Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Incompetence of the King?

      "If society is blind to this principle," I interjected, "then who is left to rally the government around the General Welfare Principle that is rooted in the Principle of Universal Love? Who will rally the government around the cornerstone of the nation's Constitution that reflects this principle?"

      Steve shrugged his shoulders. "There's no one home," he said and laughed. "That's why it happened only on rare occasions that the American people elected a President that was actually qualified to do the job. Are you surprised? And the reason for this tragedy is, that the people themselves don't understand their role in the process of civilization, and haven't for a long time, and also their responsibility towards each other and towards humanity. This role involves upholding the Principle of Universal Love. Society doesn't understand yet the inseparable unity of humanity in which their lives unfold, where love plays an immensely greater role than they have ever imagined. Consequently, by being blind to their role as human beings, they don't give a damn about what they do. In the end they complain bitterly when the clowns they elect don't fulfil their duty, and take on the role of a king."

      "That's why America hasn't had a real President for decades," I interjected. "The people elect someone who assumes that he has been chosen as their king, rather than their supreme servant."

      "Nevertheless society can't escape the consequences of its folly, and those consequences are getting bigger," said Steve. Here Steve laughed again. "The President is scared of the Russians," he said. "He should be scared of himself. I am scared of him. I'm scared of what his insanity might drag us into. I am scared of the American people who allow this to happen. That's what you must tell the President for me, Peter. He asked for my opinion on the present danger. That is my opinion, and more than that, it is the truth. Tell him to do the one honest thing a person can do under the circumstances, and resign for reasons of stupidity."

      I stood up and shook my head, ready to leave. "You are asking the impossible," I said.

      Steve just smiled and motioned me to sit down again. "I've only been telling you what must be done. This is indisputable. Now, let's look at the technical aspects, if you are interested."

      Steve put his newspaper down and produced a couple of sandwiches from his brown paper bag, each one separately wrapped. He offered one to me, loaded with German sausage and sauerkraut.

      "So, the technical issues," he repeated after we had eaten half a sandwich. "As I said, we are not in a state of economic crisis yet, but we are in a much bigger crisis in other respects. Yes, Pete, the technical issue is, that nobody knows anymore what their job is. Incompetent people that call themselves geniuses, and not just in government, run the USA. I see the same happening all over the world at all levels of society, especially in the sciences. They ignore the fundamental unity that exists in the natural world, and then force the world to move against that. Thus, they create chaos."

      Steve explained that in the world of finance and economics the financial aggregates have become isolated from the physical economy, from which they have been stolen, so that both elements are undergoing a collapse, and dramatically so, more than what is apparent on the surface. "The two elements, finance and economics, simply cannot exist in isolation," said Steve. "Why can't anybody understand this simple fact? Financial wealth means nothing without a corresponding equivalent in physical wealth reflected in productive processes. If nothing is produced, society is poor and may starve to death no matter how much money it has stashed away."

      Steve said, that the book value of stocks, bonds, currencies, and derivative instruments has been increasing astronomically. "This has created an illusion of skyrocketing wealth, while the opposite is true. The physical economy, which the financial aggregates are a claim against, is rapidly collapsing under the ever-increasing pressures of stealing and looting and slavery. Instead of creating wealth, the present system is creating debt and poverty."

      "The imperial system has always created debt and poverty for as long as this system existed," I interjected, "hasn't it?"

      Steve nodded. "Don't forget, Peter, that now in the age of automated processes and hyperactive insanity, the destructive processes that create the debt and poverty are carried out more efficiently. This trend, all by itself, should be seen as a greater crisis than the few ripples on the financial markets that the President is worried about. This deep moving trend threatens to collapse civilization. This unfolding tragedy has been especially prevalent since the days when the modern phase-shift began. The dramatic escalation of insanity was unleashed in 1951 with the CIA's Congress of Cultural Freedom. It began when the flood gates were opened to the sewer of imperial cultural warfare."

      Steve turned to me with a serious look, as he said this. "People assume that the processes that America got into, were chosen for the benefit of America. That's a tragic error. From the day the American republic was born, it has been a thorn in the eyes of the imperials. The imperials have therefore tried to destroy it by every means possible, and have not ceased in their effort. That's the Venetian method, Peter, the same method the Venetians have used in their effort to destroy the Renaissance in Europe. Ever since the Venetians invaded England, that method has been applied against the whole world, especially against America, that was built on the achievements of the great European renaissance. The great European renaissance itself, was rooted in the achievements of the Greek classical culture, pioneered by Homer, by the Pythagorean society, and by Solon of Athens. This early cultural spark that gave a profound face to civilization, was immediately threatened by the forces of empire and almost eradicated by the Peloponnesian War. But it was revived again, and became advanced by the efforts Socrates, and Plato, after the Peloponnesian War had run its course. Then, virtually before the ink was dry on the paper of cultural development, Rome nearly destroyed it again. The Islamic Renaissance that emerged out of the cultural wasteland that Rome left behind, played a critical role in later years in bringing the Greek cultural revival, especially Plato and Socrates, back into Europe. The Golden Renaissance emerged from this. It ended the Dark Age in Europe that the Venetians had intentionally maintained in concert with Norman chivalry. Ironically, the Dark Age condition in Europe ended when the European economy collapsed, and the financial empires collapsed with it. Plato was brought back and was revived. The revival created the Golden Renaissance and every renaissance thereafter. The American republic was built on this background, and was modeled after Plato's republic. It represented the pinnacle in the cultural achievement of mankind that had been carried forward through many ages. The American republic was also seen as a mortal threat by every empire that ever was, especially by the British/Venetian/Liberal empire that had by then achieved a near universal liberty in stealing from society worldwide. Indeed, the American spirit represented not an idle threat to the British Empire, which is our republic's chief opponent ever since it was born. The American threat to the Empire was especially felt in the late 1800s, when the American model for economic development and its focus on the general welfare was becoming emulated all over the world. The idea caught on in Russia, in South America, in Japan, with interest also developing in China. World War I was instigated by the British Empire as a means to stop the advancing spirit of the American Renaissance from taking over the world. Hitler was quickly financed into power by the imperials, to finish the job that the Venetians had started centuries earlier, of destroying the apparently endlessly unfolding spirit of renaissance. And Hitler too, did his job well that he was hired for. Much of the world was destroyed by the fascism that he represented. Only the American republic itself had survived the destructive chaos of the fascist 'plague.' However, as soon as the imperials had regained their footing, after Hitler had done his thing and then killed himself, America was no longer needed to defend the Empire. Consequently America became the imperial target once again. It became immediately infiltrated to be destroyed from within. Truman opened the floodgates for America to become the next fascist state. The nation became subjected from this point on, to the most deeply reaching cultural warfare effort ever unleashed against a people. The cultural warfare campaign became so successful that we destroyed our own industries, our own culture, our own infrastructures, our farming, our healthcare system, and even our education system. We are today a defeated nation, Peter. We've been brought to our knees by a cultural warfare effort, that our nation didn't even recognize was unleashed against it, which society was embracing, rather than defending itself against."

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