Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Incompetence of the King?

      "We were asleep then," I interrupted Steve, "and in our slumber we abetted the enemy. We became the champion of the post-industrial society dogma that transformed us into the no-future society that we have become."

      Steve shook his head. "It began long before that. It began when our people were put asleep with the imperial's shock and fear 'therapy.' We were put to sleep so deeply that the whole society became underlings to the creeping morass of empire that corrupts the very soul. However, Peter, this evil wasn't born on our American shores. When I entered the academic world in America, the fascist shock had already spread across the whole background. The human being had already been tarred as a cancer upon the earth. And that was just the beginning, Peter. While America slumbered, wrapped up in new-age dreams, there was evil brewing in the halls of empire, the kind of evil that does not sleep. There was evil so black that it reduced the image of humanity into a barren wasteland in which it drowned all hopes in a sea of dust and ashes. Dust and ashes were the metaphor applied to the value of humanity. That metaphor ushered in the years of the depopulation demands. The imperial goal was to reduce the world-population to one or two billion people. America became the chief voice in this song of intent for genocide, but the song itself was not written in America. Genocide isn't in the background of our American culture. The song of genocide was written in the far off hidden halls of empire, where the very air was, and still is, thick with inhumanity like a poisonous fume that echoes the poison pens of imperial pioneers, like those that had hoped for a new black plague to sweep the world, or a particularly deadly virus, that one of the imperials had hoped to become himself, in another life. In this deadly environment America declared its intent to target Third World nations for depopulation by genocide, through what it called 'natural' means, meaning  death by poverty, death by diseases, and then set the process in motion. Africa, however, unwittingly, became the chief target of the game it unleashed. The stated goal was to prevent the development of the Third World nations, so that their natural resources might be preserved for the Empire's future needs. But it didn't stop there. America became subjected to the same game."

      I shook my head, though I knew that he was right.

      "And that tragedy, Peter, was also just another beginning. The evil that came out of those dark halls of empire is still on the move, like an untiring rage that creeps without slumber, while the world remains asleep. There was one man, however, who understood this creeping evil," said Steve. "He had seen this evil even before it arose and had poisoned the modern world. He had been privileged to some degree to have access to the imperial circles of power that were brooding this evil behind their closed doors. The man's name is Tolkien. He described the Empire by its effect, in his writings, where he named it Mordor."

      Steve paused as if he was search for a link back to the present. "That is how you must judge what you see happening in America today," he said after a long silence. "What you see happening is the result of a clearly coordinated effort to achieve the most detrimental effect that a nation can be subjected to. Russia is targeted in the same manner. Both nations are targeted by the imperials out of fear that one or both might embrace once more the profound American Renaissance that both had seen in action during the war years."

      "It seems to me that Russia is more resistant to cultural warfare than we are," I said. "That might be because of their much longer exposure to it."

      "Nevertheless, Russia is like America, a defeated nation," said Steve. "Russia has been a defeated nation ever since it accepted the British Empire's Trojan Horse at the hand of Karl Marx, the bearer of the 'gift' of communism. We are now entering an era of great instability in which both of the hollowed out and destroyed nations, and their institutions, cease to function. We may soon come to the point when civilization is beginning to disintegrate."

      "Actually the term, disintegrate, is too mild to describe what is already happening, as we move deeper into the sewer, especially in the financial arena," I interrupted Steve. "The world-financial system is fast becoming a sleazy casino. Hundreds of billions are now riding the dice every single day. We see blue-chip giants loosing their shirt in this casino-driven world, where physical production doesn't count for anything anymore."

      "And that's how it is meant to be," said Steve. "When you see America's blue-chip giants loosing their credit rating in the imperial court of money bags, you can bet this is a coordinated effort in bringing the nation further to its knees, rather than to enrich it. And the real target is always the society at large. It always is. Do you know what it means to society, when one of its blue-chip giants that was once deemed as solid as the rock of Gibraltar, gets downgraded to junk-bond status? It means that all the pension funds that aren't allowed to hold junk bonds, must sell their core assets at deep discounts, just to get rid of them, which the vultures then snap up for a song. This, all by itself, will unravel the whole imaginary value system if it continues unchecked. In addition, America, and with it much of the western world, is deeply locked into the imperial's financial-derivatives casinos, where the gambling is a thousand times bigger than the physical economy. What we have happening there, in comparative terms, is a fleabite killing an elephant. The fleabite is the intentionally created financial insanity, built on the cultural warfare efforts that America has been subjected to. America, the giant, refusing to defend itself, consequently dies."

      "The fleabite could also represent what we are going to unleash against the imperial's Empire, to bring their house down," I said to Steve moments later and began to laugh. "If we can inject into this insane world a faint sense of reality, it could have the potential of causing huge ripples that will take down the entire financial fairytale bubble, though it may be the biggest bubble of all times."

      "Don't dream, Peter," said Steve. "What you propose has never happened before. We are moving towards our self-destruction with breath-taking speed and with an absolute resolve to see this through. Of course, if you are serious instead of dreaming and are willing to devote yourself to actually doing what you are talking about, then great wonders are possible."

      "So, we face a paradox then," I said to Steve. "But why shouldn't we do this? The key to doing it is to pour flood tides of love onto the human scene. If love is a universal principle, and empire is but the darkness of a void, why shouldn't the Principle of Universal Love enable us to illumine the dark void of empire with the light of our love, as human beings?"

      Steve changed the subject. "Technically, one always ends up with a paradox, Pete, when one separates two elements that are inseparable by their very nature, like separating the world of finance from the physical economy. One ends up lying to oneself, by splitting apart what is inherently one, creating a world of illusions that will eventually cause one to destroy everything that one has built, if not society altogether. But you are right, Peter, it doesn't have to come to the bitter end. The trend can be arrested. Love as a principle can cause people to step away from their tradition in stealing from one another and from looting the poor through slavery."

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