Discovering Love
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Chapter 10 - The Lateral Lattice of Hearts.

      She said, that after two-and-a-half-hours, in which these cycles were repeated as cycles of supporting realizations founded on an underlying discovered Truth, the discernment of a need suddenly stopped.

      "The mind became very quiet," said Helen. "Even though the surgery wasn't supposed to be finished for another hour, the mental atmosphere became totally still. A great peace came over me," she said. "Evidently, the crisis had passed."

      She told me that her friend looked wonderful when she came to visit him in the hospital late that afternoon. She saw a glowing face, a brightly radiant expression. She said that what she saw surprised her for a moment, because it was so radically inconsistent with someone coming out of surgery just hours earlier.

      "That is what being in Love means," she said to me. "Being in Love is really a scientific process. It unfolds with a flow of healing."

      "A scientific process?" I said astounded.

      "Of course it is," Helen replied. She explained that the higher-level healing involves nothing more than an intensified form of the same scientific process that we are engaged in all the time.

      She explained that normally, when we explore complex issues in our mind, or even lesser issues, our thinking processes unfold in a linguistic dialog with ourselves. She said, "we speak to ourselves in our mind. We construct ideas based on what we know, and we explain them to ourselves, pro or con, in a linguistic dialog that is focused on what we recognize as Truth. But in the intensity of a crisis, where immediate healing is required, the linguistic process is too slow and too shallow," said Helen. "In critical situations, where healing is required urgently, we reach deeper into consciousness for everything that we acknowledge and understand as Truth. We bring all of that together at once. What results from that is a visual construct. We see the functioning of Truth in the construct. The linguistic dialog still happens in the background, but the whole realization of everything that one knows to be true, becomes ever more focused on exploring and verifying in a visual construct what comprises the absolute that we recognize, acknowledge, and understand."

      She explained that normally a spiritual healer sends her love in the form of one's personal light and personal energy to help someone in need. Helen said to me, "I was able to go beyond that. I knew that our common humanity unites us all into a single comprehensive bond. Thus, I was able to draw on the light that constantly flows from the Universe and from our humanity to one-another, which we are all a part of. I recognized that this light, and its energy, where focused onto my friend in his critical hour when extra support was urgently needed."

      "Is this process that you have just described flowing from your sense of the sacrament where all the good and beautiful and enduring elements of our humanity flow into one and become a 'fire' that heals?" I interjected.

      Helen began to nod. "In a way, I was able to send my friend the light of the world, all focused to support his critical need in a moment of crisis. That's what the lateral expression of Love is, Peter. That is how it functions. Healing is a part of the process. I found myself more in the role of a spectator looking on, than being an actor in the scene. It was amazing, Peter. And it was beautiful. That's what healing is. It's a beautiful process."

      Helen added that sometimes in the process of healing, the profound aspects of Truth that we know, quickly inspire us to take some direct action in support of one-another. This may be seen as a kind of 'visual' process in which we become more directly involved. She said that this process takes us miles further than the simple process that we had committed ourselves to, in the case of our combined effort in helping her pianist friend in his time of great need.

      "But how can you know what you saw was real?" I interjected. "Sure, the outcome proves something. But does it prove the model of the process?"

      "What is true is knowable," said Helen. "And if the model is based on Truth, the model is knowable also. But you are right in your hunch, Peter, because when this happened to me I didn't know if there was any Truth in it. It was just amazingly beautiful, and the outcome was beautiful too. I discovered later through a friend, an astrophysicist who lectures at our university, that what I had experienced, actually reflects an aspect of the basic model by which the entire Universe operates. He explained in his lecture that the stars of a galaxy are not self-powered balls of fire, heated from within by a hydrogen-fusion furnace, but that they are instead electrically powered and heated on the outside by vast electric currents that are flowing in the intergalactic plasma. Plasma is a perfect conductor of electricity, and the currents themselves are attracted by electric force. The currents form a layer around the sun from where they arc down to the photosphere in a similar process to that used for electric arc welding. He further explained that the electric currents pervade the entire galaxy, flowing inward along its spiral arms to converge at the center. From there they cycle back to the outer edge of the spiral arms in a fountain-like outflow that comes gushing from the center of the galaxy where the star-formation takes place."

      "I fail to see what this has to do with your lateral lattice concept," I interrupted Helen.

      "It reflects everything that I saw, Peter," said Helen patiently. "Our galaxy is a lateral disk of 300 billion stars. Each star, being a sun, is powered electrically by the galactic current. The attraction it exerts, and the flow it causes, keeps the over-all current constantly in motion. What I saw as a lateral lattice of hearts, is for the Universe a lateral lattice of stars. Apparently they all contribute to the functioning of the whole. And their light is indeed out-flowing, enabling life to exist wherever the stars shine. But the power with which they shine is not their own. It flows from the Universe into the galaxy where it becomes transformed into the life-enabling radiance. In my lateral lattice I saw everything interconnected by threads of loving. What I saw reflects perfectly the reality of the Universe, where everything is likewise interconnected into an all-harmonizing whole by a power of intention that is reflected everywhere. This intention should likewise be termed, Love. So you see, what I recognized, really is the model of the Universe. I just saw it in a slightly different fashion."

      "Still, how do you know this to be true?" I interjected again. "The Big Bang theory speaks of a totally different Universe."

      "That's and easy one to answer," said Helen and smiled. "The Big Bang is big crap. That's definitely knowable. It's a political scam that was created to undermine the Electric Cosmology. The Big Bang crap is built on the noble discovery by Hubble of the red shift of light, meaning that the light waves coming from distant galaxies are 'stretched out.' The Big Bang Elite used this as an excuse to proclaim that the Universe came into being in the fire of a giant explosion, prior to which nothing existed, by which everything was created and then blown apart, which is now rushing away from us at ever-greater speed the farther things are away from us. This notion puts the earth once again at the center of the Universe. That's the trap of Ptolemy all over again, which it took mankind 1700 years to get out of. By its built-in underlying insanity, the Big Bang crap becomes knowable as crap. In real terms, the red shift simply corresponds to distance. In basic physics shorter wavelengths correspond to higher-energy sources. If light is coming to us across those vast distances in the order of several hundred million light years, its energy signature tends to diminish. This too, is knowable. Also the Big Bang hoax was cooked up in the same general time frame in which the Global Warming hoax was cooked up, with both being cooked up as political projects by the same imperial circles that had become infamous for their commitment to hindering the advance of science, and to turning it backwards. This too, is knowable."

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