Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 3 - Unity.

      "We see its value reflected in what is lost without it," I interjected.

      The man nodded. "But ultimately you cannot judge its value that way," he said, and continued in the same quiet tone. "Sexual intimacy is a part of the development of society's inner self. That's how its value must be measured. I think society is beginning to recognize this, faint as the recognition may still be. We are beginning to recognize its value on the road of scientific progress. More and more it is becoming apparent that the ruling dictators in the world are not isolated archetypes, but are reflections of a society self-imagined incapacity for freedom, reflected in society's failure in governing itself, in organizing itself, in recognizing its inherent power and humanity. Dictatorship is a form of psychic tyranny that fosters a lack of responsibility and the neglect of human freedom, causing society to beg to be ruled. There is no intimacy left in society. Rape results without intimacy. The tyrants latch on to this permissiveness. And so, they are not isolated from us, but are tyrants by permission. They are a reflection of us, as we see ourselves. They are one of us. The tyrants are a reflection of our fear and apathy, collectively, and our hatred, which are all symptoms of our failing to love, and mostly of our failing to love ourselves. Until we can heal ourselves of this failing, we remain stuck in these endless cycles that depress our happiness, that shred our rights as human beings, and imprison us into hierarchical political systems that are rife with cold unyielding bureaucracies that have less and less to do with human living. While we are working ourselves out of this trap, progress is slow. Nevertheless it is slowly becoming recognized that the acceptance of inferiority in society breeds the acceptance of superiority that the tyrants depend on. While we are gradually beginning to realize that we are all essentially one single people with a common divine Soul, the acknowledgment is lagging, especially considering that the details have many faces, so that many a healing is yet required. Nevertheless, the trend that I see is set in the right direction. I also think that we have barely begun in recognizing our selves as one people, so that great freedoms lay yet before us in our advancing self-recognition. Science recognizes no inherent limits in the development of the human understanding, especially the understanding of our spiritual dimension."

      "Are you saying with that, that we haven't seen anything yet, in terms of our sexual development, and the development of sexual intimacy?" I interjected. "Steve sees this unfolding as steps of experiencing our third sex, our spiritual sex, where the intimacy becomes even tighter, such as in art, music, science, discovery, creativity, just to name a few."

       "In a sense, we have always known that there is more to be discovered and to be recognized about our spiritual dimension," said the man. "The resulting speculation has led to numerous conjectures that gave rise to all the great religions of the world. But they all became stale, and became lost into the back alleys of single little issues, rather than driving the development of our universal development. This process remains yet to happen. For the moment, the religions have lost their purpose, as they no longer fulfill the ever-growing human needs in a world where human development has stopped. Humanity stands divided by the multiplicity of its conjectures, over which countless religious wars have been fought, and more wars might yet be fought, before our inner development has caught up with the growing human need. We need to get to the truth, which lies beyond the conjectures that divide us on so many fronts, including the sexual front. And I think we are making progress. Our conversation right here is a proof of this. And why shouldn't this truth about ourselves, that we can't yet see, be located and be understood in the domain of science? Science allows us to search for reality on ever-higher levels of perception, as we develop hypotheses, and prove the hypotheses, and then supersede them. Science has become the new name for religion. Sure, science is still strangled with many lies, superstitions, and false notions, just as the religions have been strangled, but we are on a new train with a new engine. That's the level from which I have been talking, from a higher level of scientific development and demonstrable proof. Sometimes it becomes necessary to resort to old terminology to verbalize the advanced concepts. Therefore, in essence, what I have said to you earlier is all correct."

      I must have stared at him in amazement. He suddenly stopped.

      "I think there is a new language being spoken, on the new train," I said quietly. "The language is that of the Principle of Universal Love. This is new territory. The development of this language needs to flow from our experiencing the essence of this principle in our living, and this we have barely begun. This makes the seemingly incredible that you just presented, to appear credible."

      "Oh, you find it hard to believe me," said the man. "I don't blame you. There are only a few people in the world who talk like I do, who say the things that I say. Scientific development is not on the agenda yet, especially if it is pursued for its own sake. A few pioneers fielded some aspects, but those were lost sight of as society didn't reach high enough at their time to recognize them. Still, the pioneering contributions are a facet of our humanity too. Scientific development is not in vogue yet. In fact, it is not allowed. It is suppressed whenever possible, but the march is on. There is a movement afoot. And the same goes for economic development. Development has become a bad word. Society has been taught to destroy, to steal, and to depopulate. That's what America's infamous NSSM200 document is all about. But fewer and fewer people are now riding this train. You probably heard of NSSM200, and its genocidal objective. It states that America's goal is to destroy the populations of Africa and in other continents, so that they don't use up their natural resources that America might need in the future. Therefore the policy was concocted to destroy the targeted people's economic potential. The global warming hoax is used more an more for this purpose, as you may also know. The empire wants depopulation. It wants it as a means for protecting its existence from a new renaissance, that no form of empire would survive. Thus, the word, empire, is synonymous with, genocide. That is what every war of this century has been fought for -- destruction to inflict genocide. The goal of the masters of empire has always been to destroy the development potential of mankind, in order to protect the power of empire that exists by creating universal weakness and poverty in society. That is why America has been set up to eradicate Russia, and to do this in a process that will wipe out both nations together, thereby 'clearing' the world of its greatest renaissance potential. And if this fails, surely, the unseen rulers of the world will set up a different game, in which Russia, America, China, and the entire Muslim world, will destroy one-another. The only 'game' that is not being talked about, is economic development, much less global economic development. I can think of no greater joy than to see such a development happening. But it isn't happening yet. Still the movement is on. Economic development isn't happening yet, because too great a portion of society is still living in the old world, the world of empire, rather than in the world of freedom."

      "Today's society appears to live so distant from this goal, that it might as well live on the moon," I interjected.

      "Ah, but I also see a dawning in society, of the recognition that we are all one people, which is a key turning point towards the freedom of economic development. The age of monetarism, that is key to empire, is already in the twilight zone. Its mythology is becoming evermore recognizable. The myth that the privatization of wealth is good, and creates a rich society, is fast blowing away with the wind. We are nearing the threshold, even while society still lives at a great distance from its heart and soul. Nevertheless the idea is dawning that this separation does not reflect the universal principles of our humanity. Therefore the current trip to hell is on the sidetrack already, and will soon be halted as this track goes nowhere. And let me tell you my friend, going nowhere, is synonymous with hell, in humanist terms."

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