Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Incompetence of the King?

      "Another paradox is that this tragedy can be rather easily prevented while nobody cares enough to do it," I added.

      Steve nodded. He said that he continues to be amazed that everybody still clings to these insanely created illusions, as to what the wealth of society is, since these illusions have been created to destroy society's real wealth. Steve suggested that it should be obvious to everyone by now that it doesn't really matter, whether the financial aggregates that people hold in their portfolios are measured in trillions of dollars, or in hundreds of trillions, or in thousands of trillions of dollars. "If the physical economy is worth next to nothing in terms of its wealth-producing capacity, for enriching society, that the financial aggregates are a claim against, then all the financial aggregates in the world are likewise worth next to nothing. The simple reason for this is that nothing is being produced when the physical economy is collapsing that the financial aggregates could buy. Thereby, most of the laid-up aggregates have already become meaningless. In real terms, they have become worthless."

      Steve added quietly that this collapse towards nothing is already happening almost universally. "The countdown has begun," he said. "The train has left the station. It's rolling. If it isn't stopped we can kiss our chances for an Ice Age Renaissance goodbye. In order to be able to survive the Ice Age transition we will have to enter the Ice Age with the most powerful economy imaginable, an economy that has the capacity to put 99% of the world's agriculture into indoor facilities in a hundred years time. For this we need to change our perception about what an economy is, and what wealth is. We have to scrap the notion of creating millionaires and billionaires, to say nothing about trillionaires as we may have some day soon, who are people that have become spectacularly successful in stealing from society and destroying people's living. What we've come to call wealth in the modern world bears the face of fascism. We have to turn this around. We have to create a sense of economy that enables all people to live, and to live richly productive lives, both in terms of enriching society for the universal good, and in terms of people's own living, and their development as human beings that unfolds into happiness. We need to develop universal wealth by unlocking the human potential, not privatized wealth that kills the human potential. We must do this, because this universal wealth is needed to upgrade the physical landscape of the global economy to such a point, that indoor agriculture can be created as a side-product while society's increasing needs are also being met. No more than 10% of the economic product of society can be devoted to this goal of creating indoor agriculture, no matter how urgent it is, or else we won't reach the goal at all. We need to create brand new cities designed for efficient living. We need those new cities in order to develop the creative and productive potential that enables mankind as a whole, to meet the Ice Age challenge. Without this kind of ever-growing universal investment into ourselves, as human beings, rather than as slaves, the necessary productive environment cannot be created. Therefore we need to create a hyper-productive environment that is comparable to the thermal energy level of a plasma environment in physics. Nothing less will be sufficient in preparation for the coming Ice Age transition."

      Steve paused and took another bite from his sandwich. "Tell this to your President and see if he can understand any of it, but mostly tell this to the American people who have elected a whole train of brain-dead Presidents for decades that have all become fascist in their stupidity. If we can't get America out of its present trap, as America represents the tallest cultural achievement of mankind, we can kiss civilization goodbye. If America fails, Europe won't have a hope in hell, and less so, the rest of mankind. In fact, humanity has very little left then that qualifies for the term, humanity. In this void we kiss mankind goodbye, once the Ice Age begins, especially our children and their children, unless they can manage to live without food."

      I raised my hand to stop him.

      "No, Peter! Just imagine this: All of Canada was once buried miles deep under an ice sheet during the last Ice Age, together with the US Northeast, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, England, Poland, and most of Russia, all the way south to past Kiev. While these vast areas won't be instantly covered in ice, their agriculture will likely be wiped out quite early in the transition period. It won't take long then until there won't be enough left of the current agricultural system to support more than 100 million people worldwide. Unfortunately that won't cover more than 1% of the population, and even that is still 10 to 100 times bigger than the world-population that emerged from the last Ice Age. That's the situation your grand children or their children will be forced to face, Peter, if we don't act now. The critical point of decision is now."

      "So it all becomes a moral question then," Steve.

      "Competent living is a moral question, Peter. Our responsibility as human beings extends forward in time even past our own children, to our children's children, and their children. We have to flood the whole horizon with our love, fully backed up with deeds, starting now. All of that becomes critical for meeting the Ice Age challenge. As I said we are entering a new geometry, and that covers all fields, not just politics and economics. It extents into physics, science, our humanity, and our love, even time. In real terms it's always been the human way to extend our love to embrace future generations. Only now that becomes imperative. Competent living has become imperative."

      "Sylvia and I don't even have any children," I said quietly.

      "Neither do we, Pete, but that doesn't change anything. All children are our children, the children of our common humanity."

      "Ushi and I have explored this in Cozumel to great depth, Steve. Did she tell you about it?"

      Steve nodded. "That's the point, Peter. We are not heading that way. Instead of heading that way and regarding all children of our universal humanity, as 'our children,' and this with the same care we would devote to our personal child, we stand still and allow ourselves to be doomed. For the vast task before us to be accomplished, we have to create a world of super-intense universal wealth. However, instead of doing that, we are heading in the direction of a zero-wealth disaster, Pete. I suggest, that instead of kissing our children and their children goodbye, we should kiss the notion of privatized financial wealth goodbye, including the 'my property' syndrome that has become the chief counterproductive, counter-economic, counter-humanist, fascist element that ever was, that robs society of its humanity."

      "Right now," said Steve, "the illusion of financial wealth can still be maintained by the manipulators, through increased stealing, and evermore daring emergency measures, such as printing more money to cover the deficits in the dying system. In the flair-out zone however, when the financial illusions and the collapsing physical reality become evermore widely separated from each other, which we may reach in a decade or two, the fundamental lye, which rules the world today, built on stolen wealth, will fall apart. Unfortunately, if the trend is not reversed, society will fall apart with it. By then, when the physical collapse is in progress, it may be too late to turn the ship around towards the needed Ice Age Renaissance. It's physically impossible to build a grand renaissance on barren ground, and in short order."

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