Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Incompetence of the King?

      "You want the President to be staring all the greedy financial pirates of the world in the eye and overrule them," I interrupted Steve. "Our President can't do this. He counts them as his friends. They paid for his election. I think an honest and courageous person might be able to do this, but not our President."

      Steve shook his head again, and laughed. "You are wrong, Pete. You're concerned with cosmetic issues. The real issue is that our American President doesn't qualify for the task he's been given, as is proved by his incompetence. He doesn't even know what is job is. This isn't about small-scale confrontations, Peter, or about his personal ambition to play King. This is about global leadership. This is about doing what needs to be done to save civilization and mankind from a Dark Age, that few people, if any will survive. That's what's at stake. His job as President is to preside over a process of dialog to achieve this. His job is to bring all the best people of the nation and of the world together in consultation to discover what is needed to resolve the current paradox that has become a crisis. He has to do this within the guiding principles of the framework of the nation's Constitution, especially the General Welfare Principle. If you ask me, the challenge that he is facing, that the USA and mankind is facing, is way beyond the capability of this little would-be King. However, if he were to act as a President, setting up a process of universal consultation within the framework of universal principles, the current little crisis wouldn't even have come to a head. And this should have been done by the entire nation already back in the 1960s when the USA was put onto the block to be destroyed. The plan for that was launched in the 1960s, Peter, with a plan for a big war in Asia that was designed to initiate the destruction of the USA from within. The masters of empire selected Vietnam for this. President Kennedy sensed this trend to hell and tried to counteract it with the Apollo Moon Landing program. When it became apparent that Vietnam was selected for the big war, he ordered the withdrawal of America's involvement. For this he was hastily assassinated, while the withdrawal order was blocked. The next President was a little man, who under the threat of assassination gave in and let the war unfold. The War started the destruction of America. President Nixon was elected on the promise of stopping the war, which he did, but he instantly opened a bigger hole for the vastly deeper destruction of America, and the whole world with it. He canceled the Franklin Roosevelt originated Bretton Woods System that established fixed exchange rates between the currencies of the nations. With this cancelled, the worldwide orgy of the financial derivatives gambling began. The orgy started with the national currencies becoming abused as gambling chips in a rapidly exploding financial gambling casino that was run out of London by the forces of the old British Empire. The winnings for this gambling orgy, of course, had to be born by the national economies worldwide. That's when the nations began to loose their national sovereignty and became subject to the governance of the financial pirates in London, called the financial market. The entire piracy operation was organized out of the City of London, Peter. At the same time when the Bretton Woods System was torn down, the Rothchild Empire organized the worldwide Inter-Alpha Group of banks that would spearhead the global looting process. The whole thing, Peter, from start to finish, beginning with the big war in Asia, was evidently a totally planned and coordinated process for extending the war of empire against mankind globally. The Glass-Steagall protection within our country was torn down in the shadow of this global empire take-over. Three banners were strung across the world as this wave of madness erupted. One banner read, 'In Lies We Trust,' the other banner read, 'The Needs of the Few Outweigh the Needs of The Many,' and the third banner read, 'The World Has Cancer, and This Cancer Is Man,' which is a call for depopulation genocide. This is what stands behind the threat of nuclear war that your President is entertaining. The threat comes from London. London organized the economic collapse that you are concerned about, and it demands that it be used as pretext for nuclear war. What you are facing is a typical empire game."

      I raised my hand. "I agree, this issue must be addressed. Those banners are choking us. They are choking our humanity. What they proclaim is choking us. They've got our humanity turned upside down. The first banner should read, 'In Love We Trust.' That's the heart of the Westphalia Principle that created a world of sovereign Nation States with a shared commitment to the Principle of the Advantage of the Other, which is a commitment to the universal development of mankind. The second banner should read, 'The Needs of The One Outweigh The Needs of the Many.' That's the principle that keeps the door closed to the madness of empire and its demands for global governance, which is the modern word for world dictatorship."

      "That's the principle that will choke the life out of the system of empire that has become a system of global financial dictatorship in the interest of looting the world," Steve interjected. "Since empire demands war, there is no peace possible without this principle that strangles empire to oblivion as it takes away the foundation for its power to loot."

      "So, we understand each other," I said and smiled. "This means that the third banner should read, 'The World Has Cancer, and This Cancer is Empire," so that the logical conclusion is not to outlaw the existence of mankind, but to outlaw the existence of empire that is threatening the existence of mankind and is already committing wholesale murder on a vast and global scale by its insatiable fascism. Fascism is murder. Who promotes fascism is an accomplice to murder. Isn't murder already illegal? Isn't it already considered the infinite crime? Shouldn't murder be discouraged and stopped by all means possible? Why do we have banners strung across the world that demand the wholesale murder of mankind?"

      Steve just smiled. "What you just said means that you have to dismiss your President immediately, who is actively a foreign agent fielded by the masters of empire. By not getting rid of this man immediately, you are inviting nuclear war by justifying all those banners that you yourself recognize are strangling mankind to death in countless different ways, with nuclear war being just one of them."

      "Are you saying that the current financial crisis has become a global crisis because of mankind's global failure to remove those strangling banners, and that this crisis is spearheaded by our President who refuses to do his job and provide global leadership towards mankind's freedom from these banners?" I interrupted Steve.

      "Absolutely, Pete! If he wants my advice as to what he must do, tell him that he must put his ego aside and then hire someone like me who can do the job for him. I know what the job involves. I know that he is not qualified. He knows this too. He is just too much of a liar at heart to admit it. He has lived for all of his life under the banner, 'In Lies We Trust.' Also, Peter, warn him that if he fails to make this critical choice and refuses to put his ego aside and hire someone who is competent for the task, someone like me, someone who is given the freedom to act on his behalf, the economic collapse will continue to grow. Then we will have nuclear war unavoidably. Putting his ego aside, is his only option that exists for saving the nations, with him remaining in office. Since this won't likely happen, with him being a liar, he has to be made to resign or be impeached. This has to be done now. The principles for these essential steps do exist. And you, Peter, should spearhead the project to assure that this gets done, because as a human being you are a giant in comparison with this great evil that has infested your government. Remember, Peter, evil is not a power in real terms. There exists not a single principle for evil in the Universe; otherwise the Universe would not exist. Evil is a negation. It is an empty shell. It is a hollow facade of arrogance and utter insanity. Evil is not a power in itself. It only wields the power it is given. It wields it mistakenly. However, mistakes can be corrected. This is your task as a patriot. One profound idea can break this empty shell of evil open, whereby its emptiness will be seen by the entire world."

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