Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Incompetence of the King?

      "I suppose that's what I would be saying, Steve, if I had a chance to say it," I said to him quietly. "But that is not really possible, is it? And even if it were possible against all odds, to say this to the President of the United States of America, that he is incompetent and a traitor, would he be listening?"

      "Of course he wouldn't be listening," said Steve and began to laugh again.

      "I would never get near him," I said emphatically. "It will all have to come through Fred, and that adds another level of uncertainty."

      "So, Peter, educate Fred. Get him to educate the President at least to the point that he recognizes that he must vacate his office," said Steve. "I'm sure that the President can be educated to become a human being. Nobody can sink so low that he cannot be educated to become a human being. Then, once he regards himself as a human being, he will know what is required of him. A human being is someone who is able to reason. As a human being the President is capable of some basic reasoning. This is possible if his humanity is being awakened, even just a bit, which is native to all human beings."

      "Do you think Fred can educate him up to that stage, Steve?" I asked.

      "Ultimately, you are not dependent on what your boss, Fred, can or cannot do, Peter. YOU know what needs to be done. Get it done! If the entire White House staff is as incompetent as the President, and all the institutions that make up the Presidency are also incompetent, then you have to go to the Senate that owns the task to oversee the White House, and to assure that the Presidency functions. And if the Senate should turn out to be incompetent also, which will most likely be the case, because the disease of incompetence has become epidemic, then you have to go to Congress and petition Congress to declare both the President and the Senate dangerously incompetent, and request that their offices be vacated. And if Congress turns out to be incompetent likewise, which is totally possible, considering how far our nation has already sunk into the sewer, then you'll have to go to the people. There you would have to get the idea across, that democracy, means taking responsibility. Should you find however, that the people are incompetent also, then you'll have to get society to resign itself from the dream that it lives in a democracy. Democracy means taking responsibility. It is an illusion that democracy means only counting votes. That's the smallest aspect. The big thing in a democracy is safeguarding the principles on which the nation is founded. That involves a lot of responsibility, especially the responsibility that the General Welfare Principle, or the Universal Welfare Principle as you might call it, will not be lost sight of. Civilization is defended and advanced, in the course of defending and advancing these principles."

      I shrugged my shoulders. I told Steve that I agreed with him. I also told him about a man whom I had learned to respect, a man who understood economics in terms of those principles that we had just talked about, who had rediscovered those principles long before I had and has taken them further than even we could comprehend, a man who has been fighting for those principles for years, a man who is being laughed at, scorned, ridiculed, and vilified for these very principles. I told him that this man has worked for years to inspire the governments of the world to get together and set up a new Bretton Woods type monetary system with fixed exchange rates among nations, the same as we would propose to the President. That single step of creating a new financial architecture for the world, all by itself, would stop the privatization of the nations' wealth into the pockets of a few pirates. It would do wonders for the recovery of the world. I told Steve that this man tells the world that this step forward would create a foundation for equitable trading by which all nations could begin to redevelop again economically into a community of productive societies. I reminded Steve that the old Bretton Woods agreement is a part of our history, which the USA had pioneered. We had created it. We had set it up under the direction of President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, one of the few real Presidents that we had. But it has all been trashed. Under our would-be-King traitors, who never really were King but underlings to the empires, our once noble USA killed its brightest contribution to global prosperity. It did this in 1971 on the advise of its imperial masters."

      "Not on the 'advise' of its masters, Peter," Steve corrected me. "This was done under the 'direction' of its masters. The treachery itself was carried out at the hands of traitors who acted with the full consent of the traitor-King. America had once built the culture of civilization into a great bulwark. America had inherited the principle for this idea at its founding, which itself was rooted in the background of the great European Renaissance that came out of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. America has remained vulnerable to traitors ever since, because its society doesn't understand what a treasure it has been given with the founding of the American republic."

      "When leadership becomes incompetent, the gates open up to traitors, isn't that so, Steve? That's why the man I spoke of is demanding efficient leadership in adherence to universal principles. His name is Lyndon LaRouche, but nobody listens to him. He's the best economist we've got, but if you mention his name in America, people will sneer at you."

      Steve just laughed. "You don't know how wrong you are, Peter? His name is spoken throughout the world with great respect. It's the most-often spoken name in my network of friends. His ideas, his discoveries of principles, have become the benchmark against which economics is measured in the real scientific community. That goes for Russia, India, China, Italy, South America, Mexico, and so forth. There isn't a place on Earth where his name isn't known and is held in high esteem and is honored for his stand on universal humanist principles. The most prestigious institution of science in Russia, for instance, has named the leading edge measurement in physical economics in his honor for his contribution. They have called the measurement the LaRouche Unit."

      "Do you know what people are saying to that, Steve?" I interrupted him. "They call him a cult leader, with worldwide cult followers working for him in his cult. If America had heard what you just said they would accuse you as being a slave for him as one of his cult."

      Steve burst out into laughter. "I'm NOT working for LaRouche, Peter. That's impossible. Nobody is ever working FOR LaRouche. I am working WITH LaRouche, alongside with him, as do many others, to some degree, in a worldwide effort to save mankind a horrible tragedy. Everybody should be working with LaRouche to protect and elevate mankind. The man has set a high standard that is hard to live up to. Hopefully, society will some day reach that high. When this happens, his name will be associated with far more than just a measurement unit in economics. And this doesn't make him a cult leader, Pete. Johan Sebastian Bach one had s similar influence on music. He changed the face of music single handed in his days. He literally pioneered classical music, and he had many followers. All the great German composers of this particular renaissance period, like Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and so on, reached up to Bach's standard and built on it, just as the leading economist of today reach up to LaRouche's standard and built on it. But did you ever hear anyone call Bach a cult leader, simply because he had many followers, or heard then refer to Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms as cult followers? Each one of these great composers is honored for his own unique contribution to the advance of music, but they are all honored today as children of a renaissance in musical composition that changed the face of music, that was pioneered by Bach. I predict that LaRouche's name will stand in future history among the greatest names in physical economics, and in mankind's renaissance of universal principles that are reflected in economics. His name will stand in his field like that of Bach stands today in musical composition."

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