Discovering Love
a social science and religious fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 1of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 17 - In the Brilliance of a Night

      Ushi excused herself when Steve was finished speaking. She said that she wanted to get into something more suitable for washing dishes.

      "You have missed something," I said to Steve after Ushi had gone into the bedroom. "It appears to me that every form of loving that is not based on the lateral model, isolates society, and is fake. Only on the lateral platform, where we stand side by side as human beings, without anything else attached, are we close enough to touch. Isn't that what it means to be in Love?"

      "I realize that, Peter, but you find this scary."

      "You bet it's scary, but it shouldn't be, Steve. It should be as natural as breathing the air that surround us." I began to laugh at this thought.

      "When it becomes scary, then you have entered the New World," Ushi interjected, speaking from the bedroom. She had left the door open. "But we are not in the New World yet," she added. "The big question is, are we ready to test the waters?"

      "That is why we struggle with a million things, to weigh them for what is right," I answered her.

      "Why should we struggle?" said Steve. "We only struggle when we compromise. But that is not how the Universe is designed to operate and is operating. Principle does not compromise, neither should we. The Intelligence that is expressed in the Universe is not expressed in compromising Principle, mutable Truth, variable Love, erring Mind, even mortal Life. We've got to stay on track, because that's the road to freedom. The politicians haven't learned this yet. They compromise to get along in a world ruled by insane opinions, and the result is a mess. It gets messy running a train off track. Society attempts that. I think there is freedom in being on track. Principle doesn't compromise. Since this is the case, neither should we compromise. Our understanding of the laws of Principle takes all the struggles out of living. Then, there's nothing scary there."

      "But how can you know when you are on track?" I interjected.

      "That's easy," said Steve. "You look at the Universe through the lens of its Science. That is how you recognize that Principle does not compromise. So you move with it. Science has laid out a fine line, as narrow as the railway tracks. It may be obscured in the distance, but it is laid out."

      "What fine line?" I interjected, before Steve even finished. "What Science are you referring to?"

      "The line is laid down by the Universe," said Steve. "It represents what is real, line upon line. The Principle of the Universe is imperative in all its aspects. And the Universe is harmonizing in all aspects. All we need to do is open our eyes, the eyes of the mind. That is what its Science does. It opens the gates to reality. So it makes sense to govern ourselves accordingly."

      "But what does this mean?" I interjected.

      "It means that we look to the Universe for the models that apply to a specific situation," said Steve.

      "Ok, what do we see when we look to the Universe to discover in it our New World that is unbounded for men and women?" I interjected.

      "We look to discover how the Universe draws fundamental diversities together. The Universe does this in an extremely intelligent fashion. As I had said earlier, evidence shows that interstellar space is a vast sea of plasma consisting of negative electrons and positive protons, and that these unlike polarities are drawn towards each other over large distances by a law of Principle that the Universe has invented for that purpose. We don't know why it works that way. We only know that it does so. We call the attracting force the electric force, to give it a name. We could just as well call it a specific force of Universal Intention. The intention is to serve a purpose. In this case the evident purpose is to have the unlike electric qualities drawn towards each other. This happens often over large distances, by the so-called electric force that has an unlimited range. Now what do you suppose happens when these two opposite-charged qualities actually get together?"

      "Do they pile into each other and cancel each other out?" I said cautiously. "Obviously they don't."

      "If this was to happen, all the plasma in the Universe would have ceased to exist," said Steve, and smiled. "In this case, no sun would be powered. No galaxy would be powered. You are right. Obviously this doesn't happen, because the Universe has also laws of Principle in operation whereby it protects itself against such a potential disaster. We talked about this already, haven't we? By its protecting laws of Principle the Universe remains harmonizing. So it is that in order to prevent the negative electrons and the positive protons from canceling each other out, the Universe has instigated a fundamental rule by which the opposite charged particles powerfully repel each other at extremely close distances. Even while they attract each other over large distances, they keep each other individually protected when facing each other intimately. That's one of the fundamental models by which the Universe operates. The end result is that when the two attracting qualities finally meet, they remain minutely separated. In plasma they form the famous double-layer electric sheath. The electrons congregate on one side of the double layer, and the protons on the other side. Thus, the Universe remains safe and intact, and so do we in our male to female attractive bonds, if we recognize this operating model, which we actually cannot really avoid. In the vast bond of attractive qualities in the Universe, nothing ever gets messed up. Instead of the diverse charges eating each other, large electric currents begin to flow that keep the planets and the galaxies in motion and intensively powered. The entire Universe comes to life this way, in a dynamic interaction of attraction and protection. Consequently there is nothing dead anywhere in the Universe. The entire Universe is a dynamic happening on a vast scale that is intensely active. So tell me, Peter, why should the male and female human scene be any less dynamic, and any less energetic, and be any less protected at the same time?"

      "I suppose this defines the face of Universal Love, doesn't it?" I interjected.

      "The Universe is endlessly dynamic," said Steve. "Sex comes to life in this model. Sex is the 'attraction' that draws us all together, doesn't it? It draws us together universally, and with complete protection. Both aspects of the double-layer model apply here. Without it, the human scene would be dead. We might not even have a civilization without it. It is generally assumed that the Universe invented sex as a means to assure the widest possible genetic diversity to be happening, which it does. However, a large body of evidence also suggests that sex has an additional vital purpose, an 'electric' purpose, which is equally as critical and powerfully beneficial, which should therefore be cultivated, rather than be inhibited. This makes everything less scary, doesn't it? In fact, it makes everything profound."

      "I think I reserve my judgement on this," I said to Steve, and began to smile. "It sounds too magical to be true."

      "A long time ago, Pete, in America, a kind old lady gave mankind a puzzle to puzzle out," said Steve. "The woman said that she had laid out the perfect challenge for the scientific mind. She asked if it is scientifically correct to say that there is but one, I or Us, which she defined as the basic reality in the Universe. Society couldn't answer her then. Now, a few pioneers like us are beginning to move towards that perception of Truth. We are beginning to see that Principle and its Idea is One. No one lives outside the sphere of Reality and is not reflective of its Principle. Sadly, the world lost track of the woman and her saying over the years. I feel that she had expected an affirmative answer in her time, considering the way the question is posed. This day hasn't yet come. Even now it seems hard for people to recognize how it should be the case that the I or Us is actually one. Of course, nuclear physics and astrophysics make this rather plain. But who understands their wider application in the spiritual equivalent. The 'I' is the Intelligence that is reflected in the Universe. Its reflection is, Us. So, there is no difference, is there? There is no isolation. There is no division. Why then would we compromise on Principle? What for? What would we gain?"

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