The Ice Age Challenge 
a social political romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 2A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 19 - Looming Foreclosure

Chapter 19 - Looming Foreclosure

      "Did you say that he chose to go to jail rather than betray his love of mankind? Is that what you are saying?" said Olive a while later. "Do you know what this means, Peter? It means that the man represents the kind of love that we talked about earlier, which protects the fire of humanist passion, and also protects the water of our satisfaction with coming closer to the realization of who we are as human beings. Finding a man with that kind of love is rare, Peter. It's the modern case of Prometheus Bound by the Greek poet Aeschylus from ancient times. I know that Johann Sebastian Bach was persecuted and slandered in his time for his daring advances in music. They tried to ban his voice by banning his music, at least for while they did. But those were minuscule persecutions in comparison with what is happening now, according to what you said. I guess nothing is really new under the Sun anymore, is there? But how did you find out about your friend? Or would you not call him a friend?"

      "He is called a friend by countless thousands who never met him, myself included," I replied. "I could have found out about him in many different ways, through his continuous involvement in economics, science, technology, literature, politics, culture, music, and history. He promotes classical music and literature, especially literary classical tragedy. He promotes a general understanding of both. He is also the leading opponent in world politics, of imperialism and its derivative, fascism and terrorism. He promotes a general understanding of real science, real economics, and the real history of humanity. In fact, he is himself a real element of American history, fighting to energize the humanist fire in society all across the country and everywhere else. I found out about him some time ago at the Chicago airport. Mostly, though, I found out about him after my boss gave me a blast, scolding me about my lack of knowledge of American history, and what had made America great. So I studied LaRouche and found him to my amazement, to be America's leading institution for the advancement of mankind."

      "And what did your boss say to that?" Olive interjected.

      "He nearly fired me, Olive, but then he changed his mind and sent me to East Germany instead, maybe as punishment. Except I didn't see it as punishment. I found out by looking at the people that LaRouche is focusing on and dealing with, that there is an enormous background of humanist fire in America's history that the man is representing, and is fighting to advance further. So you see, Olive, not everything that is coming out of America these days, is rotten. In fact he made me proud of our country, of the principles that we are synonymous with; of the type of republic that we are designed to be; and of the truly great leaders we have had in the past, though they were few; and of the commitment to human dignity and freedom that we once upheld."

      "Aren't you dreaming a bit, Peter?" Olive interrupted. "The America that you describe exists no more."

      I shook my head, though Olive probably didn't see this in the dark. "While I am sad that most of what America once stood for has been lost," I said to her, "I am glad that there is at least one man in America who inspires me to be proud of our country for what it was, because that history still remains a part of our heritage. The great breakthroughs that were achieved still remain as a resource for mankind, and a resource for mankind's future should the future be deemed important again one day. I am sure if you were to get to know LaRouche, he would inspire in you the same kind of pride for your country, or for Judaism if you were a Jew, because he regards all the humanist achievements of mankind as a valuable foundation for mankind's future. There isn't a country that I know of that hasn't contributed to the cultural advance of mankind, and whatever that element is, LaRouche seems to find it and bring it to the foreground. In that way he makes one proud to be a human being."

      "Is this how he affects America, Peter?"

      "He touches people who have eyes to see with, and a mind to think with, who have not been lost in the quagmire of empiricism, who can still see reality and rejoice in what is good. LaRouche's effect on those is that regardless of how bad things may appear, he makes one realize that in many areas America is still at the forefront of what is good and progressive and enriching in the world. He makes one proud to be a part of it. That is what he represents. It may well be that without LaRouche being active on the American scene, and without what he has accomplished, the future Ice Age Renaissance, which seems almost a certainty now, might have been impossible to even imagine. With that kind of a foundation now established, a step forward has been taken towards the survival of civilization and mankind as a whole. While many steps remain, the crucial first step has been taken. That step is a part of history now, Olive. It cannot be rolled back. As a tiny example, advanced energy research, which he once became a key worldwide promoter for, is here to stay and will likely be focused onto the galactic resources soon. And likewise will his call remain standing that society reclaims ownership of itself by taking back the world-financial system out of the private imperial domain."

      "But the imperials will scream when society intends to eliminate their private financial stranglehold of the world," said Olive. "You say that LaRouche is aiming to empower society to do this in order to protect civilization and prevent a New Dark Age. They will stomp on him for that, just like a private individual stomped on the woman in my photograph from the Nazi war crimes archives."

      "Oh, the imperials will screech, as they do already," I said. "They have already tried to kill him. They merely slander him now, and many in society repeat the slander. The masters of course threaten society with hell and damnation when they speak the name LaRouche. They threaten doom and try to inflict it. But they can't hurt LaRouche any more than they are already hurting society. Their real war is against society itself. LaRouche is just an inconvenience for them, standing in their way. I am sure nuclear war is already on their agenda in this context. LaRouche had once tried to take this option out of their hands. He failed. He is not omnipotent. But mostly society failed by not supporting its champion. Thus nuclear war remains on the agenda of the imperial game as their last resort to save the empires."

      I told Olive, that a long time ago one of the 'kings' of the private world-financial system stated bluntly, "I don't care who makes the laws of the nations, as long as I make their currencies."

      I suggested to Olive that this imperial rage to grab the world and to control it, would never go away for as long as society doesn't own itself. Thus, the imperial arrogance persists that we see reflected in the already ongoing genocide of mankind that puts over thirty thousand people to death every single day by economic and similar means, most of them children. Society's response must be that it accepts nothing less than the kind of active peace in the world in which this arrogance is no longer heard over the human laughter, and the entire imperial system of inhumanity is seen being strung up from the 'gibbet' in the windows of history for the sport of the ancient 'crows.'

      "That's how Theoden had answered Saruman in Tolkien's tale the Lord of the Rings," said Olive. "I read this mythical tale. I understand its metaphor. The issue today is the same as in that tale. Society's answer in the real world must be equally as decisive. Society must take back its future by the burial of imperial might, with the power of an high-energy humanist commitment."

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