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Chapter 14 - Challenging the Limits

Chapter 14 - Challenging the Limits

      The sun was still high and hot when we left the beach that day. I felt uncomfortable being dressed again, especially with a slight sunburn over most of my body. Ursula fared better. She wore a thin, snow-white dress that was far more suitable for a hot afternoon than my black trousers and long sleeved shirt. I wished I had brought a pair of shorts. Of course it was still hotter in the car, but I enjoyed the drive nonetheless. We stopped at a phone booth along the way from where she phoned Steve to ask if we could meet with him.


      Meeting Steve was quite a different adventure. I was aware that the university has had a long history, as well as a reputation for excellence in scholarship. I had visions of walking through cool massive granite structures, built in ancient times. Instead, Ursula took me to the 24th floor of a modern glass and steel high rise that was as hot inside as my car had been.

      Steve was unique, a short man, unpretentious, semi-bald with a short neck. I had expected a tall, muscular giant. He was almost hidden behind the huge desk that dominated his office. If it hadn't been for mountains of books and papers piled high everywhere, the office might have resembled that of a US executive.

      Steve was most polite. He got off his chair when we entered the room and came forward to greet us - Ursula with a kiss and me with a warm handshake. He was well dressed in a dark striped business suit.

      "So you are Peter," he said and smiled. "How did you enjoy the beach?" He couldn't suppress a grin as he said this.

      "Remarkable," I said.

      "Ushi told me on the phone that you wanted to meet me."

      "I heard about your work," I said, "and I just wondered how someone with your background perceives a certain subject that is central for the survival of humanity." I said this as unpretentiously as possible.

      Steve froze for a second, then shook his head. "I'm afraid that won't be possible, I have a meeting in half an hour and a lecture to do afterwards."

      I looked down at the floor and started scratching my chin, wondering how I might motivate him to respond. "Tell me just one thing, then," I said. "The Ogarkov Plan, is it real?"

      This startled him. "It's an option," he said quietly. He put a finger across his lips. "You shouldn't ask such questions. Remember, you are a foreign agent."

      "It's being talked about on the beach," I said.

      "Oh, the students," he said. "All right, here is your answer." He spoke even more quietly, now. "Yes, it is real. It is Russia's plan for a nuclear blitzkrieg to capture Western Europe. But you needn't worry about that," he said. He almost whispered. "The Soviet Union can't amass the economic resources to carry this thing out. The Soviets have destroyed their economy over this. The Soviet Union will collapse long before it gets to the war stage. The SDI race that the West has imposed upon them has made Ogarkov's project unachievable."

      I said that was an excellent analysis. I told Steve that he had said the same thing that the professor in the bar had told me earlier. I also told him that some of what he just said was already happening. "Nevertheless," I said to Steve, "I am looking for a simpler answer. I know that this plan is deadly real to Marshal Ogarkov and to the Russian military. It obviously is, because both of them work so zealously on it. But they work with their eyes blinded and their minds narrowed to such a tight focus that they can't see the real world. They see only a tiny bit of it, the bit that they're supposed to see, and close their eyes to the rest as if it didn't exist. And this tiny bit that they focus on is covered over with lies, dreams, and mythologies. Ogarkov appears to be an excellent strategist, but can he see what his plan is really a part of? Can he see that it isn't a project for capturing the West, but serves a totally different purpose? Can he see that he is playing a game that is far more sinister than the one he thinks he is playing, a game that may destroy us all?"

       I paused and answered my own question. "The answer, I think, is no! The project that Marshal Ogarkov thinks he is working for, doesn't exist. It isn't real. He is working for a totally different objective, something that he was cleverly drawn into, that serves a different purpose, for different masters. My boss always keeps needling me to get me to study history. He says that if I do, a lot of things become plain. His favorite saying is, that when it rains, there are always clouds overhead, in some form. Likewise, when there is war, there is the evil of empire overhead, in some form. He says that all the wars in history were instigated by empire, and fought for the interest of empire, without exception. He says that if you want to end wars, you have no option but to end the existence of empire, without exception. Therefore, in the way that Marshal Ogarkov and the Soviet government perceive their plan to start a nuclear blitz, isn't real, is it? They do what they do, probably without knowing it, in the interest of empire, and under the control of empire. And there is only one empire in the world today, and that's the old British Empire that has merely shed its name for its ill rebuke, but which still rules the world in countless ways, without exception."

      Steve looked at me with a shocked expression. Not a trace of a smile was on his face.

      I asked Steve to step to the window with me. "Outside the window there are trees, buildings, people," I said to him. "This is the subjective view. As you know, in reality, none of what we see exists as we see it, because there is no matter in the universe, am I right? It's all empty space. But superimposed over this emptiness are patterns of electrons, protons, and neutrons, which are themselves made up of quarks that are but packaged confetti of energy. The end result of all that creates the illusion that we live in a world of solid tangible forms, even while nothing exists that is actually solid. Am I right? So what is reality, then? Is it that which the quantum physicist sees who works with electrons, and neutrons, and quarks, like you do? Or does a gardener's perception define the reality of his flowers? Is it that Love really rules everything, since the Universe would not exist without the harmonizing intention that is reflected in its principles? If we relate this to the Ogarkov Plan, a wholly different image of reality comes to light. I just was wondering if there is anybody that you know in the scientific community who understands scientifically that the Ogarkov Plan is not real as it is being perceived?"

      Steve seemed startled. Then a smile transformed his face. He shook his head. Moments later he said, NO. "There isn't anyone that I am aware of who can see beyond the facade. There is no one I know who can look at the facade and say: What this portrays is fake. I agree, what stands behind this facade is totally different, and is serving a different purpose, for different people, benefiting a different world power as an element of a different game. But there is no one I know who would agree with me, except Ushi."

      He was quiet for a moment after that. While we were still at the window he agreed with me that the Ogarkov Plan was a foreign setup that has been cleverly imposed upon the Soviet Union to accomplish a dramatically different objective than the planners themselves evidently have in mind. He paused for a moment, as if searching for words. "I know," he continued, "the objective has something to do with the radical depopulation of the planet, or something similar to that. It always comes down to that. When empire hovers above, you see genocide on the planet. Goya had an inkling of that. But the details unfold in secret. I know that what is happening in the world today isn't real, as you have put it, but I lack access to the details. We know far more about the forces of the structures of an atom than we know about the forces that shape the structures of our society in which we live. Ushi asked me to look into this. Now you are asking it again. You are are asking a difficult question. Everything that we see happening in the world dissolves into secrecy that is covered over with lies, even layers upon layers of lies."

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