Winning Without Victory

  a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Volume 3 of the series of novels The Lodging for the Rose






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Who owns the seeds? Do we?
Who can fathom their wonder?
Life flows from then in great rivers
Rivers trailing into oceans
In them we are alone, each one is alone
Each thought is sovereign, beauty is its song 


It is a novel of romance and political fiction with a background of sex and empire, in the setting of a foiled nuclear war juxtaposed with the near return of the Ice Age. 

The story is that of three families that are intertwined romantically and by their shared commitment in a political fight to restage the world onto a scientific platform so that a future nuclear war will never be possible. The focus is to assure that the challenges of the return of the Ice Age will be met in time before much of the world’s agriculture becomes disabled. 

The story is set in the mid-1980s and unfolds in Venice, Italy, in the Soviet sector of East Germany, and in North Carolina in the USA. It is not a military story, but one of diplomacy, science, and universal love, with an ugly part in the middle centered on empire. It is also a love story with surprising dimensions, and some comical ones.

The novel Winning Without Victory is a part of the epic series, The Lodging for The Rose, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche, with a continuing story spanning 12 novels, though each books stands on its own.

When the fire of war seems like peace in comparison,
how can we reach for the fire of love that is peace?

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