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Chapter 17 - Photographs and 2012

Chapter 17 - Photographs and 2012

      Olive told me that she had to trace through history books and war-trial archives in her search for what had happened to her grandfather. She said that the most revealing sources were the trial transcripts of the German officers who had murdered those people. "I learned that the 'police' had worked in companies of 500 men," she said. "Typically, they would surround a Jewish town before dawn. By nightfall, not a single person of the town's population would remain alive. They would be loaded onto trucks and be taken to nearby forests, except for a few strong men who would be deported to be worked to death in the work camps. That became a routine repeated many times. In the forests, the police would await them, who would take them single file into the woods, where they would be ordered to lay on the ground, face down, to be killed with a single shot in the back of the head. By nightfall the task would be completed and the police battalions would return to their base.

      "So, Peter, believe me, I know all about the pains of the depopulation mania." said Olive. "I know how easily depopulation can be achieved when a people loose their Soul and become imperial beasts, by which they become stone-hard killers. What should forever seem impossible, suddenly becomes possible. I have seen too many pictures in the archives of the 'impossible' happening, and read too much about those horrors that words can never fully convey. But what is worse, those horrors come to light in agonizing nightmares that cannot be evaded. I've been there, Peter, in the midst of it all. I have experienced the horror of depopulation. What I saw documented is still haunting me now and then, especially since depopulation is once again big on the horizon and has already become a way of life in Africa."

      Olive told me that one of the unforgettable photographs that she found in the archives, was that of a man or a woman crouched down on the knees, as if in prayer. He had been totally blackened by the consuming flames of one of the last fires of World War II. "This person was one of several thousand Jewish prisoners," said Olive, "that were herded into a barn in the last hours of the war, which was then doused with gasoline and set ablaze. The fire apparently was still burning when the allied forces arrived. The image of that single person that died in that fire, created a wound in my heart that may not heal until there is a new hope for humanity unfolding, which I am now fighting for.

      "There were other images that I found in the archives," she said, "other photographs. Many seemed easier to bear. I collected them all, in order to keep the 'impossible' that has happened, alive, to prevent this from ever happening again, by discovering the true image of ourselves as human beings that makes the unthinkable undoable. Only by upgrading our sense of humanity can we prevent those images of tragedy from blackening the face of mankind again in the future. I saw in those images the tragic result of a people's humanity torn from its roots. I saw something that I needed to heal, and heal with love."

      Olive told me about some of the other pictures that she found in the war-trial archives. Some were pictures of a small Jewish town, named Lomazy. The people had been forced to dig their own mass graves and step into them. Then the German police had brought in other prisoners, non-Jewish prisoners, whom they made drunk. The drunken prisoners then performed the execution of the Jewish people. Of course, being drunk, they were unable to aim properly. By all accounts it was an unimaginable circus of cruelty and inhumanity. Apparently the dying were still moaning in pain when they were covered over with dirt. They had photographs of those scenes in the court archives accompanied with eyewitness testimonies.

      Olive said, that this insanity appeared to have been even worse in Lithuania and in the Ukraine. She said that in the occupied countries too, not just in Germany, people had been poisoned by the cultural destruction of the wave of fascism that had invaded the European nations like a disease. She said that she had seen pictures of grizzly scenes from these Nazi occupied countries in the archives, scenes in which the local population had been 'allowed' to participate in the killing of the Jewish people. The atrocities were committed right in the streets in their own towns, carried out by the people of the community with their own hands, without weapons.

      "I saw a photograph," said Olive, "of a man with an iron pipe standing amidst dead people lying on the ground around him. I saw in the photograph one of the victims, an elderly man, raising him up while a woman next to him was being stomped to death by another man standing on top of her chest. The man on the ground might have been her husband. This kind of cruel civil insanity begins to rule when it becomes determined for society that some human lives are deemed 'not worthy to be lived,' as the Nazis had proclaimed."

      "Are you surprised?" I asked Olive. "Without an active principle of universal love unfolding, without that humanist energy raising their perception of themselves, people invariably begin to subscribe to the insanity that is prescribed for them. That makes them play the role of animals, that they are told they are. That's the result of cultural warfare, Olive. That is why all of those great tragedies happened that should have been totally impossible in a humanist sense. Unfortunately, the train of insanity that you have seen in motion hasn't come to a halt yet, has it?"

      Olive nodded. "The man with the iron pipe has many faces in today's world," she said slowly. She spoke so quietly as if to indicate that the tragedies should never be voiced. "The man in the photograph, a member from the community, who is wielding that iron pipe to kill defenseless Jewish people, human beings like himself, is in the modern world he who cries, global warming, global warming, who by his crying keeps the door closed towards the needed preparation for the coming Ice Age. He thereby becomes personally involved in a process that potentially leads to the destruction of billions of people. He thereby becomes a potential murderer as surely as if he was wielding an iron pipe, as the man did in that photograph. Except the man's victims in the photograph were few, maybe ten or twenty, certainly not billions. With that in mind I ask you, Peter, will future historians display in like manner, the photographs of today's town criers in the market squares, as murderers, who cry global warming while the greatest potential catastrophe in mankind's history looms on the horizon, that they by their action assure to happen, as they are blocking the rescue efforts? The collapse of civilization and mankind as a whole, in the coming Ice Age, can be prevented with the proper response, but by crying global warming, based on lies that takes the focus into the opposite direction, the needed rescue efforts will be blocked. That's the effect their cries are designed to have. Thereby the killing of much of mankind by starvation will be a near certainty. Those are the kinds of issues that we should raise today, Peter, or else we allow the past to be repeated."

      I raised my hand. "Aren't we overstating the case by saying that?" I said to her. "You are not a climate expert to make such surefire predictions, and neither am I."

      Olive shook her head. "Of course I am not a climatologist," she said. "But I can read, Peter. Also, a friend of mine, a professor who got me interested in this, has a lot of connection in the scientific community where the Global Warming Doctrine is not supported. I merely asked a lot of questions, and so did the professor. Our conclusion is that nobody can make accurate predictions. Modern science can no more predict the start of the next Ice Age than it can predict the day and hour of a volcanic eruption years in advance, or the precise moment of an earthquake. These things happen without warning. I found that the most reputable scientists don't make any hard and fast predictions about the coming Ice Age either. They merely lay out the facts that they know. The renowned Yugoslav mathematician, Milankovitch, who is known for his work in exploring the Earth's orbital variations and spin axis variations, pointed out that all the numerous long term cycles that effect the warming of the Earth are presently lined up to give the northern hemisphere the least sun exposure in the winter. Since the longest of these cycles matches the Ice Age cycles, the discovery by Milankovitch seems to tell us something. The specific interpretation of his discovery, Milankovitch leaves up to us.

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