In love with our humanity: Cultural Factors,  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Healing the cultural failures

what technology cannot heal
science, culture, and spiritualized humanity can

Great pioneers have stood as guiding lights in humanity's development to ever greater freedoms, such as Nicolas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, Amadeus Mozart, Mary Baker Eddy.  One of the earliest was Johannes Kepler, the German Astronomer (1571-1630) that some call the founder of modern science, who had raised the self-perception of humanity with break-through advances in science, followed by Mozart with achievements in music, and Mary Baker Eddy with achievements is spiritual science. With advanced science Kepler appears to have contributed to ending the Thirty Years War, inspiring a humanist renaissance that enabled the Peace of Westphalia, one of the tallest platforms for civilization that still stands today, in principle.  Mozart's Grand efforts in music coincided to the year with America winning its revolution for freedom from seraglio of empire. Mary Baker Eddy's breakthrough work in spiritual science coincides with the only major period of peace that humanity had enjoyed since the Golden Renaissance. The video explorations on this page are designed to bring these historic milestones into focus.

In love with our humanity



Video explorations by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The honesty of science tells us that we wield weapons not out of strength, but out of impotence, being unable to reach a hand across the table and deal with one-another as human beings. 

Kepler was a pioneer in this arena.

Ebola and the Book of Job

The Ebola crisis seen as a cultural war project that echoes the ancient story of the Book of Job 

The Science Revolution

How would Kepler counsel modern civilization? Would he counsel us to liberate science? Would he counsel us to open our eyes and step beyond the archaic concepts that still choke science, as they once did prior to his time?


Sovereignty versus Nuclear War

The nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima ushered in an era of terror to force the nations of the world to lay down their sovereignty at the feet of the masters of empire who claim the right to dictate their will to the world.

Mutually Assured Suicide

Allowing nuclear war is an act of suicide for humanity. The forces are on the march towards this end, aiming to force Russia, China, and India into submission.

Arresting the Infinite Crime

Committing War in any form is an infinite crime. Empire and war is one, and this one is the infinite crime.

Mozart's opera 'The Abduction from the Seraglio' stands as a guiding light. It was produced in 1781, the very year in which the American Revolution was won, signalling a new age for humanity. The pioneering spirit that Mozart brings to the end of his opera is amazingly evident in the events that staged a new era for humanity. 

Mozart stands as a pioneer in this arena.

Mozart and the Christ

(referencing: Idomeneo)

Mozart, Ice Cream, and Wine

(ref. The Abduction from the Seraglio)

Mind and Man is One, and this One is Love

(ref. The Marriage of Figaro)


Scientific honesty in the spiritual arena opens up vast vistas that can liberate perception and change the world.

Mary Baker Eddy was the great pioneer in this arena.

Spiritual Science - The Alternate Jesus
Christian Science - Mary Baker Eddy
Spirit and Mother's Academy

Signs of out time: Challenges to honour our humanity.


Mass-Murder with Biofuels

Apocalyptic fictions that may kill you

Anatomy of a Car Crash: 
The Pillar of Justice

Destiny by Choice

Science does give us a choice if we listen to its 'voice,' but we have no choice without it.


Brighter than the Sun

A fictional novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche about a political nuclear weapons sabotage to scare humanity to its senses, which becomes a cataclysm itself.

Flight Without Limits

A science fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche that explores the options for avoiding nuclear war.

The irony is that the nuclear war challenge is the simplest one to solve. It can be solved in a week. Once the choice is made to annihilate all the nuclear weapons, it won't take a week to get it done. But will we raise our humanity up enough to do this, and will we raise it further to meet the Ice Age challenge for humanity to continue to exist? These are the key questions. The answer depends on how humanity values itself and its children.

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The above fresco was painted in the century that Kepler was born.

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