Endless Horizons

  a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Volume 6a of the series of novels The Lodging for the Rose






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Each harvest is seedtime
A seed becomes a plant bearing new seeds
A thought unfolding, bears up civilization
A spark in the heart, bears the 'fire' of life
New worlds are created in the 'fire' of passion
We are the bearers of a 'fire' that is light


While the novel is fiction, it addresses one of the great challenges that we face as human beings, the challenge to discover those trends that have a boundless potential, and to step away from pursuits that are self-terminating and collapse our world into chaos. 

The dividing line is explored through the threads of romance and love. Here, old limits are pushed aside as irrelevant and counterproductive, even limits imposed on love, sex, and romance. In universal love we find that we love not what we can gain from others, but what we have in ourselves, which we embrace with joy as we find their echo in the universal humanity that we all share as human beings.

 It takes courage to accept those riches, but they become brighter, together with everything that is rooted in universal love. - 

The novel presented here is a part of the epic series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose.

When the meadow becomes too 'small' to nourish its flowers,
do we need to set it ablaze and start anew?
Or do we simply make it a richer place,
nourished with the riches of our heart
 the Principle of Universal Love?

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