Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Incompetence of the King?

      "If you don't do what needs to be done to save the nation, Peter, then you are a greater fool than the President is, and all is lost!"

      I held my hand out to stop him. "Give me one shred of concrete evidence that would stand up in court."

      Steve hesitated.

      "There you see! You can't do it. You have only words. Who is the real fool then?" I said and began to laugh.

      "You won't laugh in a few decades from now," Steve interrupted me. "If nothing is done you will see the end of civilization, and you will remember with shame that you found it impossible to do what is necessary for civilization to survive. Just look at history. Take a good look at how the great classical civilization of Greece, that took hundreds of years to develop, from Homer to Pythagoras, to Solon, was all wiped out in a few decades by one single fool, the fool named, Pericles. Look at how countless many had died in the endless seeming Peloponnesian wars. Pericles' wars, the Peloponnesian wars, have been called the template for all wars. Now, an even greater fool is poised to cut an even more horrific template, one with a nuclear signature, and a foolish society hails him, or it cowers in fear as you do. Civilization will end if nobody acts responsibly, and rebuilds the Presidency of the mightiest nuclear weapons power on the planet. Our republic has been designed to prevent the kind of insanity that a king-dictator can unleash, and the lateral functioning of the Presidency is designed to assure that."

      "And where is the proof that you are right, that civilization will end? Do you have any proof?"

      "It is before your eyes, Pete. Open your eyes. It took Greece centuries to recover from the folly of Pericles. Look at where the world is heading. We are heading in the same way, but we don't have the centuries that it takes to recover from such a folly. We may be in an Ice Age environment in less then a century. We will have to get the whole planet ready for that. If we screw up now, it's curtains for mankind. So, it is really an understatement my friend, when I say that civilization will end. Economically, civilization is already being trashed. Who cares about civilization anymore? Nothing works anymore. Adam Smith is in control of people's heart. 'Care for that gold,' he says. 'Steal if you must.' That's what's called economics today. So, what do you see on the economic scene? Do you see any real economics in progress? Do you see people's life becoming richer, more efficient, more productive, more human, and filled with peace and joy and power? All that I can see is an ever-widening process of grand looting. People are becoming slaves to poverty and depravity. Where is the love-based focus of the General Welfare Principle expressed in society? It's all gone. That's what you see when you open your eyes, Pete. Be honest! What I see is a mounting fury around the world, to privatize the last drop of wealth away from society, into a very few hands that have amassed the power to steal in evermore-efficient swindles. That is why the economy is collapsing. A society that is robbed poor is collapsing. The term economy means productive activity. It means people, building with the substance of their being. It means, people creating products for one-another as people. It means people building a rich world for one-another, for the purpose that all may have a richly human life. If this love-focused productive activity shuts down, or ends, there is no economy happening anymore, and the businesses will go bankrupt. Society's industries can't operate, when society has become so poor that it cannot afford its own product, and therefore stops producing. With the industries shutting down, the machine tool sector disintegrates. When this happens you've got nothing left for society to restart itself with. Then you have lost the physical capacity to create new industries with which to built the products that you need. Also, you loose your skilled workforces when an industry shuts down. It takes decades to recreate this invaluable treasure that is immensely more valuable than gold, but which is thrown away as trash today. That is why we have an economic crisis unfolding, Peter, because in a poor society, even the rich are poor, as their wealth is in assets that have become meaningless. A functioning Presidency would have put a stop to this march into the sewer, eons ago. A functioning President would have brought together the leading producers and creators and leaders of the communities, and would have said to them, what must we do to build ourselves out of this mess and into the most productive society in the world? The first thing on the agenda would have been to repeal the legalized looting of society, and to repeal legalized slavery. This would mean to repeal Adam Smith, and his greed-based fascism."

      "Unfortunately, our country has been run by dictator-Kings for decades already," I interjected. "The last time we had a functioning Presidency was so long ago that hardly anybody remembers. In fact, tell me if you can, what precisely would we be seeing if we had a functioning Presidency, Steve?"

      "What we would be seeing instead of calls for nuclear preemption, is a universal commitment in society towards the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind. If our society became rich with its productive activity, we would see our Presidency promoting this enriching process globally. It would be a process of people producing essential products for their common welfare. Slavery would end. Financial piracy would end. The commodity traders that leach the life out of society, would be unemployed. Private banking would only be allowed in the form of a tightly controlled extension of a national credit creating institution. The looting would end, and with that, empires would end. The financial means for cultural warfare would also be blocked. As a result of that, wars would end. Society would be conditioned to trash its nuclear bombs rather than its people. Homelessness and unemployment, which is the biggest waste of society's resources, would end immediately. Poverty would end. It would end around the world. Africa would be rebuilt into the bread garden of the world, and society would be uplifted to become a society of creators. In this way we would have a chance to prepare the world for the coming Ice Age. Such a chance doesn't exist right now, because of a lack of universal love for our humanity."

      "And where is the proof that this isn't just pie-in-the-sky stuff?" I asked.

      "The evidence that you seek lies in what is not happening, Peter. There is your evidence. Our President is married to the privatization mania that is destroying civilization and is turning America into a wannabe fascist looting empire, wielding its terror weapon of nuclear war with the watchword of preemption on the horizon. Preemption means war at will. It means destroying a nation or a continent at will. It's the absolute opposite to creating and building and enriching society, and creating a rich, efficient, and secure world. Preemption is a rage of madness without a principle. America should cry for itself, seeing its President becoming the champion of the madness of preemption. He should be the world-champion of the Principle of Universal Wealth, protecting and advancing the universal wealth of the American nation and mankind, instead of championing the theft-style privatization of whatever wealth there might still exist. The theft-style privatization process preempts the very existence of mankind in the coming Ice Age. The American President should be the world-leader towards the universal wealth of mankind, and not because he is American, but because it is his mandate to do this. That's his mandate provided by the Constitution. If the world prospers, America prospers. It's his job as the sworn defender of the Constitution of the United States of America to uphold the Principle of Universal Wealth on which the American nation is founded, or the General Welfare Principle as it is also called. To uphold this principle, and to fight for its efficient fulfillment, is the primary job-description of the US President. It defines a process of collegial consultation. It defines the process for doing this job. Serving the Presidency is a lateral process in which everybody has the duty to be standing side by side with him. That is what the American President is hired for to organize. But is he doing it? No, he isn't. He is doing the opposite. He made himself King. He is therefore technically a traitor acting against the security of the nation. I'll give him the benefit of an insane man, who doesn't know what is job is, by calling him merely incompetent. If he were employed in a normal kind of job, he would have been fired eons ago. But he is the boss, unfortunately, which means he cannot be fired. He must resign and vacate his office in the full acknowledgment of his own folly and take all the clowns of his royal circus with him. I would even say that anyone who calls himself the man's friend should help to do this as fast as possible in order to save whatever honor he may have remaining. If he had the slightest shred of humanity left in him, he would have had the decency already to stop his clown show and vacate his office, and you of all people should help him to do that, Peter."

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