Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Incompetence of the King?

      "Is it really necessary to always draw the focus back to the Ice Age and the needed Renaissance that we must built for it, which we will never see in our lifetime?" I interrupted Steve. "Don't we have enough critical problems to focus on?"

      Steve shook his head. "The Ice Age focus is needed, because until now all the other critical problems haven't moved us. We need a shock-front! Even the potential for a nuclear war hasn't moved us sufficiently to get us out of our easy chair where we while away the hours and days and years and nothing gets done."

      "A shock-front?" I repeated.

      "Yes, we need something explosive that will wake society up. We need something bigger than an alarm clock, Peter. Look at the textile industry in America. It was exported to the slavery world of foreign sweatshops. Nobody cared. Society let it happen. It said it wasn't a big thing. Then the same happened with the shoe industry. Society looked at it, and said that we can live with that. Consequently nothing was done to reverse the trend. Then the same happened to the steel industry. Well, society said in those days that it can tolerate the loss of the steel industry, too. But the reality is, that we can't tolerate any of that. When the textile industry died in America, the nation began to die, imperceptibly at first. But it began to die. Soon the dying accelerated. Now we face a future in which our entire automobile industry will be on the block, and our aircraft industry, and our machine tool industry, and then our farming. The Ice Age focus is truly needed, Peter, because it tells us that we can't live with any of that crap. The future economic task is too great to be messed around with, as we have done until now. The survival of the nation has been put at risk. In the future, it will be the survival of mankind that is at risk. The Ice Age focus is needed, as it might impel us to put our nose back into the real world, the world of universal principles that we cannot ignore without consequences. The Ice Age focus is needed, because the Ice Age consequences are potentially universally fatal, if we don't get real. By bringing the Ice Age into the equation, we are forced to shift our paradigms back to reality. We need something big as a motivator, to get us out of the easy chair. Something that is as large as the Ice Age Challenge might just fit the bill. We need a big bang for an alarm clock, because we've been asleep for too long. We need it badly, and we need it now, because in our slumber we are drifting invariably in the wrong direction, towards a quadruple crisis! And don't think for one single second that an unfolding Ice Age Renaissance wouldn't have immediate benefits right around the world. On this path we would develop the technological power almost immediately to provide free high quality houses by the millions for anyone in need. Nuclear power and high temperature processes utilizing basalt, applied to automated industrial production, would enable us to do this almost immediately. We would also build floating bridges linking the continents across the oceans, which would in addition serve as links to floating agriculture extending deep across the tropics. We would eradicate homelessness almost instantly that way, and slum living, unemployment, poverty, hunger, and of course also war. All of this could be accomplished in less than a decade, long before we would even begin to develop large-scale indoor agriculture. We would even develop the space technology to go to Mars, to use Mars as a research facility where we encounter stronger cosmic-ray intensity. On this path we would give the biosphere a greater potential for development than it has here on Earth, which we would also benefit from."

      "This would certainly qualify as a big bang that shakes the world, and wakes society up?" I interjected.

      Steve just laughed. "Have you forgotten what I told you earlier?" he said. "We can do all of these things, but we can't create any of that on our old social marriage platform that is universally isolating mankind, not to mention the circumcision that has robbed a people of their innermost humanity, by which people became even more isolated. The complementary attraction of mankind to each other has a deep sexual root that is extensively nourished by our sexual sensitivity. Wherever the circumcision is encountered that inhibits the sexual attraction, it wrecks society's already deeply isolating marriage system still further. When the circumcision reaches past a certain threshold the entire social structure becomes wrecked thereby. In our precious USA, Peter, the circumcision has mutilated over 90% in some age groups, which makes it almost impossible for the women in this group to have an enriching relationship with a normal man, because those have become extremely rare. And there is a difference, a huge difference, Peter. I challenge you to list the major nations of the world that have remained largely untouched by the circumcision that disables the normal development of a human being, and a human society as a whole and its civilization. When you want to revitalize the world, you have to begin with the few remaining un-mutilated societies that are the least damaged, and then launch a huge effort to develop that resource that still exists. America doesn't fall into this category. It has destroyed itself too deeply. This means that an additional healing has to be accomplished for which the models and social infrastructures need yet to be developed."

      "Alright, this puts China onto to top of the list, with the largest population in the world, and no circumcision," I said to Steve.

      Steve motioned me to go on.

      "Equally high on the list might be India, the second-largest nation, with also no circumcision, possibly because of its Hindu tradition," I said cautiously. "And also Russia qualifies to some degree. Its population is comparatively small, but Russia's territory is large, and so are its natural resources. Its orthodox Christian background and its deep ties to Mother Russia, appears to have kept the door closed to the circumcision in spite of the Jewish and Islamic infiltration. This leaves essentially only Russia to some degree, and China and India, at the starting gate, and a few smaller nations whose men haven't been mutilated yet, like the Japanese, North Koreans, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Burmese, Thais, Mexicans, and almost all the men in South America, and in quite a few European nations. Of all the advanced great nations of the world, America has been the hardest hit, and Canada likewise, where the greatest efforts are needed for healing, and where the Ice Age will have its greatest initial impact if the world remains unprepared for it."

      "Right, Peter," said Steve. "That's where the big bang will come from. When the three power blocks, Russia, China, and India, where the men have remained un-mutilated, were to unite in cooperative development, they would bring together the largest single block of the world's undamaged humanity. The most natural partner to join them would be the USA. That's why the USA has been disabled by the masters of empire, with the coerced introduction of the circumcision in the post-American period, the post-FDR period, Peter. The USA has the tallest constitution, the longest history of freedom from empire, the greatest industrial power, and a cultural background with an unlimited economic potential. But America's social structure was still too weak to prevent empire from taking root in its background. And so, the masters of empire destroyed the nation once more, from within, by promoting the circumcision after the death of Franklin Delanore Roosevelt. Nevertheless, America still qualifies as a potential world power, because 30% of its total male population has remained uncircumcised. America isn't yet the Samson, Peter, who has been shorn completely of its strength. Sure, 70% of its male population has been disabled, which is tragic of course, but those 30% who remain whole represent a functioning majority. A disabled society, no matter how big in numbers it might be, doesn't amount to much, which renders the small faction that has remained whole, a majority. The development power in America will flow from those who have remained whole. A cooperative treaty union of America, Russia, China, and India, is still possible. If this becomes implemented, it will become the big bang that will shake the world and shut down all the structures of empire on our planet once and for all. On this four-power treaty-platform, the horizon will be open wide enough for the needed Ice Age Renaissance to come into view. Then, and only then, will every nation have a future. If society fails in this, it faces not only the loss of the potentially brightest renaissance in world history, which it will then never see, but will experience instead a quadruple crisis that no one can survive."

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