Yes the Ice Age is already here 

We have lived in an Ice Age Epoch for 2 million years, interspersed with brief interglacial periods, like the present one that is now ending. 

But are we responding to the Ice Age challenge to protect our future?

In love with our humanity

I place before you a potential future that promises to be brighter than any renaissance in history, but if this is denied, the consequence promises the near extinction of humanity in potentially less than half a century. The deciding factor is our response to the Ice Age Challenge that stands now before us. Our response to this challenge in today's timeframe, or our failing to respond, is the most critical factor in all of human history, affecting all humanity. 

Contrary to long-held beliefs the most-recently discovered evidence suggests to us that Ice Age transitions do NOT occur gradually over thousands of years, but occur rapidly within hours, days, or weeks; with the full effects being felt within less than a year. The evidence is strong that Ice Ages are caused by the Sun becoming inactive, with a 70% loss of its radiating energy. While this enormous solar effect seems totally impossible under the fusion-Sun theory, and likeise its projected occurrence in possibly 30 years from now counters all known historic experiences, the observed dynamics in electro-astrophysics nevertheless tell us that what deemed impossible in our small-minded perception is a simple and natural result of the larger operating principles of the Universe.

Without the aid of modern space-based observations the historic theories of the Ice Age dynamics have been necessarily primitive. The Ice Age cycles were deemed to result from the interactions of several minute, long-term variations of the Earth's orbit and of the orientation of its spin axis relative to the Sun.

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 While these cyclical variations, termed the Milankovitch cycles, do indeed account for some variations of the hemispheric and seasonal distribution of the incoming solar radiation, the orbital variations however do not affect the total solar energy received (see Ice Age Precursors Part 2.) This means that other factors are involved that force the known massive Ice Age cooling of the Earth by which ice sheets pile up more than 10,000 feet deep over most of the landmasses of the Earth above the 40 degree latitudes, and the ocean levels drop by more than 400 feet. Big factors are required to cause these enormous effects, effects by which the Earth becomes 30 to 50 times colder than it had been during the Little Ice Age in the 1600s. The Sun going inactive, with a whopping 70% reduction in solar energy emitted, would be a sufficient cause for these effects.

The Sun that was once deemed an invariable constant, is even now going through 11-year cycles in which its radiated energy in the high UV band varies by a factor of twenty. These 11-year cycles can be seen as 11-year resonance cycles within the electric system of the heliosphere. The theory of the electric universe has been pioneered more than a hundred years ago by Hannes Alfven who received the Nobel Price for his discoveries in plasma astrophysics, the electric life-blood of the Universe. The electric-Sun theory quickly emerged from this background. The theory had only one mayor flaw. The measured plasma density in space, as far as our instrumentation could reach, was deemed insufficient to power an electric Sun. 

This barrier that the Electric-Sun theory ran up against has recently been overcome by the experimental work of David LaPoint, who demonstrated the principle of electromagnetic Primer Fields, which when the fields form, focus plasma into a tightly packed sphere of high density, around a polarized object, such as a sun. 

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An extremely large example of the resulting plasma structures is evident in the Red Square Nebula formation in our galaxy.  The nebula displays all the critical features of the Primer Fields that have been discovered in laboratory experiments. The nebula thereby illustrates the electric model by which the solar system operates. The orientation of the planetary ecliptic, which is not a visible item, has been added to the photograph, in accord with what has been observed in the laboratory. However, the laboratory experiments have also shown that the Primer Fields do not form below a minimal plasma density threshold, which means that fields collapse when the threshold is crossed, whereby the Sun becomes inactive and remains inactive until the density is increased again. (see: Ice Age of the Dimmer Sun in 30 years)

Between 1998 and 2008, NASA's Ulysses spacecraft had measured a 30% reduction of the solar-wind pressure, and of the underlying solar magnetic field. This is a gigantic reduction that the spacecraft has measured during its ten-year mission of polar orbits around the Sun. While the mission has been terminated in 2009, for political reasons, sufficient secondary evidence exists that tells us that the weakening of the electric environment in the solar system is continuing. 

For example, the 23rd solar cycle was radically weaker than the previous one, and the 24th cycle, the current cycle is dramatically weaker again, so much so that the next cycle my not have any sunspots at all. If this observed weakening trend persists for several more cycles, the electric density in the solar system may drop below the minimal threshold for the Primer Fields to exist, which thereby necessarily collapse. This point on the collapse of the Primer Fields, and with it collapse of the active Sun, could be upon us in potentially 30 to 40 years from the present, if not sooner. And this collapse is extremely large.

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Without the Primer Fields operating, the surface heating of the Sun would stop. We would see the 'naked' Sun. The umbra of the sunspots tell us that entire surface of the Sun will then be equal to what we presently see below the surface, as the Sun beneath its skin is visible through the umbra of the sunspots. This means that the Sun's temperature would become reduced from the current 5,780 degrees Kelvin at the reactive surface, to the 3000 to 4000 degrees that we see below the surface. The reduced temperature corresponds with a massive reduction in radiated energy. A 70%, or greater, reduction in radiated solar energy will likely result.

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When this energy loss on the Sun occurs, corresponding losses occur also on the Earth. This means that of today's northern agriculture will stop, because of the resulting cold, and the rest of the world's agriculture will be sharply reduced by the reduced light-energy that plants require to exist.  Agriculture becomes thereby limited to the tropical band between the 40 degree latitudes. 

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In order to be able to continue to exist, humanity would need to have a brand new agriculture infrastructure created and in operation before the Sun goes inactive. This can be achieved by placing agriculture either into indoor facilities with artificial environments, or by spreading it across the tropical seas on floating platforms, for the lack of free land existing in the tropics. 

While the needed infrastructures can be quite easily built in automated, large-scale industrial facilities, utilizing nuclear power and basalt as feed stock, no intention exists presently to even consider such necessities, as the very intention to build them would wreck the looting engine of the global private monetarist system, the oligarchic system, and would thereby eliminate the system of empire on our planet.

For this reason, the bulk of this website is focused on upgrading our humanity. The astrophysical dynamics behind the Ice Ages are relatively simple. The operating principles are not complex. The evidence is plain and imperative by what it is. No hugely-extensive explorations are necessary to illustrate the challenge before us and what needs to be done to meet the challenge physically, including the building of floating agriculture and floating new city, created out of nothing, almost for free. The potential presently exists to do all of this.

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The same cannot be said about the human cultural, political, economic, and scientific dimension, where development has been actively prohibited on a wide front by the masters of the world's oligarchic system who cannot maintain their looting enterprises in the light of a self-developing humanity. On this front the human scene is choked by complex impositions, traditions, ideologies, religions, myths, and plain lies. In order for humanity to be able to recognize and then master the Ice Age challenge a deep-reaching healing will be required on the entire front. This is where most of the explorations of this Ice Age Theater website is focused on.

If society fails to develop itself on this front, nothing that it presently pursues will have any significance, as in possibly 30 years time its existence will end with the start of the next Ice Age. More than 99% of humanity will then starve to death for the lack of agriculture. No reactive responses are possible then, when the Ice Age has started, for the simple reason that it takes several decades to create the industries and infrastructures that enable human living in an Ice Age World. The response will have to happen now, while it is still possible. This is the imperative. Every person presently under the age of 50, and this includes all the world's children, is doomed to death by the current lack of response to the Ice Age challenge. Society's love for its children, and also for itself, should inspire a vigorous response to the Ice Age challenge to enable their future existence. This response, unfortunately does not exist. This website is dedicated to shed some light on this current night of darkness.

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