Discovering Love
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Chapter 18 - Freshly Baked Buns

      "The entire world is taking things on faith," said Steve quietly. "Nobody is demanding any proof for anything. We live in the New Roman Pantheon of opinions without proof. In this sea of insanity society has opened itself up to be spoon-fed with a heavy diet of lies. The lies are now destroying civilization. We've got to get away from accepting anything on faith. We are human beings. We don't have to stoop that low, because we all have the capacity to discover universal principles and to develop the proof of these principles in the domain of Science. We must therefore be able to develop proof beyond the shadow of a doubt in a visible, tangible manner, just like the slave boy did in Plato's Meno dialog, or as Gauss did in his refutation of Euler and Lagrange with his proof of The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra developed in physical geometry."

      Steve nodded, and smiled as he said this.

      "Hold it!" I interrupted Steve. "What on Earth are you talking about? Who was Euler and Lagrange and Meno, and what have they got to do with anything?"

      "Forgive us," said Steve. "We talk like that quite often. It's academic kind of talk, university stuff you know. The names mean something there."

      "The names ring a bell, as if I heard them before, but I can't quite place them," I said.

      "In this case Helen probably mentioned them," said Steve. "She probably also mentioned Albert Gerard who formulated the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, way back in the early 1600s. Also she probably mentioned the Meno dialog in conjunction with the doubling of the square. Did she tell you about her experiment in front of the Railway station? She is a real fireball when it comes to taking action, especially when the Principle of Universal Love comes into play. Then she becomes a dynamo."

      I nodded, and smiled.

      Steve began to laugh. "In spite of it all, Ushi is right," he said. "We have no positive proof that our perception of the Principle of Universal Love is truthful. We have experienced some aspects of it. We have taken courageous steps and assume that our experiences prove the model. We have no rigorous proof for anything more than what our personal experiences project. So let me ask you, Peter, is it possible to develop that absolute and rigorous proof that is necessary? And I mean rigorous, irrefutable proof of the truthfulness of what we have talked about yesterday, all through the evening and night. Can we deliver the proof, like Gauss has proved The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra that Albert Gerard had put on the table a hundred and seventy years earlier? No one in the whole world had developed that proof before Gauss did. Now tell me, can we achieve in the social, scientific, economic, and cultural domains, the same rigorous proof that Gauss had delivered in the mathematical domain?"

      I shook my head. "I think that may not be possible. On the other hand, we all have experienced elements of that proof last night," I said to Steve. "You said yourself that we have made a breakthrough of historic significance. I think our smiles were proof of something. And Ushi is without a doubt a great pioneer in developing that proof."

      "Oh yes, breakthroughs have been made," Steve replied in a thoughtful and slow manner. "We have acted on the assumption that the Principle of Universal Love is one of the fundamental principles of the Universe. We believe that our civilization is already reflecting this principle to some degree. On this basis, the three of us have dared to embrace this principle more fully. We stood up to be counted, and the results were evidently tremendous. At least I think they were. Our beaming faces seem to prove that there is something truthful about that idea. Just look at yourself. You are still all smiles, beaming like a light bulb. We all are. I am smiling too, as you may have noticed. I have dared to take a stand for the substance of our humanity. I have opened the gates to the proposition that our humanity is defined by Love, that responding to Love enriches one-another and thereby enriches our world. When it became plain to me that you two fell deeply in Love with each other, I saw an opportunity to help us all to let our humanity unfold in this sphere, in which we enrich one-another, as it has never been allowed before. Oh yes, this enriched me too. I have been able to prove to myself that it is possible for a person to step into the complex domain where universal principles define the reality of our being. Such a commitment puts behind us many false age-old traditions and axioms that are a concoction of barriers for which we have no proof that establishes their validity, or ever had such proof. We can't find any foundation in Science for them, or any scientific truthfulness, though we have lived with those barriers as traditions and axioms for a very long time by now. Just because a certain axiom has been accepted for thousands of years and by millions of people, doesn't prove the truthfulness of it. In such cases the affected millions of people were all embracing the same fantasy that had ruled them, and had done so for thousands of years. That's the notion that I have stepped away from last night, as we all have, and have stepped to a higher perception of Love as universal Principle rather than tradition. To my knowledge, this has never been done before, consciously. What we done last night was a huge step in that respect. It was a historic breakthrough-event. But what have we accomplished? We have torn down what humanity has lived by. We have torn society's house down, even if it was but an empty shell. But have we put anything concrete in its place? That's the important question. I think we have begun to build up something that some day will replace the empty shell. Yes Peter, we have proven that we have begun to build. We have proven a tiny bit along the line of coming to terms with the infinite Principle of Universal Love. It has made the heavens sparkle, but in terms of a rigorous proof as Gauss delivered it, that the world can build a new dwelling on, we have delivered no such proof. Maybe such proof is not possible. It is said today that even Gauss didn't deliver that kind of absolute proof. That kind of proof may exist only in the infinite domain, beyond the present leading edge of our understanding in Science. If we open the door only with a faint understanding of Science, we may not find any absolute proof at all, but merely find countless progressive footsteps before us that remain yet to be taken. And so it will always be, because Science is after all, an aspect of the vertical development model. In ancient times this ultimate form of science, which might be called divine Science, used to be called, the Christ. Still, Science enables us to be the 'climber' who climbs Mt. Everest, who is intensely sensitive to every step he takes and to the environment he is in, and who indeed may yet slip and fall."

      Steve paused and took a sip of coffee. "This is where Gauss comes into the picture," he said. "Gauss took a fundamental problem and became intensely sensitive to the underlying and surrounding principles. I was told that he translated the entire dimension, of the problem that no one before him could solve, into the visual domain, where he could look at the whole geometry of it at once, and from a higher-level perspective."

      "That's like looking at the lateral lattice that brings to light the reality of our being, that no one can see otherwise, but which is proved in healing," I interjected.

      Steve nodded. "With this kind of process Gauss solved a problem that had stumped the all the mathematicians in the world for seventeen decades. For all these decades the best in the field have stumbled and fallen, because they simply had not yet learned to see what only the mind can behold. They didn't recognize that there exists a domain above Science, the lateral domain. I think we have begun to climb Mt. Everest. There may be as many possible paths to the top, as there are solutions possible for proving the Pythagorean Theorem. This is the reason why I had asked you those questions in my office. We have visualized a few such paths in the social domain. We have visualized the existence of two distinct models. We recognized a horizontal model, the model of the lateral domain where the whole of humanity exists side by side in a lateral fashion on a platform of absolute Principle that pertains not only to the Universe, but also to our humanity, which we all share. We have called these, the aspects of universal Truth, Love, Life, Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Principle. Mary defined them that way, and gave us with them our divinity, as the tallest manifest of the Sublime in the Universe. We have recognized the Principle of Universal Love to be native to the lateral domain, as a part of it. We have recognized this domain to be lateral or horizontal by nature, because in the absolute domain, Truth becomes synonymous with Life and Love, and so on. In the lateral domain no hierarchical differentiation is possible. We have recognized, that at the top level we are all 'married' to the same reality and the same universal humanity. Maybe this tall recognition, and other breakthroughs like it, we ourselves, with the glow of our experiences, are the only proof we can ever have. After all, the proof of the pudding comes to light only in the lateral lattice. That sets Gauss ahead of the field, and so it sets us ahead as well. Now we face the task to move forward on the same course in such a manner that it inspires the world."

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