Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Incompetence of the King?

      "It also gets us back to the leaking dam syndrome," I interrupted Steve. "Whenever a leak begins to form, the masters of the dam patch it up. They do it again and again. They know that the dam will come down eventually. The question is when. But Russian politics is peculiar. They are not concerned with what happens beyond the current political cycle."

      "Oh, the Russians are more na´ve, Peter. "They think that the real breakdown won't happen for quite a few years yet, both at home and in the West," said Steve. "They don't see the present leak in the dam as being serious enough for the West to do something stupid and blow up the world over it as the imperials may try to arrange in the end. They wouldn't believe me if I told them why you came here. Of course there are plenty of hotheads in Russia, too, whose thinking is as shallow and as insanely deranged as that of our President. Some rouge elements in Russia may attempt to start something on their own perhaps, but this won't be anything big. A vast organizational structure must be activated before something big can be unleashed, and nobody that I have talked to sees any signs of such a thing happening."

      Steve folded his empty sandwich bag up and put it in his pocket. "Does this answer your technical questions?" he said and began to grin, then laugh. "Officially you came here as a scientific genius to discuss a great scientific discovery that you have made. I think we have done this. We have discussed your discovery of the profound reality that the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many, because the principles that enable the needs of the one to be met enables everyone's needs to be met likewise. Isn't that what we've discussed? We discussed it socially, politically, and in the context of creating an Ice Age Renaissance that we need to survive. Did we leave anything out?"

      I shook my head and reached a hand out to him for a handshake.

     "There is one more technicality you need to consider," Steve added during the handshake. "This is the question of America's history of self-provocation. Self-provocation is a serious mental disease. America has been infected with it in a big way. It first surfaced in America when the Joint Chiefs of Staff had conspired to simply blow up one of their own Navy vessels to create a pretext for a war on Cuba. This happened during the Cuban conflicts. Luckily, their plan wasn't allowed to be implemented. President Kennedy stopped that, possibly in the last moment. A bit later we had the Golf of Tonkin affair. It was a similar kind of self-provocation. This particular self-provocation was carried out on a pack of lies. Still, it got the US military the green light to attack North Vietnam. Close to three million people lost their life over this one. And it was all provoked by a lie. But the granddad of all the self-provocation with lies was the one that dragged America into World War I. The war had already been won, when Germany had rebuffed all the aggressors against it. It had offered an honorable peace to all parties involved. But the empire didn't want peace. It wanted world domination. And so it dug up a potential sex scandal out of the closet of the American President who was promptly blackmailed into committing the USA to war in Europe to save the empire. Congress was pushed into this with a pack of lies. It was said that an American cruise ship was sank by German submarines with a massive loss of American lives. In reality a tiny civilian ferry boat had been accidentally attacked that was merely damaged but remained afloat, on which one person was injured who wasn't even an American. On the strength of this pack of lies America dragged itself into war, which was thereby prolonged and expanded to the point that another fifty million people lost their life. That's how empire operates, Peter. Its masters profited immensely from the horrific destruction of Europe that the extended war caused. This means that for as long as empire rules, your greatest danger lies in what remains typically unseen before it is too late. Thus, the process of self-provocation will likely be employed again and again by the masters of empire on an ever-larger scale, and it will always be based on lies. So, don't react in haste, and remember that nearly all provocations are fundamentally rooted in lies. The point is, when a people become isolated from their sanity, as the Principle of Universal Love gets pushed further and further out of sight, anything can happen and has indeed already happened, and will continue to happen until the underlying platform has been uplifted to the point that empire rules no more."

      With having said this, Steve stood up and laughed again, heartily, suggesting that this concluded our talk.

     "So my friend, was it worthwhile for you to have come half way around the world to hear me tell you what you already know, and have known for some time?"

      I nodded. "It was still nice to see you again, Steve. And yes, it was worthwhile to hear you say these things. Sometimes it is helpful to confirm to one-another what we know to be true. It's a part of the evidence of the unity that exists. We need to see that evidence more and more, in order to be able to move ahead with confidence and with authority."

      Steve laughed some more and agreed with a handshake.

      "That's it!" he said moments later, and reached for his newspaper, that still lay on the park bench, and folded it up.


      I was surprised at how quickly the matter had been completed for which I had traveled such a great distance. I was also glad that it ended quickly, because of the urgency of the matter. I told him that I would have loved to stay for the evening, for a chat over dinner and to meet Ushi again, to discuss with her what the man on the plane had told me during the flight, on the subject of the oneness of all being. "Normally it would be OK to do this and then depart in the morning," I said to him. "But with the President going nuts over this issue, any delay seems unwise."

     Steve agreed. "You have a talent in understating things," he said. Then he lamented about how shallow the thinking has become among the governing circles, that such a little glitch in the financial markets as has occurred, would cause such a great panic, that it nearly opened the door to nuclear war.

      "I wonder how many times this has already happened in the past," said Steve.

      Steve did not smile this time, and didn't answer. Instead he accompanied me to my car, walking in silence. "You better get back in a hurry," he added when we were half-way across the lawn, "and tell your President from me that if he has the faintest spark of compassion for humanity, he must shut the presently unfolding world-financial game down and reorganize the entire system from the ground up on a basis that reflects reality, and I don't mean the reality of the imperial's insanity." As he said this he grinned once again.

      Steve assured me while we stood by the car that it won't be easy for any President to actually do what needs to be done, even if he were to acknowledge that it is his job to protect society. "In order to do anything meaningful, your President would have to put the present financial and economic system, which is founded on a lie and is destroying itself, through a bankruptcy reorganization. Then he must get back to the principle of universal unity by nationalizing the Federal Reserve system and align the USA with Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, and so forth, to create a brand new world-financial system that is constructed in accord with the real principle of economics, which reflects the General Welfare Principle founded on the Principle of Universal Love. We used to call this kind of an arrangement a community of principle," added Steve. "It reflects the Treaty-of-Westphalia principle of the Advantage of the Other."

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