Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Incompetence of the King?

      "Yes, The President should resign, of course he should, or be impeached," I said, "but this by itself is no guarantee that the next man in line isn't an even bigger fool."

      "By the President putting his ego aside, for which he would be honored in future history, he would act as a President and place the welfare of the nation into the foreground. This would set the stage for correct action, Peter," said Steve. "Evidently he is not inclined to do this. And so, the crisis is bound to become critical. This crisis will blow up if nobody acts in time to turn the thing around. Absolute chaos will happen, Peter, as surely as the sun rises every morning, if no one takes the responsibility to shift the focus back from the current greed onto universal love. Then we will face a major 'civilizational' crisis. This might happen in an about a dozen years. At this point nuclear war will become inevitable too, if indeed it won't happen before then. If people are corrupted by greed and by poverty, their life looses its substance. With every increment of greed dies a bit of the substance of society's love that powers its economy and uplifts and protects civilization. Greed, of course, is promoted by empire. Greed is empire's real name, followed by its second name, which is fascism. As a consequence of remaining latched to empire and its greed, the American economy will collapse, and the world-economy with it. The financial system will become so deeply hollowed out over the next dozen years that it will eventually disintegrate into thin air as a soap bubble pops and blows away with the wind."

      "Puff, and it is gone," I interjected, "and nobody will be able to put the fine spray that remains, back together again."

      "So Peter, tell all of this to your President. Tell him that the spray that blows away with the wind will represent the fate of civilization if he refuses to put his ego aside and act as a President should. Tell him that if he is at all concerned about the survival of his country and humanity as a whole, he should step aside immediately if he can't control his ego, and request society to appoint someone who is qualified to do the job. In this manner he would fulfill his mandate to protect the nation. If he was to do this, he would be honored for his honesty, and for his courage to act as a human being."

       Now it was my turn to laugh. "You can't say this to a President, Steve. And what if the cries for nuclear war come not from him at all, but from his Vice President? If the President was to resign under those circumstances, you would have a worse situation."

      "In this case, Peter, tell him that he must impeach the Vice President first and fire all the others like him, and then resign, and ask the nation to appoint someone who is qualified. That is what you must tell the President."

      "You can't be serious, Steve. What you ask cannot be done."

      "Even if it is true, Peter? Why can't you speak the truth to your President? If he is incompetent, why shouldn't he be confronted with the fact?"

      "How can you prove incompetence, Steve?" I asked. "You can make accusations."

      "The proof is in the pudding, Peter. You are eating the mess already. It tastes sour. That is why you have traveled across the Atlantic all the way into communist Germany to talk to me, because the pudding tastes sour. Your King refuses to be a President, because he doesn't know how to be one. He has created an economic crisis that may soon overwhelm the world. Now he wants to turn his economic mess into a strategic crisis of the highest order. He wants to do this, so that he won't have to deal with the consequences of his folly that has caused the economic mess in the first place, that he doesn't want to deal with. That's not just incompetence, Peter. That's complete lunacy."

      "I agree. That's total insanity, Steve. That's more than incompetence. Such insanity always happens when an incompetent fool has pushed himself against the wall. Such a situation would never have been possible in a fully functioning Presidency with the top elements of society participating. Unfortunately, Steve, we haven't had a functioning Presidency for decades in the USA. All we had is a bunch of clowns trying to play King."

      "That's what I have been telling you, Peter," said Steve. "The incompetence doesn't lie in the fact that he wants to throw nuclear bombs around to cover up the economic mess that he created. The incompetence lies in the fact that he doesn't know what his job is. He wants to play King. A president is not a dictator, Pete. He is not a King. As I said, the U.S. President is not a hired dictator-king who rules over the nation. According to the fundamental design of the American Republic, the elected President is a person that has been hired to initiate, and preside over, the process of collegial consultation. His mandate is to facilitate the process of dialog within the framework of the principles of the nation that have been clearly laid down in the Constitution. His job is to bring the nation together onto the lateral plane where universal principles rule for the general welfare of the entire nation. His job is not to divide the nation by partisan actions, but to bridge the partisan division. His job is not to dictate to the nation's best people what to do, but to empower them to contribute to the welfare of the nation in the best way they are able. In order to do that he is mandated to stage a collegial consultation process right across the nation's most able professionals, its most experienced scientific and military leaders, and the brightest leaders of its institutions, including the business leaders, spiritual leaders, social leaders, judicial leaders, and so on. In this process of lateral collegial consultation the President is mandated to assure that the fundamental principles that the nation is founded on, its constitutional principles, like the General Welfare Principle, are upheld and respected. In this sense only, does the President become the leader. He thereby becomes the facilitator of the self-leadership of the nation. The American Presidency is by design a laterally operating institution.

      "With the currently sitting President not knowing what his job is, he has effectively scrapped the Presidency, and has made a dictatorship out of it. In effect, he has technically resigned his job and moonlights playing King, which he has no mandate for. I find it absolutely incredible that no one in America has had the courage to point out to him that he has already resigned from the job he was elected for, by attempting to play a dictator-King. Instead of bowing to the man's wishes as a king, the leaders of the nation's institution should take him by the hand and usher him out of the door, together with his whole court of underlings and conspirators. That is why our forefathers have created for us a republic, with a Presidency to protect the nation, and the world, from such King-playing nonsense. So, my advise to you is to get rid of the man who doesn't know what his job is. Usher that idiot out of the door, Peter, together with his whole court of underlings and conspirators, and hire somebody who understands the job and will do it."

      "What are you saying Steve?" I said and raised my hand. "Do you expect me to confront the President, face to face, and tell him that he is an incompetent fool, that he doesn't even know what his job is, and that he has in fact already resigned his office, by not doing his job? Do you want me to tell him that the moving van is already on the way to take away his personal belongings? To merely suggest such a thing would end my career that has barely begun, even my remotely hinting at it. The man has wrapped himself in layers upon layers of assumed powers, like every King in history has. Many courageous men in history have had their head chopped off in response to a mere gesture by the King. How can anyone possibly rebuild a republic out of this mess in the shadow of those threats?"

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