system through a bankruptcy reorganization, converting it from a private monetarist system that exists for looting, into a cooperative world of national credit systems for building the nations up with efficient industrialization for economic development. This vital step of course won't be possible for as long as the illusion continues that the current system is still functioning. The President would then be accused of shutting down what appears to be a healthy economy. Consequently, it won't happen.

      "Are you then telling me that we won't be able to do our job? Are you saying that we have no hope to ever awaken humanity from its illusions, including the President?" Steve replied. "That's worse than surrendering. It's criminal incompetence. To do nothing on this front, with the gravest tragedy looming on the horizon amounts to committing genocide on an unimaginable scale. But you are not incompetent, Peter. You can do what needs to be done. Tell your President that he has no option, but to do what must be done to protect humanity and our nation. Make it his task, and your task, to achieve that. If he has to develop the constituency for what needs to be done, help him with that too, Pete, or help him resign his post immediately. Failure in either direction, is not an option. To do nothing must never be contemplated. The fact is, the President has no choice but to comply, and neither do we. He must shut the collapsing private world-financial system down before it disintegrates, or else he must resign and you must help him. He must not be allowed to let the entire world be overwhelmed by the consequences of his failure, to fulfill the mandate of his office. We mustn't let this happen."

      I promised Steve I would pass his message on.

      "No, passing on won't do. You must actively educate the President to do what must be done. Tell him to be honest with himself. You must make him understand what is involved. There is only one type of solution possible, and this can only be assured if the underlying principle is completely understood. If he can't understand that, he must go, and he must be made to understand that he MUST go. You must understand this yourself, Pete. Simply eliminating artificial barriers does not create unity between people. The principle of the unity must be understood. Simply firing an incompetent ruler doesn't create a New World. The principle of competent living must be understood for what it is. The President needs to understand this in order to comply. Actually Peter, much more than the President, society needs to understand the principle of competent living, and comply. In a democratic world, society IS the King. Unfortunately, in our present world this King has become more incompetent than even the President is. That's the bottom line, Peter. Society is the real King in a democracy. Democracy means that society is taking responsibility for its general welfare. In America the real King has become incompetent, which is society. That needs to be reversed. And the first thing this real King has to do, is get rid of the imposter."

      I raised my hand. "Now I understand Steve, what you've been saying all along. You've been saying that the real King is society itself and not the President. If society is incompetent then the President is merely following its lead. If society refuses to be King, can you blame the man from wanting to fill the vacancy."

      "Now you're getting the idea," said Steve and laughed. "Ah, but now you have a lot of work to do."

      "You've also been saying that while we can replace the President, we can never replace society. We can only heal society by educating it in the science of the principle of competent living. That's what is really demanded of us, isn't it? Society, once it is healed, will then be able to deal with its President from its position as the real King and the imposter will remove itself."

      Steve nodded and grinned. He motioned me to go on.

      "I suppose what you are also saying to me, is that it would be the kindest and most affectionate, and daring step, that anyone of us could take, if we were to go to the President and have a talk with him, that we offer him an equitable solution that would rescue the man from his folly, before society acts from its position as the King, and forces a solution."

      Steve nodded and put his hand on my shoulder. "Didn't I say those very words loud and clear right at the beginning? Didn't I say that the President should be helped to resign? The point is, that we are all in this boat together, the President too. There is no shame for a person resigning from the toughest leadership job that only a few in the world are truly qualified for, and admit incompetence on this ground. But there is terrible shame, Peter, if the legitimate King, which is society itself, is incompetent. This should never happen, because a democratic society, which is the real King, cannot resign itself or be dismissed."

      Well, what could I say to that? I had personally experienced in Steve's own home the power of the principle that he was talking about, the power of the Principle of Universal Love that can heal every wound, and the power of the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind that builds civilizations. We can't resign from the responsibility to uphold these principles, and why should we? Steve was totally right about those principles. I certainly wouldn't have lasted for more than five minutes in his house, without the guidance of these principles that neither of us really understood at the time, but which we had lived by, to our highest ability as human beings, which we thereby had explored together. Without that, my day with Ushi, when we first met, would have ended in short order. It would have ended when I met her on the beach in Leipzig. Instead I fell in love with her, and that never really ended. From that moment on, it enriched us all, beginning that very night. I told Steve so.

      Steve agreed with a big grin on his face. Then he took a couple of steps back, and began to laugh out loud. "You don't honestly believe that your 'incredibly good looks' had anything to do with inspiring Ushi's love?" He shook his head while he laughed. "What happened that day, Peter, happened because of those principles. And that can happen again universally all over the world, my friend. Just look at us. Neither of us is an extraordinary genius. We are human beings. If we can be moved by the universal principles of our humanity, then anybody can be moved by them. It's as simple as that. Don't make it complicated, Peter."

      Well, that's the way Steve was. He had his way of dramatizing things to get a point across. After all, that was his profession as a teacher and leading edge scientist. We had a good laugh together over this as we said good bye at my car, joking about our non-existing "incredible good looks" that had no influence whatsoever on the unity that had developed between us.

      With this hearty laughter our meeting was concluded. As I got into the car, he wished me farewell with his usual smile and gentle handshake.

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