Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Incompetence of the King?

      "What you described is a state of living without love," I interjected. "You have described the Hobbesian world, the Malthusian world, refined in 'aroma' into the world of Adam Smith. But that's not the real face of humanity, isn't it? That's the face of fascism. The face of humanity isn't the face of fascism. The humanity that I have come to know wears an infinitely brighter face. You, yourself are a witness to that and a part of it."

      Steve shrugged his shoulders. "What do you want me to say, Pete. Do you want me to tell you a lie that makes you feel better? The simple fact is, that there is not enough of the light of love and humanity evident in the world, much less is flooding the world. We are not there yet, which isn't even a goal yet. We are far short off the critical threshold being recognized on the global scene, to say nothing of it being acknowledged. The sewer has been globalized, with all its stench and darkness, not the Principle of Universal Love. Without love for our humanity, and I do mean universal love, not privatized love, there is no general welfare focus happening, and consequently no real economic activity happening. Without even the faintest recognition of the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind, a productive economy can't be unfolding, because an economy unfolds only from the substance of our humanity. In the shadow of the present void, governments become fascist by nature. Fascism is a state of living without principle, without humanity, without love, with am empty heart and a life without a kiss. That is what we have come to. That's the sewer, Peter. Nevertheless, we do remain what we are, human beings. We will always be human beings, no matter what mask we wear, or what role we choose to play, and what rotten ideology we devour. We will always remain what we are, human beings, and if we are lucky we will wake up to this fact soon. There have been times of Renaissance in the past, bright times of culture, science, love, and humanity, when this awakening happened in a big and universal way. Sure, every trend towards renaissance became smothered again by the darkness of empire, but the fact that those renaissance trends have happened is important even if they didn't last. These bright spots in history, in which a bright humanism had flourished with a deep reaching healing for humanity, are important Pete, because from them we can gain a glimpse of what a human being is, and is still capable of achieving. That is how we learn that a human being is not by nature a sewer rat, but bears the image of the Supreme Being in our world, the reflected image of God."

      "You are saying then that Christ Jesus constructed his parable correctly. The fourth-person addition that we have explored isn't fundamentally necessary in a renaissance world, in the normal world of mankind," I said to Steve. "Someone once told me that the way to extract 'error,' and that's the sewer of the world, is to pour into this dehumanized scene flood tides of love. The priest and the Levite represent the sewer, and the Samaritan represents the process of pouring in flood tides of love to enrich the human scene. Nothing more is needed, than pouring in flood tides of love to enrich the human scene. In the parable, the Samaritan had rendered the priest and the Levite as inconsequential. The effect of darkness is inconsequential in a world of light. If today's society says, and that probably includes almost everyone today, that the welfare of humanity isn't their business, then we hear in them the priest and the Levite talking, though sporting new faces and wearing new gowns, while they are playing the same old game. A change of the facade doesn't imply a change of heart. Most people, like the priest and Levite, are saying with their deeds, that the welfare of mankind, much less its future, isn't their concern? Fortunately, this sad statement doesn't reflect the true image of mankind. It only reflects the face of a delusion. The true face has been put into the bottle of a delusion."

       "Uncork the bottle," said Steve, and laughed. "Set the genie free. Smash the bottle. Smash anything that would put the genie of mankind into a bottle. This becomes a declaration of war on false religion and the like. How often have we seen the holy men of countless religions retreating into passive prayer and meditation?" said Steve. "They are seeking healing in their silent isolation from the world as they aim to find unity with their God? But the Infinite All, who is their God, is the Universe. Withdrawal is not prayer. It is self-delusion. In this passive meditation, the deluded holy men convince themselves that their needs, and the needs of mankind, are small and insignificant, and are met by spiritual magic. But this never happens. And so, as the parable has foretold the priests' response, they close their heart and their hand, and let the human needs remain unmet. They act with resolve, and commit the injured, and those starving in poverty, to their death."

      "They pray to God to have a tooth ache repaired," I interjected. "In their smallness they tell themselves that the welfare of humanity isn't their business. They say that the Samaritan's principle of pouring into the human scene flood tides of love, is irrelevant. And so they fall into their own trap, and fail where they would succeed, and become irrelevant."

      Steve nodded. "This challenge confronts us in all aspects of healing, because it takes a lot of honesty with ourselves to pour into the human scene flood tides of love. Who even acknowledges the Principle of Universal Love? But even if society were to do all of this fully, they would still miss half of the story of the parable."

      I nodded slightly.

      "OK, Peter, tell me what that missing half is. What is a part of this process of pouring into the human scene flood tides of love? It is something greater than creating a richer world. I think the Apostle John had recognized that already two thousand years ago."

      "John had suggested that love brings us into the sphere of thinking, where we see God," I said to Steve cautiously. "That's the sphere of coming alive, where mankind actually begins to 'experience' God. John suggested that who doesn't love on a universal plane, cannot 'see' God, and therefore has no part in God. Such a person literally misses reality, even his own reality. That's like saying that without universal love, a person doesn't measure up to what a human being is, and therefore doesn't qualify for the term. Consequently civilization disintegrates."

      "That's powerful stuff, eh?" said Steve. "That's why all the religions have failed. They missed the key elements. They have become but so many variations of a failing theme. Some have come closer than others, but they are all hollow. They miss the core element, the fundamental substance, the divinely real. Love is the real, and loving is the divine way. The Principle of Universal Love is the principle of the Divine Dance of humanity."

      "That's why I think we need a new renaissance of competent living based on the Principle of Universal Love," I interjected. "Ever since we first met here in Leipzig, Steve, I was fascinated with this great challenge of coming to terms with the demands of the Principle of Universal Love. We both were."

      Steve just laughed. "You speak of the ultimate. Right now, I would be happy if you could manage to start an emergency education of your President, to take one single step in that direction, and love to himself as a human being. This would be enough to deter him from blowing up the world, whereby we might have a chance to see the new renaissance being created that brings to light the Divine Dance. You can't pull a renaissance out of a hat, just as you can't implement the Principle of Universal Love with mere slogans. It takes a deep overturning in every arena of human living, and more than one step to flush out all the sewer paradigms with the flood tide of the substance of our humanity. Here universal love begins. It takes a great humanist effort to create a renaissance, the kind of effort that Franklin Roosevelt had once made to inspire our nation into living like human beings. If he hadn't done that, Hitler would have overrun the world, and most of us would be dead by now, or be saluting the swastika and shouting Heil Hitler. We need the Roosevelt kind of renaissance again that had saved us once from this potential tragedy, and then create a still greater renaissance of love. We need to flood the world with healing, with love, to be true to what we are as a people clothed with the sun of our humanity. We need this kind of a renaissance, even the brightest possible, as a starter, to build on it the needed still bigger renaissance that a century from now enables us to survive the return of the Ice Age."

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