Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Incompetence of the King?

       "The scientific understanding of the great pioneers of the past, their discovery of the unknowable that is scientifically knowable, that the eye cannot see but the mind can discern, made them stand tall as human beings akin with the God, standing as champions of the principles of the Universe. Thereby they became more fully aware of what a human being is. They became more fully human by their scientific development. That's what Christ Jesus carried forward. The figure of the Samaritan in his story is but a minimal image if that. Of course today, even this minimal image is shunned. Who is even talking about universal principles anymore? We don't recognize the elementary stuff anymore, much less what was once built on it. Who is talking about Homer in today's world, and Aeschylus, Pythagoras, Solon, Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, Eratosthenes, and so forth? Nobody is! That's the rich kind of human culture that the Roman Empire has destroyed with its antihuman rampage through history, that is now being reinvented. They say that the Roman Empire nearly destroyed civilization. I think the reality is worse. The Roman Empire HAS destroyed civilization. What we have left of it doesn't really qualify for the term anymore. How many atomic bombs do we have now stacked up around the world? I hear the count stands now at 65,000. We call this a civilization? It's a horror show. On this tragic platform we want to build an Ice Age Renaissance civilization with indoor agriculture that can support ten billion people."

       "Is this what we want to do? That's not on society's agenda, by what I can see," I interjected. "I don't think we have any intention to even consider this path."

       "Society is kidding itself if it thinks it can survive on any other path," said Steve. "Anyone who thinks that the needed Ice Age Renaissance, to save civilization in a time of the deepest transformation of our planet, can be created on the present platform of total incompetence, is insane."

      "In that respect we may have already lost the game of saving civilization," I interjected. "Society only doesn't know it yet."  

      "It's not that bad, Peter, our American Constitution represents the Samaritan's principles. We may yet have a chance to reverse course."

      "Yes our Constitution has enshrined the Principle of Universal Love, to some degree, Steve, but who cares about our Constitution? Not even the President does. No President has spoken about the General Welfare Principle during the recent decades, much less has implemented it."

      "I agree," said Steve. "It's sad what we see being done in America in general, with our Constitution? The American people spit on it. They spit on the Principle of the General Welfare. They destroy their own industries with the blind and perverted zeal of a Don Quixote, as if their industries were a great evil. By doing so, the American people are acting against themselves in the most ferocious fashion, nicely obedient to the demands of empire. Why can't anyone see that? We've become underlings to artificially induced insanity. Everything that we human beings need for our physical existence, is produced in a factory, in an industry, or has been produced and delivered by equipment once made in a factory of an industry. But all of this is being shut down in the brave new age of deindustrialization, as if industrial production was an evil demon that has to be killed. Then, in order to avoid the consequences of our industrial devolution, America forces other people around the world to produce the goods for it that its demolished industries had once produced. You can't call this competent existence. When the Constitution was created, people still spoke the names of Homer, Aeschylus, Pythagoras, Solon, Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, Eratosthenes, at least to some degree. But now, hardly anyone even recognizes the names. We've lost our link as a society with the foundational principles of our civilization, which is all that we've got to provide for our physical existence."

      "LaRouche still speaks the names of Homer and Aeschylus, Pythagoras, Solon, Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, Eratosthenes, and so forth," I interrupted Steve.

      Steve nodded. "I know, Peter, I am fully aware of that. That's why society is slandering the man. Society treats him like an idiot, because it doesn't have an ear to hear a single world of what he is talking about. That's a natural response of a society, stupefied by cultural warfare, Peter. A society that lives in the sewer like a rat, and thinks like a rat, will treat anyone as a fool who doesn't 'measure up' to the yardstick of the sewer. It's natural that those who live like rats, make a vicious sport out of trashing those peoples' names, according to the common 'courtesy' of a rat. That's natural, Peter. The rats have to treat these people like outsiders, especially LaRouche, because he is an outsider to their sewer-bound world. I would be shocked, if the rats would treat him like a brother. He doesn't live there and neither should anybody else. If his name is being slandered in the White House, as you say it is, then the White House is advertising to the nation that it has become a sewer. That's a tragedy, Peter, which reflects itself on the whole nation. That is what we need to heal for the sake of the nation and of humanity as a whole. That is why the President should resign for reasons of incompetence. He wants to throw nuclear bombs around, while the economy is disintegrating under the weight of his policies that idealize looting, and the financial system, that should be supporting the physical economy, has become an empty shell. What comes out of this sewer doesn't smell like a civilization to me at all. It stinks. It stinks worse than a sewer."

      Steve paused and shook his head. "What's to become of our country?" he said. "We are throwing our workers on the scrap heap, and make slaves out of the rest of the world, and then the President stands up and wants to throw nuclear bombs at the very people who are feeding our empty shell with the substance of their life. The Samaritan would never dream of doing that, but would do the opposite."

      "However, the priest and the Levite would do this," I interjected. "We can't allow them to have their way, not in a nuclear armed world, and definitely not in a human world."

      "Now you are talking, Peter! But get on with it, Peter! Don't just talk! Rescue your fellow citizens from the sewer! Don't think for one minute that government policies can turn the trend around and ennoble society," said Steve. "That leadership has to come from the pioneers of society, and from their heart and soul. The historic Golden Renaissance hadn't been brought to life as a policy of government, Peter. It began with people discovering the truth about their humanity. When society begins to cherish the spiritual qualities that make us all human, that give us our strength, of which love is a vital element, the Renaissance that corresponds with that, simply happens. I don't think we are anywhere near of that happening now. We need to act decisively to get us there. Society should be acting like the Samaritan, upholding the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind. But that's not happening. It isn't even on the horizon, much less on the agenda. I bet, Peter, America is treating LaRouche like a dog, throwing him a few scraps, barely enough to survive on. That's deemed a noble gesture in the mental vocabulary of the sewer rats, which society loves to be. They support him just enough to keep him alive, but not enough for him to be effective in rescuing society from its self-imposed trap. The rats don't want to be rescued. It's simpler to live like a rat than to live like a human being. As a rat, you don't have to take responsibility for anything. You just swim with the sewer. But this hell will 'freeze over' and everyone in it, Pete, long before the Ice Age begins anew."

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