The Ice Age Challenge 
a social political romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 2A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 21 - The Unveiled Sun

Chapter 21 - The Unveiled Sun

      I shook my head. "No Olive, the story of mankind doesn't end that way," I interjected. "A rapid development of our humanity is possible, as you said yourself, and therefore it is likely to happen. It comes with its own dynamism that no one can prevent, except perhaps society itself with its small-minded self-division and self-isolation from one another. We are human beings. We don't have to be small-minded in any sphere of our life. The sublime level of our scientific self-discovery is our native realm, socially, civilly, and spiritually. We've been close to the sublime level in the past. Getting back to it and stepping further is attainable. We are in a war that we can certainly win, because the war is with ourselves to come face to face with the Principle of Universal Love. No other fight is necessary."

      "I agree, Peter, but it won't happen if we don't get with it as a society," said Olive. "How many times do I have to say this? The critical choice that society is facing has become exceedingly critical. I am hopeful that we will rouse ourselves as human beings to make the critical choice that is necessary in defense of the future of mankind and of civilization. But that takes decisive action. Right now the major portion of mankind is fast asleep on the 'moral' platform of doing nothing, and the rest is mired in the imperial domain and has become fascist, greedy, and small. Tell me, who is talking about active universal principles in the world today, in which out humanity comes to light? Tell me who, besides us, is even suggesting that the quantum-jump to high-energy humanist action is necessary to assure our future. In fact, who is even talking about the future that we must prepare for in the present in order for mankind to survive? These things don't happen on their own, Peter. Human beings must drive the agenda. Sure, it's all possible, but it requires voluntaristic action. I am hopeful that this will happen, because if we get the 'train' rolling, the resulting momentum all by itself, can spoil the imperial's murderous environment and take away their victory, and uplift the oligarchy itself to become human beings," Olive added. "All the lower things that are brewing in the imperial caldron, like nuclear war, terrorism, economic looting, financial piracy, cultural warfare, social degradation and isolation, poverty, political insanity, deindustrialization, etc., will all fall by the wayside when this movement begins. But the movement has not yet been started. Fighting furiously in the low-level domain where mankind's self-perception is that of animals, doesn't qualify to be called a humanist movement. It's a movement of insanity, which is destined to become obsolete. Besides, it is impossible to fight the imperial aberrations on their own home ground. You can't fight terrorism with force, can you? Nor can you fight nuclear war with war? It won't work. You have to fight this out on higher ground. And why should society fight a loosing battle by fighting like animals, when it can step up to a higher level of self-perception by which the entire battle is left behind, and the real movement begins with decisive humanist action?"

      I nodded and raised my glass as a gesture of celebration. "Society can stop playing the role of living like animals in an imperial zoo," I said as a toast. "It can discover its humanity and begin to live like human beings, because we have begun to illustrate the freedoms that unfold on this path. We have taken the necessary steps. Remember the famous saying, when the first human being stepped on the moon? It was a small step for a man, but a giant step for mankind. The same type of frontier lays still before us, so that the saying still applies as we take the revolutionary steps. At this point the entire low-level quagmire simply becomes obsolete. I think this holds true, Olive. Besides, nothing else can defuse the fascism that is unfolding in the numerous imperial arenas. So, let's celebrate that we've taken one step and that there is a slight movement happening in the background everywhere, even in the imperial arena. That's the beginning of action, Olive, isn't it? Isn't the train already rolling then?"

      "Are you expecting the universal discovering of the Principle of Universal Love to unfold from that, Peter?" Olive interrupted.

      "Of course, Olive. The first step is the pivotal factor in this life and death drama for the whole of mankind. It always comes down to that. It's like the old proverb says, all roads lead to Rome. But the footsteps need to be taken. In the fight for civilization all paths take us back to the Principle of Universal Love, and the footsteps will be taken, because the future demands us to start running."

      "So, it isn't just something nice to strife for, Peter, as one might think. It's the key to survival, and that makes it inevitable. Mankind has been gradually limping along for 2.5 million years during which seven human species have already become extinct. It's time for us to start running for our life!"

      I nodded and smiled. "Nothing else puts us on that higher level where we can invalidate the fascist forces that aim to obscure the coming Ice Age and its imperative for the present, who are threatening the world with their 65,000 nuclear bombs, and are poised to eradicate it long before the Ice Age will become a factor. I think we should have out-paced those childish games by now in the footsteps of our growing up."

      "Ultimately, the real fight isn't for survival at all," I said a while later, after thinking it over. "Survival isn't an issue when we do the primary job of elevating ourselves to live like human beings and create the kind of world that we are capable of creating. In a world without empire, survival is guaranteed. In the humanist fire, survival is a non-issue. It is guaranteed. It is only an issue when the fire is quenched. Once the fire is burning again, the entire physical environment of the world will correspondingly change. Energy poverty will be replaced with energy abundance. This would be the natural result almost immediately. It has been known for a long time that the space around the Earth is an energy dense sea of electric power that powers the Sun in all its brilliance. This knowledge has been hushed up by the masters of empire, with intense efforts to cause blindness in the sciences. It is done in order to keep mankind addicted to the oil energy resource that empire owns and exploits as a means for looting the world, and by withholding it to some degree, employs also as a means for killing mankind with poverty. The masters of empire evidently know that once it becomes more widely recognized that the Earth is afloat on an infinite sea of energy, the technology won't be far off to simply tap into this infinite resource to service mankind's needs. Mankind is presently comparable to a fisherman who fell asleep while fishing in the outflow of the Amazon River, who awoke far from shore. With his sparse drinking water soon exhausted, he is dying from thirst, not realizing that he is afloat in a sea of fresh water, since the water remains fresh far out into the sea in the huge outflow of the Amazon River, up to a distance of over hundred miles. All that he would need to do is reach over the side of his boat and drink. But he doesn't do this, being unaware of the abundance all around him. And so he dies from thirst. The masters of empire evidently want to keep mankind from realizing that it is presently locked into the same situation in terms of its available energy resources. We are afloat in a sea of abundance. Once this becomes generally known, the age of empire is over. In order to hold back the day of this realization, the available abundance becomes obscured by all possible means that serve to blind the development of science. The Big Bang 'mythology' is evidently designed for that, as it has this effect, together with a whole raft of similar 'mythologies,' like that of the black holes, dark matter, the fusion furnace sun, and so on."

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